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8 Diet & Nutrition Tips | Female Bodybuilding

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Inspa rite (2 months ago)
I dont wanna be a bodybuilder lel, i just like working out, but im incredibly weak and trying to get stronger
Cory Soto (4 months ago)
I ate a couple of cookie and I noticed I got sleepy
Jah Blu Art Store (5 months ago)
WWW.ARTBEAUTYDECOR.COM thank you for this video that makes so much sense
savewldlife 3 (5 months ago)
Not informative at all.
Alesha (6 months ago)
She has a soft looking fit body, I thought body builders have muscles but still shapely
sindhura div (6 months ago)
How thin women can I put on weight nd be fit and fine ..pls make a video on dt
Mato Lato (9 months ago)
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Stefanius Paralvicius (9 months ago)
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Ryl Win (9 months ago)
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Tom Adams (11 months ago)
So I’m 140lbs so I’m suppose to drink 70lbs of water?
Jenna Sookun (11 months ago)
you're gorgeous
Kumarlavanya M (11 months ago)
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KikyKik (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Charlie life (1 year ago)
I tried salad sub tried
Charlie life (1 year ago)
Siri what kind of food should I eat
Charlie life (1 year ago)
What do you eat if the food is not good
Charlie life (1 year ago)
What happens is the food that you're eating is it good what else are you going to eat
Charlie life (1 year ago)
What if you can go to the gym
Susan Neeley (7 months ago)
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Duryoju Jyothi (1 year ago)
interesting video
_rmaze_ Quiambao (1 year ago)
Eat well. Live long.
MAMA seafood (1 year ago)
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brieanna cooks (1 year ago)
shes not even muscular
PENNY to FREEDOM (9 months ago)
brieanna cooks u dont have to be muscular to be fit
Med Mrani (1 year ago)
What time is it, who are advised to enter the girls for bodybuilding ??
Circe1 (1 year ago)
This elevator music is very loud. It interferes with your speech. There is no need for music as your topic is interesting enough. Thnak you
anestis vasilopoulos (2 years ago)
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Tulasikrishna G (2 years ago)
Tulasikrishna G (2 years ago)
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Madzia Sedik (2 years ago)
...btw organic foods aren't always healthier for environment or us. Back in 2015 many tests as well as research has proven that many companies substituted their machines for "lower quality " models that are bad for environmental- this is the main difference between "organic" or not. The chemicals used in the food/crops are still the same. There are many home tests one can do to test the fruit n veggies. Some organic items are worth buying some "organic " labels are just labels.
Madzia Sedik (2 years ago)
...half of my body weight converted into ounces is approximately 1100 ounces of water that you're saying should be drank on daily basis??? That's 32kilo of water??!!!! Did I hear that correctly???
Geli Moriarty (1 year ago)
Madzia Sedik Pounds, not kg.
Geli Moriarty (1 year ago)
Madzia Sedik Pounds, not kg.
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Jacob Meyers (2 years ago)
The music is so loud that it's hard to keep up! Lower that music.
Harri Sievey (2 years ago)
I find the music distracts from what she's trying to say. This is off-putting so I didn't watch the entire video.
AM Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Fabulous !
Penny H (2 years ago)
just get rid of the background music. then all good !
Endezeichen Grimm (3 years ago)
No one uses Ounces for water.... It is measured in litres.....
Endezeichen Grimm (2 years ago)
+cancerous comment How much is that in ml?
Beyoncé Knowles (2 years ago)
I use oz. (64. oz) it depends on where you live tho
Clint Egay (3 years ago)
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Taneka Domingo (2 years ago)
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bulldogydog13 (3 years ago)
i wanna marry her !
Victor Tudisco (3 years ago)
why do people keep putting the background music LOUDER than them own voices ?
Lance Messi (4 months ago)
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Casey Wagner77 (6 months ago)
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Houssem Ben Malek (9 months ago)
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Moby Dick (3 years ago)
You have an amazing body!!
neroma (3 years ago)
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LolaGabanna (3 years ago)
What can I eat that isn't made of chemicals?  D:
Odessa W. McCarroll (4 years ago)
Everybody is able to gain at least 10 lbs muscle in 60 days and get ripped
AresTheGod (4 years ago)
Odessa W. McCarroll (4 years ago)
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SomethingInTheWay86 (4 years ago)
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yaswanth m (1 year ago)
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I AM Malia (4 years ago)
@ Victoria Binagia. The camera switching is a videography technique that film makers use to keep your audience engaged. Talking head videos are super boring & most professionals advise to stay away from the talking head. Do some research on film making & video set up to verify my findings.
Debra Seiling (4 years ago)
This video had very balanced dieting tips and would apply to both men and women, in my opinion.
Victoria Binagia (4 years ago)
The camera switches view too much.
LoriL (4 years ago)
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nicolasfer585 (4 years ago)
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OMG this is a total bullshit
Stingi (4 years ago)
Stupid shit
Jody Ramsay (4 years ago)
former not current
Raphael Robinson (4 years ago)
Deedee is a hater
Bianca Fit (5 years ago)
Well listening to her with that belly fat is not so very inspirational
pritam kawan (5 years ago)
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israr abdur-rahman (5 years ago)
her tits blew my mind :P
Sekkin (5 years ago)
HeySaltyPepper (5 years ago)
dear howcast, we don't need the music, its even louder than her voice
ArtMasterFrylock (5 years ago)
Free of chemicals? But....water (H2O) is a chemical O.o Everything is made up of chemicals really lol. A good thing to do is have a schedule. An exercise schedule can be kept even if you miss a day, while a motivation type of exercise (you do it when you feel like it) you will likely stop doing it after missing a day. Focus on doing your exercise everyday and worry less about losing weight at a specific time. You'll lose it eventually!
santos Ventura (5 years ago)
I hate burritos,they are nasty,that's the reason I don't really eat them unless I'm really hungry and there is nothing else to eat
Matt Becker (5 years ago)
ok we all know why were here
Badr Eddehaj (5 years ago)
those boobs :p
Hind Alsharif (5 years ago)
1st yeaaaah ;p

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