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Line Art Ilustrations Patrick Seymour Style - CorelDRAW Tutorial

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Amazing Line art from the face of your favorite animal , your favorite robot , and others use Corel Draw X4, X5, X6, and X7. ------------- If you need a logo design, please visit https://www.fiverr.com/share/AY5a ------------ SUBSCRIBE for more tutorials https://goo.gl/J26il5 Follow us at : FACEBOOK https://web.facebook.com/bsdes/ Twitter https://twitter.com/grapbox Behance https://www.behance.net/pidart7a3f5 Dribbble https://dribbble.com/Graphic_box Email [email protected] ------------ #line_art #illustration #patrick #seymour #style
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Text Comments (25)
AFTA ART (2 months ago)
best think..
Tutor Pedia + (9 months ago)
nice tutorials, can't wait for next tutorial.. very inspiring and a lot of content..
AdjiRiot Jr. (10 months ago)
Soundtrack by?
Graphic Box (10 months ago)
lupa gan, nanti sy coba cariin soalnya hbis uupgrade PC
VICKZ (10 months ago)
its beyond hatts off to you
Ms Simpson (1 year ago)
kool 👍
Iti Sharma (2 years ago)
Wow! Nice tutorial...I will definetley try this
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
thanks. regards!
Iti Sharma (2 years ago)
that would be perfect Thanks!!
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
thank U.. I'll create again.
What is the song?
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
U're wellcome :)
Thanks :) great work! I'll try to do the same pic
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
Far The Day Comes
joetylerdale (2 years ago)
So very cool!
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
thanks guys... !!!!!
Omar Houchaimi (2 years ago)
what software is this?? and by the way really cool video man!!
joetylerdale (2 years ago)
+Omar Houc Designs it is primarily vector, but blends to photo paint (pixel) when you want. Screw AI, too expensive and Corel never failed me on anything.
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
+Omar Houc Designs it is vector
Omar Houchaimi (2 years ago)
+CorelDRAW Indonesia and it lets you make vectors or is it all pixel based?
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
Corel Draw X4. thanks!
ozant291 (2 years ago)
Mantap mas, thanks sharingnya
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
+ozant291 sama2 mas brow....!
Basic Desain (2 years ago)
cool thank's for sharing
Graphic Box (2 years ago)
+Basic Desain You're wellcome :)

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