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How to Process a Return on eBay and Include Restocking Fee

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Text Comments (28)
Entrepreneur Box (2 months ago)
Is there any way to set a restock fee now or has that changed?
Suzanne A. Wells (2 months ago)
No, eBay discontinued the restocking fee.
Naomi A. Spring (1 year ago)
Do you ever get negative fb from buyers who are upset about the restocking fee? Also, what would you say is your percentage of returns? Thanks as always Suzanne!
Suzanne A. Wells (1 year ago)
No I haven't, But eBay is discontinuing the restocking fee option in May anyway.
shashika madushan (1 year ago)
I need to return an item, seller mentioned that he pays for shipping but how can i get shipping cost from him when returning the item do i have to pay it to the post office and then he is gonna refund me with that or is there any other way? can someone help me explaining this (sorry about my English) thank you in advance
BJJGarage (1 year ago)
thanks for showing me how the restocking fee works!
Ruthann P (1 year ago)
Not sure how I feel about this. If I were buying an item and weren’t sure if it would fit, I would not buy if there was a restocking fee. I get very few returns so probably won’t do it but if I did, it would be 10% or less.
Tina Schmidt (1 year ago)
I do charge a restocking fee. Mine is 20%. Partially due to the charitable portion of my listing of 10%. Lower priced items I don’t have on charity so restock is 10%. I have to have help due to some health problems so it is an actual cost for me when something is returned. Thankfully it isn’t often😍
Lucy (1 year ago)
Great video. Thank you Suzanne. Question ? How do I offer a discount to an individual customer.? Example: Offer someone 10% on your next purchase.
Tina Schmidt (1 year ago)
I had a buyer wanting to return but then asked why my restock fee was so high (20%). I explained why. 10% automatically goes to charity on listing, the remaining to my processer who gets paid by the piece. I offered her a 25% discount on another item either now or in the future and the told her to email me first to exercise the option so I could adjust prior. I’ve never heard back nor has she returned the original item.
Suzanne A. Wells (1 year ago)
Hi Lucy, I have never done that. Maybe someone else here will chime in? eBay doesn't have a place for discount codes.
Kristen Pope (1 year ago)
I have been hearing other sellers mention that eBay is pushing free returns. Personally I don't charge a restocking fee, but I do charge for return shipping and don't refund original shipping, unless the return is due to a mistake I made.
Cynthia Parker (1 year ago)
Yes, I do charge a restocking fee. I have been burned a few times by buyers who are "borrowing" the items. I learned from another seller to add "if you initiate return in 7-days and item comes back in original condition, there will be no restocking fee charged." So far, so good.
Phil McGrath (1 year ago)
At the 7:52 mark you say you don't get the e-bay and PayPal fees back , that your restock fee helps make up for that. I've been selling for over 7 years and never once did I not get both fees back when I've taken a return back through E-bay. Have you checked your account activities page after processing the refund? You should see the final value fee credit there shortly after the refund is provided. The PayPal fee credit can be found on the transaction page in PayPal as well.
Suzanne A. Wells (1 year ago)
Thank you, I stand corrected.
Deidre Lee (1 year ago)
Phil McGrath, Yep, always get my fees back, both Ebay and Paypal.
Catherine Thompson (1 year ago)
Yep I charge a 10% restock fee we sell vintage ooak And a lot of jewelry, I do not want those things returned So I have been charged those fees and I think it is fair
Kicky (1 year ago)
I find that on popular women's clothing brand, buyers will not read the measurement. They will assume that since it's a brand that they're familiar with and the listing heading says it's a medium, so they don't need to read the measurements. I had two items returned because the buyers said that they were too big, although the measurements were clearly stated.
Ashley Zimmerman (1 year ago)
I added the 20% Restocking Fee to my listings, but removed it after having a few buyers threaten negative feedback if I didn't remove it from their refund price & I had one buyer, who also happened to be a seller, go as far as saying item was not as described so eBay would automatically remove the restocking fee. Although I disputed the allegation & won without having to refund the restocking fee, it deterred me from wanting to keep it so I removed it from all of my listings. I know it works for a lot of sellers but unfortunately it didn't work for me.
Tina Schmidt (1 year ago)
If they threaten you, report it to eBay. It is against eBay rules. I had another seller say my item was defective but eBay agreed with me it was a buyer remorse. The item is in transit back, I didn’t pay for return shipping, just accepted return and didn’t go any further on screen. Sent a note that I spoke with eBay about it. I will be charging my restock fee but will have to refund through PayPal and upload into eBay because of how she opened the return. If I did through eBay it would fully refund because of the inaccurate classification. eBay will help you.
Earl Johns (1 year ago)
This is a fundamental question I guess, but how does the buyer get the label to ship the return?
MarkH10 (9 months ago)
It's part of the refund request process in eBay, and/or the seller may provide a shipping label by email, or send a label through the mail to the buyer.
Teresa B (1 year ago)
This is why I stopped putting "above the knee, or below the knee," on dresses & skirts, buyer might not be as tall or may be taller than my mannequin. I see you got lucky & they picked "does not fit, instead of a "INAD." You also might get lucky again and they might not end up sending the skirt back when they realize that clicking "does not fit," will have them paying return shipping. You would think a buyer would know how long a skirt has to be for them according to their height to be "above their knee's, seeing that you did provide the buyer with measurments! ;)
Danielle Brandon (1 year ago)
Yes, I charge a restocking fee of 20%, I'm a one-person operation and most of my items are low yielding/netting items, and I took a loss on two returns, which were because the items didn't fit/buyer ordered wrong size; eBay informed me of the restocking fee and suggested that I use that feature to avoid a loss on returns, so I did! I have not noticed a decline in sales, since charging the restocking fee. Thanks to all of the great advice from Suzanne and other eBay sellers, I've improved my listings greatly, which will hopefully result in few returns!
The Senior Thrifter (1 year ago)
I no longer charge a retocking fee and I felt my sales improved when I took it off. I rarely get returns anyway. One note: when a buyer opens a return, ebay gives them a date line in which they have to put the item in the mail to be returned to you. I have had people just sit on that item to mail it when they felt like it. When a buyer starts a return, check that date. If that date arrives and they have not put the item in the mail, call ebay and close the case. You keep the money. I have had buyers who then scamble to get it to the post office - too late. As for expensive items, I put a restocking fee on the item if it is not returned within so many days and I state that in my description in bold. They still have 30 days to return but the fee applies to my stated time frame. This helps discourage the "borrowers".
representing50plus (1 year ago)
Please explain I'm a little confused. You said .... *I put a restocking fee on the item if it is not returned within so many days and I state that in my description in bold....* how do you enforce that if you still have the 30 days to return it ebay would be on their side
spikey911usa (1 year ago)
Restocking fee has really made some customers angry. I only charge it on new items that were opened, however, eBay makes this confusing to the customer by showing the fee regardless of your own rules.
Thanks for this! I do restocking fee to my listing, I work hard on each item, and pay lots of fees just to sell one item.

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