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Sublime Text Snippets (Tutorial #6)

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Text Comments (35)
David Connelly (7 months ago)
You are a great communicator.
Alkan Tasdan (8 months ago)
hey super nice tutorials !!!! is there a complete list where i can see all available snippets??
KeyC0de (8 months ago)
why is this guy telling me about his dope website all the time (ad)?????
Amaury le Cour (1 year ago)
Hello, How to make a snippet with variables. I made a snippet like this: <snippet> <content><![CDATA[ <?php foreach (${1:variable} as ${2:key} => ${3:value}): ?> <?php endforeach; ?> ]]></content> <tabTrigger>fore</tabTrigger> </snippet> And when i run it, it display like : <?php foreach (variable as key => value): ?> <?php endforeach; ?> I want that it displays as <?php foreach ($variable as$ key => $value): ?> <?php endforeach; ?> Could you tell me how to do ? Regards
No Name (1 year ago)
wow i just realised i purchased your course in Udemy! this is so cool... i mean, i *knew* i bought the course lol but i didn't associate the fact that you were the teacher! this is a-wesome because i really appreciate your teaching style! i look forward to starting your course even more now (currently working on other things)
Slimane (1 year ago)
For everyone who have this problem *<htlm></html>* ! The problem is because you installed *EMMET* The solution: use *html:5* and *tab*
Noah Sanchez (2 years ago)
what sytax is this in?
Qifan Guo (2 years ago)
why my html Plus Tab gives me only <html></html>
Sei DDCC/Hfam (1 year ago)
tnx m8 it works
Slimane (1 year ago)
Try this *html:5 tab*
noureddine (2 years ago)
maybe because you have emmet installed, if so !+tab will do the same
Qifan Guo (2 years ago)
it used to work ...
Mikey (2 years ago)
Cool kid snippet club
Tomas Lopez (2 years ago)
Thanks for this useful tutorial
Ragnar Lothbrok (2 years ago)
cool but how to enable this fucking shit
Lukes TFitz (2 years ago)
I feel like I'm using the jet pack cheat to get to the third island in gta san adreas
Alvaro Gomes (2 years ago)
Ling talfi (2 years ago)
best courses ever on sublime, congrats.
Sandy (3 years ago)
this is an explosion of knowledge - thank you so much. Such a pity that this has 8k views while some shitty channel doing vlogging has 1 million... such is life. Keep doing your great work
Dimityr Stamboliyski (3 years ago)
i have problem :( when i write html+tab and i receive <html></html> not <!doctype html> .............................
clamochi (7 months ago)
Me too. How to make the html 5 without doing any code at all?
try ctrl + space
Slimane (1 year ago)
Try this *html:5 tab*
Koveras2000 (2 years ago)
Not working for me. I went to tools-->snippets then html, got everything displayed correctly but next time i try html + tab all i get is <html></html>.
Zach Hyman (2 years ago)
Thanks for that, was worried I'd somehow "broken" snippets already!
Dude D (3 years ago)
till now i was using gedit, vim and this is just fukkking awesome, and now you saying that will get even better. Having orgasm already
Rommel (3 years ago)
Is the snippet automatic with Sublime or do I have to download it or activate it? I am following this tutorial but every time I hit tab it won't do any Snippet magic.
Robert M (1 year ago)
I was having the same problem. The sublime snippets works depending on what type of file it was saved. fun for function snippets will work if your file is save with extension ".js". Thanks.
James Leo Mayol (3 years ago)
+Rommel Lardizabal be sure to save your work with the file extension. For example, index.html then try "p + tab"
Wood Woody (3 years ago)
Thank you
Joseph Dyer (4 years ago)
Emmet is a must have plugin for ST.
LearnWebCode (4 years ago)
Couldn't agree more! Anyone else who reads this: be sure to check out the Emmet lesson next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4lFXtLF5Cs&list=PLpcSpRrAaOaqQMDlCzE_Y6IUUzaSfYocK&index=7

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