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Finding a Designer + 🍪 FIKA

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David and MPJ discuss the troubles of hiring a designer through a marketplace and how wonderful life is once you find one. Digressing into remote work troubles. AND the difficult word RAPPORT. HIGHLIGHTS! 🎪 ⏯ 9:52 FIKA break ⏯ 16:39 Precisely ⏯ 20:28 What did we lurn? ‼️ ATTENTION ‼️ Have you been remote working with Mattias?? Please write your experiences in the comments! Awesome developer interview from Nordic.js with *Isa Silveira* ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_QdJ-spWgg "The" Matylda - our awesome designer 🔗 http://www.matylda.com DevTips is a weekly show for YOU who want to be inspired 👍 and learn 🖖 about programming. Hosted by David and MPJ - two notorious bug generators 💖 and teachers 🤗. Exploring code together and learning programming along the way - yay! DevTips has a sister channel called Fun Fun Function, check it out! ❤️ https://www.youtube.com/funfunfunction #designer #marketplace #fika
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Text Comments (24)
brand1bil (3 months ago)
I'm here for the Monkey Island big box...
BocaJS (4 months ago)
it was interesting
Liviu C (4 months ago)
Hehe... Designer here. Where is the best place to find a developer ? :D
kiddailey (4 months ago)
Liked the casual convo nature of this, thanks. And appreciate the stressing of finding people rather than using services like 99D.
Will S (4 months ago)
How about a chat about your experiences with coworking space vs office vs working from home vs working from cafes etc.
DevTips (4 months ago)
Great idea!
samiebuka (4 months ago)
Dave is a fun fun guy.
Jonas Røssum (4 months ago)
You forgot to use the new intro :(
DevTips (4 months ago)
You are soooo right!!
BassicsThings (4 months ago)
The Graphic Designer that did the Apple logo was Paul Rand. The master.
Kyle Erickson (4 months ago)
BTW - the designer you're talking about in reference to Steve Jobs is Paul Rand, and it was for the NeXT logo. :)
Cat Down The Road (4 months ago)
99designs is trash
Katja Šostar (4 months ago)
99designs is unpaid spec work that's pretty much hurting the industry. not to mention that it's full of copyright and template - stock work. you say in your video that, it's disgusting and you would never just develop an app like that were you're not even guarantied money, BUT you're still using the service even though you see what the problem with it is? cmon guys.
Fun Fun Function (4 months ago)
As we say in the video, we're not using the service, we have designer. I've used it in the past though, and I explain why in the video. Another aspect apart from the ones mentioned in the video is that 99Designs at that time was VERY low cost and the alternative would not really have been to hire a designer on hourly basis, but rather do it yourself or something. Also, it should be noted that it's in the end desingers offering this service - if developers offered unpaid spec work customers would happily accept (even if they were designers). If an industry offers it's customers too low prices the customers cannot realistically be the ones expected to fix that situation, it needs to be sorted by other means, such as industry bodies maybe - not sure. Customers will take a good deal if offered.
Eupolemos (4 months ago)
The Mathilda?
DevTips (4 months ago)
Her she is. Actually the Matylda 🔗 http://www.matylda.com
Chris Ball (4 months ago)
MPJ nailed it when he said "It becomes weird for any other kind of consultancy ". The pervading notion that designers love nothing more than to work for free is beyond a joke. I'd also have to disagree about the original Fun Fun Function logo. It's a great illustration, but not a good logo; a lot of those details are completely lost at smaller sizes.
GifCo (4 months ago)
I would then also have to disagree. You are thinking of working for a traditional client. YouTubers dont need a logo to look good in print, on billboards, and on tiny web ads all over the internet. It has to look good on their intro screen (where they can display it as large as they want) and to a lesser degree it has to look ok for their channel badge. Thats it!! And thats a great thing for designers. Im so sick of "modern" sanserif logos with nothing more than a few crappy characters. And FYI only designers give a shit about the intricacies of fonts in a logo. The general public just cares if it looks cool.
Web Developer Blog (4 months ago)
Very interesting information! Good job!
Privann (4 months ago)
Pxel Guy (4 months ago)
🙌 "Fika" means boogers in hungarian 😀
Liam Lababidi (4 months ago)
Basically "FIKA" means to hava a coffee in Sweden but it is so much more than just that
Emanuele Lillo (4 months ago)
"Fika" means Pussy in Italian
Priyanka Bhalla (4 months ago)
Do you need assistant please hire me

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