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Wagas: Pakikipaglaro ni Cris sa apoy

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Aired: (April 14, 2018): Dinamdam ni Cris ang pagkamatay ng kanyang boyfriend pero hindi rin nagtagal ay may nakilala siyang lalaki. Dito nagsimula ang malaking pagbabago sa kanyang buhay. Watch 'Wagas,' every Saturday on GMA. Included in the cast for the episode "Love After HIV" are Albie Casino, Dex Quindoza, Angelina Kanapi, Bunny Cadag, and Lucho Ayala. Subscribe to us! http://www.youtube.com/user/GMAPublicAffairs?sub_confirmation=1 Find your favorite GMA Public Affairs and GMA News TV shows online! http://www.gmanews.tv/publicaffairs http://www.gmanews.tv/newstv
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Text Comments (501)
Enzo Martins (1 day ago)
Jcjg no s de saudade dele
Esson Asuncion (3 days ago)
The best talaga ang gma sa mga scandal 😁😁😁 mas dramatic pa 😊
เอาเกบดุดควายกัน .,
Eric Florentino (9 days ago)
Not ideal for kids...
Dimas mauly (9 days ago)
Cyrel Altizo (10 days ago)
IPA**** NYO ****
Wait nga lang! Pwude bang mag chupaan ang lalake sa lalake 😂😂😂??
Lopes Abencoado Lopes (15 days ago)
Muito bom excitante
sofisophi bff (18 days ago)
Deletes History.
Magenelli Epikrati (21 days ago)
Paulit ulit lang ang HIV sa gays pero patuloy parin ang ugnayan ng lalake sa kapwa lalake.
Kamona Kar (21 days ago)
Salek Tdf (21 days ago)
سىس سىس
John Mark Altiche (23 days ago)
Josue Vargas (1 month ago)
Gay love
Joshua Mari Eje (1 month ago)
ang pangit
Rohan Sharma (1 month ago)
90853 12943
Max Paul (1 month ago)
I dont mind shows which show gay relationship, what i dont like is just like in straight shows, showing sex scenes.
A7mido Brahim (1 month ago)
A7mido Brahim 👍
Adrian Kusuma (1 month ago)
What the name of the glasses man? His Instagram? 😂
Adrian Lepalam (1 month ago)
Dominique Gervais (9 days ago)
Je peux te voir
Lia Aprilliana (1 month ago)
Michael Francis (1 month ago)
I would bareback both
hoodie killer (1 month ago)
Mirchand Seth (1 month ago)
hay baby 👧 gay
B Siva Siva (1 month ago)
super andi super sex me interested person con number 7993399193 okk
JojoLuc242 (1 month ago)
luchi is a very good , versatile actor but underrated, complete package deal .. pls GMA give him meaty role , not just supporting , he has one of the beautiful face in showbiz , give him a role where he is the solo leading man.. and I will assure you , People will watch it every night in nyc, California Pinoy in nyc here
Fathurrahman Prasetiyo (1 month ago)
Albie Casiño I love you😘😘😘
Fattah Seferagic (26 days ago)
Fathurrahman Prasetiyo Do you know who's the glasses man?
Aly Tena (1 month ago)
haha https://www.wildlink.me/redirect?goto=http://wild.link/0p4ExrjOAiQ
Jose Hernandez (1 month ago)
the person who did the translation into Spanish got no idea....the text make no sense at all, better take them out.
marion jolo (1 month ago)
english please
lance lozano (13 days ago)
uyen ltt (1 month ago)
So handsome
Razi Hafizam Sahrin (1 month ago)
Bakit wala ng subtiltle
Eric Florentino (1 month ago)
I am not against pero siguro limitahan lang but for me hindi magandang maimpluwensiyan ang mga bata ng ganito as much as possible hindi ibig sabihin na naging aware na sila dahil sa internet eh hahayaan na natin sa tv rin...oo may mga pinanganak na parang ganun na talaga pero as much as possible we need to lead them to the right track and what is supposed to be and what is right..sabihin na natin na hindi sila open minded dahil hindi sila nagpapalabas pero hindi ibig sabihin eh against na sila....
LeVi AcKeRmAn (1 month ago)
abs palang ulam na albieee! 😍😘
James raga (2 months ago)
iarsimTV (2 months ago)
În care limbă este?
AJ Cahinde (2 months ago)
Tas niluluto pa ang same sex marriage sa congress. So expect a big consequences.
Waryono S (2 months ago)
berita heboh anak sma
Ron Tepan (2 months ago)
Hahaha! nako albie dude baka matuluyan ka haha!
Mico Arnaldo (2 months ago)
My gossssh! Utak talangka ung iba. They just promoting gender equality.
vinay ram (2 months ago)
So sweet love u 9071811774
Alnert Zaza (1 month ago)
Jenezel Belohan (2 months ago)
Vinnie Agatsuma (2 months ago)
Vinnie Agatsuma (2 months ago)
ang cheesy nila hutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😂😂
Vinnie Agatsuma (2 months ago)
Fucking closeminded people
Pablo Padilla (2 months ago)
Megita mucho
Tonio (2 months ago)
Mehnaz Jan (2 months ago)
Tonio hoho
Ilang beses na tayo lumalabas pero walang label 😥 #relate
Jose Berhame (2 months ago)
Pao Bermejo (2 months ago)
I am a nurse working for one of the HIV treatment hubs in the Philippines. I really appreciate shows like these for they give our patients a sense of hope. Being HIV positive may not be the easiest thing to accept yet it doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Kudos to the makers of this show for showcasing a sensitive topic such as HIV. If people only know better, understand better, and set aside their unsolicited judgements, their would be no fear amongst the members of the HIV community. Spread the love. It is the only cure.
David Amorim (1 month ago)
Pao Bermejo (2 months ago)
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Maryam Musa Suleiman (2 months ago)
Send me your phone number.
Pao Bermejo (2 months ago)
Maryam Musa Suleiman I can’t find you on whatsapp. Message sent though. I sent it through SMS
Maryam Musa Suleiman (2 months ago)
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Sumit Lohani (2 months ago)
8275370098 Maharastra Satara
Anaura Natisa (2 months ago)
Gelo anjing
Jibs Sy (2 months ago)
This program could have been a lot better if same sex relationship was being portrayed as any other straight love stories! Pag same sex puro HIV/AIDS na lang ang theme?! Buti pa sa Thailand ❤️
Dennis Coquilla (2 months ago)
Andrew Efeza (2 months ago)
Riclaudio Olivas (2 months ago)
ano name ng partner ni albie.. pogi nya lakas ng appeal
Justin Esguerra (2 months ago)
Riclaudio Olivas lucho ayala
Cute me (2 months ago)
Eutin nyo ako!
Lilo Looob (2 months ago)
Sana lahat may relationship
vincent mendoza (2 months ago)
Channel 7 naba si albie?
Wijaya Salim (2 months ago)
Ini film thailand atau filipina?
Samsumg Plus (2 months ago)
como ésta esteer
Rachit 8958739317 (2 months ago)
Filamer Matias (2 months ago)
Lama Krishna (2 months ago)
English subtitles ..?
Sam Hakim (2 months ago)
So touch...
hazel matalog (3 months ago)
haha ok yan....?...mga adik
Anonymous Team (3 months ago)
Anonymous Team (3 months ago)
Rizal Rizal (21 days ago)
Anonymous Team (3 months ago)
Reynante Hagos (3 months ago)
Isa eto sa best story ng wagas na feature nila...keep up the good work..idol ko resident director ng wagas direk Adolf👏👏👏😘😘
TripleTeddy Gaming (3 months ago)
Dapat ito ang pinapalabas sa TV para maging aware hindi yung Ika 6 Na Utos
TripleTeddy Gaming (3 months ago)
Ganda Gandara (3 months ago)
Ba't i-a-upload pa kung bitin din lang naman? Di na ako mag-ki-click ng mga vids niyo!
louie fernando (3 months ago)
ang galing
abbrag1 (3 months ago)
Which country this series belong? Is this Yaoi series? Eng sub please.
Haji Tajuddin (2 months ago)
Jymes Azoralag (3 months ago)
abbrag1 This series is from the Philippines
John Joseph Paro (3 months ago)
ang kj kasi . ayaw nila ng BL (Boys Love) . kasalanan daw kasi yun 😢 yun lang ang pangit sa atin 😇
John Kenneth Rada (3 months ago)
Ravi Rajput (2 days ago)
John Kenneth Rada this my what up number 8433296859
Freestyle 12 (3 months ago)
Why did this guy changed to GMA? I believe Albie was Abs-Cbn before
Joseph Manatas (3 months ago)
Alam nating lahat na ok lang yan sa pelikula pero sana isipin nila na hindi ito totoo
Asparagus (3 months ago)
Sumakit ulo nya sa hairstyle pumayat tignan si Albie dyan hehe
anttyan (3 months ago)
I'm very shocked to see this episode in the Philippines. I don't understand a word but I am very happy that contents like this is making it's way to the mainstream or even being presented. It's awesome that people are trying to incorporate different lifestyles and walks of life. I fell in love with RASTRO and I went through the journey of their show with the Rich Man's Daughter. I hope this brings about more open minded people. Love is love no matter how or who you love.
JD Deiza (3 months ago)
Sarap ni Koyah!
greekgodlamb (3 months ago)
Si ateng nagbigay ng bone marrow hindi mapigilan yung sarili. lol
MyWayang (3 months ago)
Who the actor wear glasses?
Alfan Al (3 months ago)
sarapan apa ya?
Jared Padron Official (3 months ago)
Thailand don't just tolerate LGBT. They accept it.
Xav Card (3 months ago)
que idioma es ese?
Haji Tajuddin (2 months ago)
Xav Card
Xav Card (2 months ago)
+True Divine Essence gracias por la respuesta
Parameswar Mura (3 months ago)
I Love you 3
noel yacat (3 months ago)
Sarap mo Albie haha
Marianito Gula (3 months ago)
Alfie Blake (3 months ago)
I dont understand tagalog can someone explain to me pleasee
may lourent belliones (3 months ago)
Lame c daddy
Ms. Diwata_Queen (3 months ago)
ipinapalabas ito. sa mga taong hindi alam ang HIV. para matuto ang ibang tao at matakot Sa sakit na ito. hindi Gumagawa ang Gma ng kalibogan. Just saying😊
Sailesh Rana (21 days ago)
Ms. Diwata_Queen hi
Saxi @
Pedro Vargas (1 month ago)
Gerard (3 months ago)
Ang hot naman. hahaha
Alden Ocius (3 months ago)
Bakit lumiit katawan ni albie?
Porkchop Ginger (3 months ago)
Infairness puro kabaklaan palabas sa GMa tapos kukunin nila mga hunk sa abs cbn hahahahahaha. And i love it bold and so gay hahahhaa
Raymond Calibay (3 months ago)
henrymaux33 (3 months ago)
Musta naman ang pag-arte?

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