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Super Single Indian Girls Try Dating Apps

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"Three super single girls living in this brilliant, brilliant India, go on dating apps." Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such lolz.
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niteshmurti (19 hours ago)
That one Dad was really cool!
vaibhav SRIVASTAVA (3 days ago)
ohh I am hell available, If anyone of these girls are available...been single whole my life 26, fat and depressed...
Celestial Enigma (4 days ago)
Most Indian parents do NOT understand the concept of dating. They just know marriage. Dating= marriage.
DIVYA JAISWAL (6 days ago)
Did you just not get fucked after date girls ? It is just a time pass apps
Lal Duhawmi (7 days ago)
Vishnu E P (10 days ago)
😂😵 Girl : i'm going on a date Dad: uthake le gya toh !
sana a (11 days ago)
Dilsha's face before talking to her dad... GOD, SO MUCH RELATING!!!
Anurag Ji (15 days ago)
Nightmare for an Indian Guy on any social media . "*bobs & Vegana meme*" 😭
Siddharth Samaiya (15 days ago)
786th comment zzz
Ananya Nigam (16 days ago)
Self doubt, yes. Am I not good enough? What if I meet him and he doesn't like me? These questions can fuck your mental health up.
Neesha P (18 days ago)
"What am I supposed to do with all my feelings" **vomiting sounds** RELATEABLE AF!!!!!
S K (21 days ago)
Girl: *says hi to a random guy* Random guy: show bobs I want to kiss your bobs and vagana.
upasak ROY (23 days ago)
So, sristi is not single?? Shit.
Kaleeswaran .B (25 days ago)
What the heck you said brilliant brilliant India,if you don't like the country get the hell off. We don't need such stupid people in the nation
Mahima Dhingra (25 days ago)
Yes India is brilliant. Go for dating! what's is the point of "BRILLIANT BRILLIANT INDIA." 👎
lologirl pumpkin (26 days ago)
What is wrong with dating? It's how we know someone. They all hate dating... Then why open up to it.
Venu Garg (26 days ago)
I never knew you all were my age!
N U S (1 month ago)
To all the girls out there who are sick of rich chutiya men... There are nice guys! Don't stop looking! Believe in true love. My guy😍 My sweet baby is amongst those 1% rare men who know the truth about dating a person, not a body. All he wants is to be loved. He calls me his soul, his other half😍 What we have is pure... We did not know anything about each other, not even what we looked like, not even each other's names or country- it was kind of an online blind dating site. And the way he talked... I fell for him. We both told each other what we want from a relationship, that we don't give one fuck about money or looks, we want to be loved. He sounded so genuine and most importantly - like me- he values "real" love. He knows the importance of love ❤ He's the kind of person who wants to keep loving one woman for his life...❤ We talked for an entire day almost 10 hours! I've never known a better person. All the people around me are so fake. Bas paisa he unke paas, dil naam ki koi cheez nahi he. No love, only lust. Unlike them he's so humble, so hardworking, fuels my dreams and is devoid of the fucking Delhi wali pretentiousness. He's changed my life so much- I had given up on programming and other exam preparations, now I'm back in the game! He too has found a new enthusiasm for his startup! Love him to the moon and back!!! And don't get sad reading the pathetic comments... there are a lot of nice guys like him... He's graduating from one of the old IITs and he says there are a lot of genuine people like him there❤ Go there... just avoid the Computer Science/ IT guys and their 'high paying jobs' 😑
Harsheet Mahapatra (1 month ago)
1:36 listen I don't like to take selfies Me: YE LADKI BAHUT AGE JAEGI
Funtertainment (1 month ago)
As a guy its difficult to find a date on tinder, it has been 10 months for me and no matches so far.
Raj Singh Rathore (1 month ago)
No wonder they are single.
Kanak Heda (1 month ago)
I don't know how to break it to them !!*so me look
Kanak Heda (1 month ago)
I don't know how to break it to them !!*so me
Aatreyee Bhattacharya (1 month ago)
Dating aint that stressful tbh. Confidence is everything girls.
THE DIARY GIRL (1 month ago)
Between being friend and being in love there is sex,seriously?being open minded means whenever its necessary,unnecessary beech mae sex talk ghusake open minded kaise hota,it was misfit in that conversation
Sai Sruti Sitharaman (1 month ago)
People in India really should accept their children dating... its their life and they know what they are doing...
Brilliant brilliant India 😂😂👌
JuTus JaxTon LastName (1 month ago)
Shreya Pandey (1 month ago)
I really hate online dating it sucks😲
Meena (1 month ago)
*Then there's me who rejects and dodges every guy who comes in my way. I love being Single,It's more amazing than you think.*
Paresh Garude (1 month ago)
Call me! (The one in Black) because YouTube is not a dating app.
Gowtham R (2 months ago)
So these women represent whole india..bullshit
cvenkat thiru (2 months ago)
I am using this app for one month I have not got a single reply..so I uninstalled all app now..
madhuri hiwrale (2 months ago)
Many times they are without makeup.... I really appreciate.... They are not fake at all...
Rhea M (2 months ago)
The advertisement 💖💖💖💖 i love this man😍
Prakash (2 months ago)
That dad was soo cool! Hopefully we all become open minded
Sravanthi Sankar (2 months ago)
2:10 Reema Kallingal??
Avantika A. (2 months ago)
Could relate so much with Sonia all throughout the video.
Gigglegal320 (2 months ago)
Ugh I'm honestly so relieved after watching this video because I can relate 110% to these girls!! I feel the same and I haven't been in the dating game for 3 years now. I want to try again but my health hasn't been good so I'm waiting till I feel better...
SUNIL PRABHU (2 months ago)
Omg!!!!! AISHWARIA!!!! Are you marathi????
Deadpool Gamer X1 (2 months ago)
Someone ugly like Aishwarya can also get a date..WTRF
Deadpool Gamer X1 (2 months ago)
Except Deeksha, other are ugly af
Manvith Penklagar (2 months ago)
Most men bail because, we are desperate at first, then keep on telling lies to impress girls. Finally when we want to face the date we get nervous 😬 and bail. 😂 True story.
Shubham Thakur (2 months ago)
it's funny how India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and still sex is considered as a taboo!
Rahul D (2 months ago)
I like Aishwarya... Ash I m not Bacchan but can we go on date 😜
Mehul Kasliwal (2 months ago)
You realise if dating apps actually started working nicely, they would lose customers
Aarushi Mittal (2 months ago)
I just love Sonia. N guys I am your age.
Namir rox (2 months ago)
Two are uglyy
rAfe rOmAn (2 months ago)
where is sristi..?lol
Veena Wilson (2 months ago)
I really find Sonia and Deeksha to be honest while Aishwarya is very boring and talks like she has stuffed her mouth with some food !!
Hari Sridhar (2 months ago)
@7:54 - @8:03 :: This needs to be made into a GIF
SHREYA PATIL (2 months ago)
Oh u are marathi dude from where!!
Akshay mule (2 months ago)
Only one girl is capable of having bf other r arranged marriage material
Sonia looks like Malayalam actress rima kallinkal in some angle
Sara Khan (3 months ago)
Helped me a lot thanks
The charlie (3 months ago)
im 19 n still single😥😥😥
Bharat SV (3 months ago)
Brilliant brilliant India 😂 good one
Megha Jaju (3 months ago)
Wait what?!! Shrishti is not in this video Did click on a wrong video 😂😆 Lol!!!
akhil nambiar (3 months ago)
I think most people in our generation are fragile af she just used a dating app and said it's not good for her mental health smh
Divya Sudha (3 months ago)
To the girl who said "brilliant brilliant India" : Yes. India has brilliant people which makes India more worthwhile to live, unlike people like you who is a dumb piece of shit. Be positive towards the country and its future no matter what.
FEVERED DREAMS (3 months ago)
Very informative, and I think quite brave. Thank you very much.
Prameow Meow (3 months ago)
God damn Aishwarya is me!
Girl InTheTuxedo (3 months ago)
Ikr.... The self doubt that your texting personality is better than your face to face personality is horrifying..
Abhishek Chatterjee (3 months ago)
We should have gaming stores or bar, beside beauty parlour or makeup shops
missa missa (16 days ago)
Thankyou very much.
HoneyPeach Browniee (3 months ago)
They're all 24? I thought I'm 29 but as my looks goes I guess I'm not born yet
simple life with Aman (3 months ago)
Shrishti should be in every buzzfeed vedio
Q.What boys wants from girls? A. A girl?
Priyansh Bhogra (3 months ago)
I am low key wondering if Aishwarya is still single. :3
Deadpool Gamer X1 (2 months ago)
Wtf! She is so bloody unfuckable with that face.
Shaija Chacko (3 months ago)
Honestly I am only good at texting.
Akshat Agrawal (3 months ago)
Why tf does BuzzFeed India and all of its retarded pseudo liberal pseudo secular and especially pseudo feminist staff hates men so damn much??Like what is up with that??I mean channels like BuzzFeed US or BuzzFeed Australia can also be cringe worthy but this shitty channel always promotes misandry.Statements from Sonia ( typical considering she is a fat ugly bitch ) like men are trash and "I can't with men anymore"BuzzFeed India has always promoted misandry in the guise of Egalitarianism and I can find absolutely no video where some form of cancerous third wave feminism (read man hating) has not been reflected in the video literally.I can cite many examples of these videos but I guess pseudo liberals do get an orgasm of happiness from their videos but the content is pretty shitty all the same!Sigh :( End Rant.
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csyd22 (3 months ago)
pnuts (3 months ago)
3:45 Can I adopt your dad as mine?!
Ankita R (3 months ago)
sonia is so relatable! 😁
srgadjon (3 months ago)
Indian girls are mostly ugly.
Angel Heaven (3 months ago)
Deeksha for super like.
avishek pal (3 months ago)
We live in a generation where we try to find true love by swapping some pictures. We don't try to judge people how they understand me, how kind the person is, how humble person he is, and mainly how he or she going to support me and stay with me every situation of life. We just keep scroll down or swiping on a good look that going to impress. This apps will never going to give us true love. It only can give you a partner for your enjoyment nothing else.
Muhammad Hamid Shahzad (3 months ago)
OH my GOD ... her father is just owwwwwwwwwwwwwsm ... are you talking about sex? no But what about it? its up to you... waoo just waoo ...
MiekoNeko (3 months ago)
I relate to this so much. That's why I want to improve myself and my confidence before actually trying dating. Online dating is just a lot more iffy than meeting someone through real life situations but alas I don't have the opportunity for the latter. Aishwarya is 100% me, I just wish my parents were like hers especially my dad 😒
Jaikirat Sandhu (4 months ago)
9:04 The time you realize that Sexism is only a one way road and Women can't be sexist.
Toshali Mitra (4 months ago)
I could relate to every single thing on this video. The most relatable video till date :D 1. Do not like taking selfie. I don't have a single selfie 2. Don't like dating. 3. Acidity from stress of meeting someone :D 4. Mentally exhausted for dating or relationship 5. Conclusion: Still single!!
Kaustav Chatterjee (4 months ago)
So Srishti is not single then *sigh*
Just Ugly AF (4 months ago)
**Takes selfie** Ew **Takes another one with false hope** Ewwww **Takes one more... third times the charm right!** Ok....it's ok... **Looks at picture for too long until it turns ugly** **procedes to delete camera from phone.**
surya Hindustan (4 months ago)
I am youngist boy aajao
loading1345 (4 months ago)
I guess I'm the only one that's found a long term relationship on tinder 😂 I admit I know it's a rarity. Fyi I'm using tinder in America
sahanasrinivasan (4 months ago)
You guys are so so delusioned? Why can't you trust your parents for once? Why will they force you to get married to a guy who you don't like? I'm talking in an arranged marriage perspective
jadenislove (4 months ago)
The fattest one won't get a date LMAO
Daniel Jeyaraman (4 months ago)
Hi Deeksha, I'm single and would like to get to know about you. Shall we go on a date? :D
G (4 months ago)
am i the only one who hates online dating websites.. i mean i feel like i’m selling myself 😂😂
Pink Pink (4 months ago)
I feel'em
Akhilesh Rai (4 months ago)
ok, swipe left whenever you see a girl from BuzzFeed media. I don't want 384k subscribers to judge me
Shivaani Pillai (4 months ago)
Wait so Shristi isn’t single??? Pls say she is with shayan!
Varun's vlog 19 (4 months ago)
Deeksha are u single????? Just kidding right 🤣
Simardip Sandhu (4 months ago)
2:10 she look’s so beautiful
Gnana Prakash (4 months ago)
Okay now I dare you to do a video with men. The horrifying story of men's chances on dating apps in India is on a whole other level. I feel like the situation would be solved if there is a more even balance in the no of boys and girls profiles in these dating apps. I mean I've literally swiped a few thousand profiles and nothing so far! And let me know if I'm wrong but I believe I'm a relatively smart guy who's a critical thinker, has a honest bio and a student from a decent university. I don't think I look ugly either(subjective I know but still...) On the other hand, I've had multiple matches on just a week of using OKC I use from my university location in Alabama. May be some kind soul here can help me fix issues on my profile? XD
Anvi94 (4 months ago)
4:07 literally conversation goals with parents

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