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Ebay Refund Guide - Get Your Money Back From a Bad Seller

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I had an incident with a shady seller on ebay, and I wanted to teach you guys how to get a refund from them if they try to pull some kinda scam. _________ 💬 Follow Lusin 💬 Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Lusin333 Google Plus ► https://plus.google.com/+Lusin333 Instagram ► http://instagram.com/ZhenLucas
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Text Comments (232)
Janez Novak (1 day ago)
Hi. Very nice video. But what if seller disappear next day on Ebay and item is removed from listing? You pay for item, you got Ebay message order is accepted, but there is no message when order is send, because Ebay cancel seller's account for some kind of violation i guess? Ebay send message "the listing you're interested in is no longer available." Can you advice this case? There is no option to cancel your order. You can not contact seller because "seller no longer exist"! How is that possible that Ebay seller is "No longer a registered user" next day after purchase? Fraud seller never reply to messages. He avoid contacts. FUCK Ebay buyer protection and fuck Paypal.
Christopher Malili (6 days ago)
how do you get money guarantee back when the seller is not registered anymore?
ElecTroYami (16 days ago)
What if he deleted his account
I don't think eBay would allowed an account to be deleted if there are items still in process.
Osodi Glover (17 days ago)
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SaintAlia_of_the_Games (21 days ago)
PROTIP: If your item doesn't arrive on time and the seller offers to send the item again, DO NOT DO IT. You run out the ebay Buyer Protection thing and it can be an absolute pain in the ass to get anywhere outside of that. If your item doesn't come on time, REQUEST A REFUND. If your item comes afterwards then cool, contact the seller and pay again, but don't let the ebay buyer protection run out, it'll be an absolute nightmare for you, especially if you're outside of the US.
Ashaun Walwyn (30 days ago)
They had new in the description and sent me a old,used not working piece of fuck. I'm going to chop suey somebody for my mother fucking money, I'm suppose to go on a vacation in summer and haven't picked where yet well I know where I'm going now, I'm going to make a human chow main out of somebody's offspring
Ashaun Walwyn (30 days ago)
They had new in the description and sent me a old,used not working piece of fuck. I'm going to chop suey somebody for my mother fucking money, I'm suppose to go on a vacation in summer and haven't picked where yet well I know where I'm going now, I'm going to make a human chow main out of somebody's offspring
Elmer Chavez (1 month ago)
What about If the items the seller sent to you does not match the description one?
Dj (1 month ago)
The seller removed the post with the pictures of the item I bought, now there’s no way for me to track it, how do I go about that?
Rose Marie (1 month ago)
I paid $71.00 for an item and the seller is only offering me back $8 of my refund when I want the whole thing back
Rose Marie (4 days ago)
@Darnell Onyewu Thompson ebay are fast at responding I'll give them that but when it comes to solving a problem they do take awhile. They kept opening and closing my case making me wait 2-4 weeks and finally they resolve the problem and gave me half of my money back which was 61 even though I wanted 71 but hey it's better than nothing..so my advice is to keep calling them because that's what I did and eventually it should be solved make sure you have receipts and screenshots of the case as proof. having proof sorta makes the whole process go a bit faster and it shows how long you've been waiting..I don't know if this is much help but that's the only advice I can give
Extra info. She called 3 times for updates and they promised to have a new code sent to her email.
My friend bought a $100 gift card, and there was no redemption code on back when scratched. She called eBay for help and eBay made her wait for almost 3 months just to tell her there nothing they can do. I'm now trying to find ways to help her. Any advice? I can't find anything online with answers.
Osodi Glover (17 days ago)
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Rose Marie (17 days ago)
@RealTuber I got eBay to step in they refunded me $61 so it was better than nothing but thank you uvu
Nanu Lee (1 month ago)
I bought a few ended items can I get money back for those
pedro barnito (1 month ago)
people do not buy a shit from ebay, you never get yor money back, that happend to me and ebay didnot give a shit about it.
Rodeen (2 months ago)
The Logistics say I recieved the item when i didnt
israeldr26 (2 months ago)
It happened to me once (USPS). I contacted the seller and they told me that sometimes the USPS tracking is updated with the "delivered" status despite you have not received your item. The seller told me I should wait a week and surely my package would be delivered, and guess what, my package arrived after 1 week. Maybe it's the same situation.
Arslan Mahmood (2 months ago)
How to open unpaid case? Buyer has not paid for the item they won on bid and been 4dayd now pls help
Angel Culanag (1 month ago)
Arslan Mahmood you can go on the resolution centre. That’s under ACCOUNT options on your MY EBAY. that should help you open a case.
Kluri (2 months ago)
My seller doesnt have that i might get scammed
Generic Clones (2 months ago)
Every seller has that.
T Parker (2 months ago)
Hi guys. What do I do if the seller refuses to allow my return even though he did not mention the item had damage on it? The description said it was in excellent condition. He added no pictures of the damaged area. Thanks.
187 :• (1 month ago)
Well call ebay on the help option
jimmi hotdog (2 months ago)
What about blatant False advertising by Ebay ?
Fus Ro Dah (3 months ago)
Hey one question what if i the delivery is showing 30-60days for shiiping and if i get after 60 will i get refund??
Angel Culanag (1 month ago)
Fus Ro Dah probably, because ebay will be able to see that one on their end, specially if the item is international shipping.
Henry Chong (3 months ago)
thx ididnt know how to do it :D
random lemons 666 (3 months ago)
The seller hasn't shipped it yet and it's too late for a refund and they aren't responding to my messages . I've entered the wrong address and I need to cancel and reorder it
Justin Y. (2 months ago)
Lol ur fault
Liam Nicol (3 months ago)
He is not responding
Abhinav Vidyarthi (3 months ago)
Time waste
Happy Hassan and Ayza (4 months ago)
I bought the item as a guest but it wont let me contact seller with an account, Please help!😩
Happy Hassan and Ayza (1 month ago)
@Angel Culanag Thanks but we finally got the product :)
Angel Culanag (1 month ago)
Happy Hassan and Ayza call ebay. They can send you a one time passcode to let you open the account. And better yet make it a permanent account.
Jon's Tech Channel (4 months ago)
What if the picture was deceiving and the item is not what was pictured? I received the item, unlike in your video.
Lusin (4 months ago)
Go here: https://www.ebay.com/help/buying/returns-refunds/return-item-refund?id=4041 Click on your item. You should be able to figure it out from there.
WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT (5 months ago)
After ebay refunds buyer the money do they go after the seller for the money ?
LILITHS LAIR (5 months ago)
This guy probably is a Amazon dropship artist ! Buy off of Amazon and a package shows up from WALMART. Idk but I bet money he's been booted from Ebay. Ebay rates thier sellers so buy wisely ! Don't be a scammer ! Is it really worth scamming used garage sale items ? Who even does this ? Are people that broken ?
LILITHS LAIR (5 months ago)
Are you a scammer ? Basically, more people like you are " shady " than highly rated Ebay sellers ! You must have this down to an art !
minty 178 (4 months ago)
Excuse me, i sniff and clean women's bottoms with my tung , can i be of service..lol
kenneth andrews (5 months ago)
What the hell, communicate with the seller?! What the fuck?! There’s no way I can communicate with my seller. Be more specific.
moaiz zia (6 months ago)
Can you still get a refund if it says “no refund at the bottom of the sellers description”
lori thorpe (6 months ago)
I bought something on eBay, but they took it off , when I sent her a message , she said she'd sent a cancellation request & that I had to accept it , then I'd get my money back, but there isn't one , only one that says , i bought this item & got refund , but not one that says , i didn't get refund . This is on mobile site though , do I have to got on laptop to do it ? Can anyone help please ?
Lyle (6 months ago)
Thanks.. dam scammers
Ingeborg Svensson (6 months ago)
I bought a 8 GB graphics card. When it arrived it turned out to be the 4 GB version which I could have bought much much cheaper from another seller. The seller is willing to take the item back but wants me to pay for the return shipping which is quite expensive. I do not think this is fair, I never ordered this card. What should I do?
Can you do one on "return postage" as some sellers try to avoid paying it
Diva (7 months ago)
What can I do if the item is unavailable and u can’t click on it?
Mi Kuz (7 months ago)
I have got 6 Items crashed Jewelry. I sent message about these Items to Seller. He ignore me more than 3 weeks already. And ebay like not notice my Problem with this Seller and not help. Looks like Seller pay to ebay so money to protect them/ ebay not protect buyer. I still don't understand how open case on ebay against bad Seller. Seller doesn't want pay Refund. It's $65.48 with shipping.
Goj Graphics (7 months ago)
I had a least 10 incidents with bad sellers,i get my money back but i did want item i order. In my opinion eBay should take some warranty fee from sellers,one way to kick ass to all bad sellers:)
fookoff mate (7 months ago)
This is why ebay is dying. Go amazon
Gates2Aion (2 months ago)
ebay is still cheaper than amazon
fookoff mate (5 months ago)
@LILITHS LAIR god you are so hot right now..
LILITHS LAIR (5 months ago)
Go to Amazon and buy drop shipped Walmart items ! Are you insane ?
MUDKIPSYRUP (7 months ago)
U sound so pissed
jacksylvesterii (7 months ago)
EBay tells me i got refunded through PayPal and PayPal always tells me they don't have anything... so I always lose out on any refund.
Ian Randolph (7 months ago)
What if the seller delisted the item and you don't even remember who it was from?!
Angel Culanag (1 month ago)
Ian Randolph you can contact ebay, they can help you with that for sure.
Johnathon Wheeler (7 months ago)
Thanks for posting this. Today i just bought a laptop on ebay. The seller has no positive feedback and after looking over the ad again. i have noticed the ad looks suspicious. ITs an Alienware. The specs do not match the pictures the seller posted. I paid $1100 for it. I am very concerned. Will i be cover if the item shows up and is not the same as described? Thanks!
nuclearthreat545 (8 months ago)
this is how everyone is going to ruin Ebay by forcing refunds for no reason
Deep State (8 months ago)
But most returns and refunds are made under false claims by buyers. I had a buyer from South America claim he didn't receive his item - TWO MONTHS after it was shipped... he had made no other inquiries why his item had not been received. eBay still refunded him at my cost, including the £11 postage I had to pay. Other refunds are false claim that the item is "not as described" although it is exactly as described. eBay will still refund them. It costs me 4 sales to cover that fake refund.
ItzYoGirl Sarah (8 months ago)
What do you do if someone accused you of sending a defective item when you sent them an item in perfect condition!! This lady won’t stop bothering me because I sent her a squishy toy and she gave it to her daughter! And then she said her daughter took it out of packaging and the paint started peeling.. when I know for a fact a squishy can not just peel by it self.
Stephen Sanchez (8 months ago)
muraturile (9 months ago)
How long it takes to get my money back from an ebay seller thief who didnt send the item and who dont give me even the tracking number cause didnt send me shit?
ManCave TV (9 months ago)
How do you do the eBay money back if the seller has not shipped the item yet is not responding to messages and it’s been two weeks since you paid for item and have not received it yet
SaintAlia_of_the_Games (13 days ago)
@Chey Marie File a dispute with Ebay. IF the seller doesn't respond or if Ebay refuses to give you a refund, then file a dispute with Paypal. You should be solid going through Ebay's disputing system though. Since the seller was giving me the runaround when I messaged them directly for weeks, but an official dispute was resolved in less than a week.
Christine A (13 days ago)
Chey Marie contact eBay by phone and open a case. You can do it online too. Once you open a case, the seller has 1 week to give you a refund, but if they don’t, you contact ebay again via online or call and eBay will give you the refund. They track all this down so when the seller ignored me, I got my refund from eBay. I guess eBay holds the amount from the sellers account once you make a case, . So we are protected. But you do have to submit a case within certain amount a days. Good luck, I’m sure you will get you $ back.
Chey Marie (13 days ago)
Omg I'm in the same exact situation as you. Can anyone pls help me on here 😭 Got scammed 350.00
Christine A (19 days ago)
SaintAlia_of_the_Games I am soooo glad they gave you a refund. I knew they would sooner or later. 😊👍👍
SaintAlia_of_the_Games (19 days ago)
@Christine A Just to update, it was resolved. Had to file a dispute with Ebay and through Paypal, but it was solved and I got the refund. Just asking the seller for a refund apparently wasn't going to do it. I'm also not able to give that seller a bad review now for some reason. So I guess there's no real repercussion for sellers that pull this stuff. Thanks!
Jacktrack7 (9 months ago)
Fucking 60 days when they didn't let me complain until past the estimated delivery date which was like 90 days (It was from China) I love Ebay.
Mario Cruz (9 months ago)
What if I pay thru paypal then the seller did not ship? how can I have my money back? Thanks.
ZKReaper (9 months ago)
what if the seller doesnt return the money what will happen to him
Itachi Uchiha (9 months ago)
can i get a refund if i purchased an item using credit card
Itachi Uchiha stop being gay
Itachi Uchiha (7 months ago)
@jennifer Desantiago Nuu... Im sowwy
jennifer Desantiago (7 months ago)
Ok thanks 😊💗
Itachi Uchiha (7 months ago)
@jennifer Desantiago Its because you stupid ^^
jennifer Desantiago (7 months ago)
Pretty sure you can though it would just take longrr
YoungAbyss - (10 months ago)
I bought a product that hasn’t arrived but it’s been more than 60 days as o forgot about it can I get my money back or is it too late
N (9 months ago)
I tried and tried to get my money back and 60 days are now over. Ebay is a scam
Patrick (10 months ago)
But why say you didn't recieve it when you did lol.
fred durst (10 months ago)
I paid 95 dollars for a supposed gtx 960 4gb it turned out to be a gts 450 before the card even arrived here I became aware that it was fake by watching youtube videos and by looking at real gtx 960's on amazon and newegg this fucking asshole refuses to refund me.
Chris Hernandez (10 months ago)
NAV DEFAULT (10 months ago)
what if, i bought a juul, lol ik its irrelevant, but still. anyways, after i purchased, next morning the item was removed. ive messaged the seller, and he gave me a tracking number and such, just wondering, will i even receive the item?
Scroobz ・ω・ (10 months ago)
What if the item you bought was removed but it was shipped will it still come????
Lyle (6 months ago)
I think that means you bought the last one so the page itself isnt up but that last item is still coming to you, hope this helps
Velveteen 44 (6 months ago)
Did u get it ?
Ian Randolph (7 months ago)
This is my problem!! Why are there so many problems with Figma?
Classic Cars (10 months ago)
thanks for the video but we want to know how to contact to item seller and the item buyer as a dropshepper for example i'am a dropshipper and i wanna know how to contact the item seller on amazon or aliexpress for example and how to contact the iem buyer if i got a case from the item buyer
Aprodami (10 months ago)
If I request a refund will I be given the total amount paid? Ex ($10 for item and $10 shipping. Will I be paid $20 back?)
Richard Cerio (10 months ago)
This did not work for me. Ebay seller sold me a computer, took my money and never shipped computer. Seller has $465 of my money and refuses to communicate with me (sent him 5 messages).
Mauricio Maciel (10 months ago)
I got a refund from the seller two times but where does the money go? I checked my bank account and made a paypal and I don’t see the money there please help
Ashley Nicole (4 months ago)
I can help you out
sul kamara (10 months ago)
Thanks this was really helpful i was confused and worried about how i'll get my money back because i contacted the seller and e didnt reply so im glad that there was another option because i thought ill have to go to court .
WhaCky (11 months ago)
What if the seller doesnt respond after 2 months?
WhaCky (11 months ago)
I have tried but they dont seem to respond
Daze Xerhxes (11 months ago)
Aser contact eBay they will help u
Iurii Iovu (11 months ago)
I dont see in more more then only 2 option: 1. contact seller 2. save this seller sorry for my qstns but where is all optins ???
James (2 months ago)
Gotta do it on pc
Endless Highlands (11 months ago)
EBAY india IS FRAUD. Don't buy anything from eBay. They are FRAUD. They cheated me with 23000. I bought laptop form ebay but I received different and damaged laptop. My claim was approved and they ask me to ship it back. Whent to ebay, I did't got my money back. FRAUD
LordLenni (3 months ago)
Yeah it's ebay INDIA
RenRey98 (11 months ago)
This would work even if the seller has ignored all my messages? I ordered an item and he/she never actually shipped it and hasn’t responded to my messages
yes. if the seller doesn't respond that's okay you still have proof that you tried to contact them. NEVER do any communication or transactions outside of the platform that is safety 101.
Erhan KBZ (1 year ago)
You're autistic man get yourself checked.
I did not find the option "Ask ebay to step in"
- (1 year ago)
What ican do Ibought i yesterday and now it says item not found and idont found the seller :(
Lusin (1 year ago)
Try the Help & Contact link. https://www.ebay.com/help/home
pk presents (1 year ago)
I returned a defective mobile using DTDC courier company on 14 jun 2018 and Product deliverd on 16 jun 2018 EBay mailed me that wait 6-7 days for refund but when I don't get my refund then I call on eBay customer care they told your refund pending at refund team.I said why they told me may be seller don't get your courier. I said what ........I told him whole story to customer care that seller not replaying my messages email even his number also switched off they we will take legal action on seller... and inform you after 3 days On 1 may 2018 I again email to seller that if u received the product that please verify that you recived the product. OMG! your can't believe who not replaying my messages or take call on 2 Jun 2018 he said I DON'T recived your product...😨😨😨 Now What can I do please help me!!!
Invincible Beauty (1 year ago)
Ok what if I get a fake item and don't have the money or time to return it to china? Can I still get a refund? I paid full price because the seller had a good rep but my item is fake and I want my money back. I know some sellers will beg you not to put a bad review and if their are issues to email them. Lol
Lusin (1 year ago)
It depends. If the listing was advertised as genuine, but it turned out to be fake, you can get a refund and you don't even have to give the thing back usually.
Tanacon (1 year ago)
Hello I have got ONE PROBLEM/QUESTION. So I was buying these COOL ass shoes. At first it felt fishy since it looked fake and the seller looks fake AF. But i still bought it. I went to check bio after purchasing it and it says it ships within 3 DAYZZ. But when to the shoes. I checked the bio of the shoes(the return, the refund policy and ALL that crap) and it said that it ships WITHIN 20 DAYS OF CLEAR PAYMENT!! IM LIKE WTF!! But i was like okehh.... So i waited for 21 DAYS AND IT NEVER SHIPPED! NOT EVEN SHIPPEDDDAAH!! He did not ship it yet. Im like WTF. So I went to dispute a return request to get a refund but HE/SHE NEVER REPONDED. After 3 dayzz i went to ask ebay to step in but EBAY DECIDED TO JUST RETURN THE ITEM AND WAIT FOR THE TRACKING INPUT AND ALL CRAP. THE DAMN ITEM NEVER EVEN GOT SHIPPED AND NEVER ARRIVED HOW AM I SUPPOSED...uhhhhhh.. So i went to do Plan B. I went to try to dispute an "Item never came" case. BUT EBAY WOULDNT LET ME SINCE I ALREADY OPENED A CASE FOR THE ITEM (btw i already closed the return request before trying this). At that point i was about to DIE! LITERALLY!! For sure the item will never be shipped. I have been scammed by an inactive seller. Please help me bro... IS THERE ANOTHER WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK??? :((
fookoff mate (7 months ago)
Tanacon god.. How do you survive with such lack of education?
Black Sheep (1 year ago)
1.How can we buy through cash? 2.can buyers without ebay accout could buy items?
END (1 year ago)
G G ddfc (1 year ago)
nigga i got finnessed for 1 dollar earbuds still not here
Musashi (1 year ago)
so i purchased something in 2017 hoping to receive it like 3 months later. i never got it and the seller told me they had some delay and was going to ship it out until May of 2018. its only the beginning of May but if i dont receive it and the seller doesnt respond to me what should i do?
ShadyShadez (1 year ago)
Just get a refund and find another one on ebay
ShadyShadez (1 year ago)
Musashi im just saying you got ULTRA SCAMMED
1800splitair (1 year ago)
Thanks DR Evil.
Thank u 😊
WayneTheHuman (1 year ago)
What if item doesn't work
Lusin (1 year ago)
If it doesn't work, you can still ask for a refund.
Stephen Brown (1 year ago)
How does didn't receive item work when there is tracking info showing it was delivered?
Gaming For clash smith (7 months ago)
Because anyone can take box put something fake or crap inside then ship it
Python (1 year ago)
It says estimated refund, does this mean i already got a full refund?
Zimmer (1 year ago)
I bought a GTX 1050ti but the seller deleted the item and I tried to cancel the order which didn't work. I have contacted the seller many times but they never write back. I tried to use the money back but Ebay says I already have a case opened for the item I am trying to get a refund for.
Agoraphobic News (1 year ago)
the seller canceled shipping item to me. Ebay said that I got the refund but I didn't recieve any money. What should I do?
Susan Wirt (7 months ago)
I returned an item and did not get a refund. Even though there is a paypal trxn#. I do not have paypal-where is the refund on my credit card.
Jeffery Guillen (9 months ago)
Agoraphobic News same thing happened to me
seoul (1 year ago)
i bought a macbook on ebay that was stated as new, but when it came, it clearly wasn't, as the power cycle was at 4. would ebay refund me and let me keep the item, or?? the seller hasn't messaged me back, and it states on the page of the item i bought that it is new. they have a 97.5% feedback rate and have a feedback score of 100,000+, if that helps! thanks!
Adumim P'Madi (1 year ago)
LETAM NGUYEN (1 year ago)
I had my refund now where does the money go?
Michael S. (1 year ago)
Stop teaching buyers how to scam
ItsYeZach (10 months ago)
not all people are scamming... I got an item, didnt work, now i either keep the broken item and lose my money... Return the item, pay $10 to ship it... and get the $25. well only 15$ because I have to pay... Due to ebay allowing everyone and anyone to sell.
Álvaro Agraz (11 months ago)
Is there oxygen in your planet?
I got two Fnaf knock off plushies
Sanealam Shah (1 year ago)
16 days..aya ga Mobile.9967982492
Bevila (1 year ago)
Yeah i agree there are shitty sellers on ebay, they are quick enough to have your money from you when you purchase there items but the seller dont deliver the item to you what you ordered and you dont recive it not even the carrier card like royal mail to prove they knocked on your door no answer then they put a card in your letter box saying, we missed you please arrange a delivery or you go to the sorting office to pick item up, nothing no card in your letter box, that means the seller scam you havent sent your item out to you for delivery.
Kat ali (1 year ago)
I ordered a new I phone a few days ago and it's coming in a few days from now, but I just received all my money back and I'm still getting the phone? I don't understand how this could have happened
fookoff mate (7 months ago)
Kat ali reported
JoJo (10 months ago)
Kat ali just enjoy it
1800splitair (1 year ago)
No dont do that. If you do though, update us and tell us when you lose the same amount of money the universe takes off you. Bet you it will happen within a month. 🙄
Jay Turner (1 year ago)
Kat ali just roll with it, free phone amirite lol
Rima Grigoryan (1 year ago)
Please help me The reqeest is closed and the seller dont return my money,what can i do?
Levi (1 year ago)
Hi guys please I want some help if I can get my seller told me that he couldn't sell me an item because he was out of it after he gave me a option to chose another similar item or get money back, so I wanted money back, after that I got message that order was canceled and he told me that all I have to do is accept it and it item total that was refounded shoves 00.00$( with shipping) but I checked my credit card and still didn't get a money back..I am new to ebay and don't know what to do..should I wait few days or what to get my money back? By the way I didn't found any button to accept money back and I got a message from ebay-We're sorry to let you know that trade_easy canceled your order and mentioned the reason as Buyer asked to cancel the order. The seller refunded $32.41 back to your original payment method, and you don't need to do anything else.
Freshhy Tellez (1 year ago)
Levi how long did this take? Because I’ve waited 4 days and still got nothing back..
Mona Ip (1 year ago)
I recently listed 2 brand new pairs of the same Sorel Slimpack Riding Sample Boots. Both were listed for auction at $75 with an option of a Buy It Now price for $175. 1 pair sold instantly and the other pair went through the auction. The auction ended for $345USD. The Buyer paid and received the boots. The Buyer contacted me saying there was a loose stitch on the strap after wearing it for the day and asked what she can do to fix. I was surprised to find out it was loose stitch as it was perfect condition when I sent the boots out, I have photos during the auction to prove the buckles were fine. But I explained to her it is an easy fix if it is true, she asked for a compensation. I offered $5 for a loose stitch.Instead she opened a dispute in the morning and requested a full refund because of the stitch and because it was a Sample boots (which however in my listing it is listed clearly that they are sample boots). During the back and forth conversation she admit the fact she found similar pair of boots on Amazon for $150 and also mentioned I sold my other pair of the same boots for $175. She felt she overpaid for my boots. But the point is, this Buyer had the option to not bid, just buy from Amazon. Through a lot of explaining I offered her $20 as compensation, she declined. So I finally asked what she wants. She wants $220 compensation which brings the boots done to the value of $125. In this way, she can get the boots for lower than Amazon and what I was willing to sell for in the Buy It Now.These boots sold on eBay for an average of $250 USD (new) through history.I tried to work with the Buyer to come to an agreement, but asking for $220 is way too unreasonable. I tried to offer the Buyer $100 as compensation, which is more than enough to fix a loose stitch on the buckle professionally. I know from heart and God knows, the boots were in perfect condition before I shipped them out as I have photos of the condition of the boots. I contacted eBay Representatives at several times to see what I can do because I have proof and also the boots are wore and also the Buyer fully admit the fact she found a better deal on Amazon and found that she overpaid me for my boots and she want to return by using the loose stitch and the fact my boots are Sample boots.Last night, I spoke with this eBay Representative called Arriel, she claims to be the highest possible person I am able to speak with. The Buyer opened the dispute as my product being a defect/not as described, therefore the eBay Money Back Guarantee will indefinitely favour her side and I will be forced to accept the return even though during the dispute conversation the Buyer full out admits she felt like she overpaid and she found a cheaper pair and she want to send the boots back to me. This is truly a Remorse Return because admitting this fact, but "Arriel" said it does not matter what the Buyer said during the conversation, the most important thing is she opened the case as defect/not as described. It does not matter even I have the photos of the condition of the boots before I shipped the boots out.Basically, the Buyer can receive the boots, wear it or purposely cause a damage to get a full refund and eBay will approve the return. Arriel replied that the Buyer gets the benefit of the doubt. And no matter what, it will indefinitely rule in this Buyer's favour. And even the Buyer said she wore the boots, because it was wore once, not a lot or all the time, therefore eBay will still consider the boots to be in the same condition it was sent by the Seller. Thank you for doing business with eBay and have a good evening.This is not the same condition, the boots are used, I cannot even list it as New at all. My value of my product goes down. Arriel answered me, every business will expect some losts.My goodness!After this conversation I realize, there is really no point in trying to work out with Buyers for Sellers in general, because no matter what, once the Buyer files defect/not as described dispute, it is guarantee a LOST FOR ALL SELLERS("All Sellers, your business should expect some lost." This is directly from Arriel from the highest possible eBay Representative that deals with eBay Claims, Disputes and she claims she is the one who has the power to re-open cases and file appeals.)How can the Sellers survive?We, as Sellers suffer so much. We work hard providing good customer service and spending time listing, taking our time to package our products, and going to a post office no matter what the weather is like outside just to make a few dollars. Our hard earn money are swindled from us from a simple eBay Money Back Guarantee where eBay falsely assures us, the Sellers, that they will investigate and then decide to rule in the Buyer's favour no matter what.I found out from my experience from the mouth of Arriel, the highest possible eBay Representative in Claims and Disputes that it is indefinitely in favour of the Buyer. They do not care what evidence there is provided from Sellers. And Sellers, all business will expect some lost. Thank you for doing business with eBay and have a good evening.This conversation with Arriel was on February 19th 2018 at 21:45 (EST)I wish all eBay Sellers can bond together and fight against this eBay Money Back Scam. I hope my story can touch many other people and we can create an union and try and voice to EBAY. Me, myself is not enough. All together, we can be stronger and make a difference to protect us, the eBay Sellers. Thank you,Mona Ip from United States (an eBay member since 2009)
gates jacques (2 months ago)
I recently had a similar experience with a buyer, sending me back a wooden block....
Qazi Khawaja (5 months ago)
Sad to hear.Probably thats how some sick inhumane people earn a living by using and deliberatly breaking stuff and returning for full refund.And ebay wants sellers to offer a minimum of 30 60 days return so buyers can knock the hell out of items and return for full amount.To make it worse the seller has to pay for the return if item is not described which many scammers are aware of.Anyways you have to take it to the chin if you are to sell on ebay.There are alot of dishonest sellers too though.Sorry for whatever happened to you and good luck for your future sales
West Senkovec (1 year ago)
Hi! I purchased an item from the US and according to tracking it never left the US. The tracking didn't update in over a month and the seller isn't responding. The other items that I ordered later and also from US, came long time ago. What should I do?
West Senkovec (1 year ago)
I don't know if I should reorder the item from the same seller or someone else because there's still a small chance that the item will get here. To make things worse, the manufacturer increased their prices so I will have to pay even more after waiting all this time lol. Thank you very much for your help!
Lusin (1 year ago)
The deadline for ebay's money back guarantee is 60 days after you bought your item. You said you purchased it on January 7th, so the deadline to open a case would be around March 5th?
West Senkovec (1 year ago)
Lusin Thanks for the reply. I purchased it on January 7th. I don't know what the deadline is to open a case. I don't want to open it too soon and lose and I don't want to wait for too long and not have the ability to get my money back.
Lusin (1 year ago)
If the seller isn't responding, and it's getting close to the 2 months since you bought your thing, just do the ebay money back guarantee.
Lara Montez (1 year ago)
ColePokemon (1 year ago)
How do you cancel as a guest?
adultmoshifan87 (1 year ago)
Just recently I bought a copy of Sega Saturn game Bug!, and when it arrived I found there was a scratch through the data layer on the disc. That game cost me £18! I sent the game back to the seller, postage cost £2.90, the item DID arrive at one of his neighbors' houses, as was proven by Royal Mail, but he denied it. He said he didn't receive a card nor was the package at either of his neighbors' houses, and he still won't give me my money back. I posted negative feedback and he told me off for it, saying he needs his account in good standing. If you want people to buy your stuff, treat that stuff of yours with care!
Owca (1 year ago)
If the seller don’t contact with me for four days after sending him money(moreover the only message he sent was about sending him extra money for shipping to my country which is the symptom of breaking the regulations) will the ebay return me my money?
Robin Ramguttee (1 year ago)
My problem is i just bought an item on ebay on 23 jan 2018 and it is 28 january 2018 today and the seller has not ship it yet. Ive contacted the seller but no response. What should i do? Any suggestions
Jay (1 year ago)
I got my surround sound system on ebay and i got it broke. Now the seller is saying he will refund me but not the postage and i have to send it the same way he did. I paid £40 plus £10 postage so i have to lose the £10 PLUS send it back the same way he did and that will cost me £17 . so i will have to lose more than half or what i paid for. I told him no you can send me a return label and i want a FULL REFUND and now i have not heard from him and i have to wait till the 27th till i can ask ebay to help. In this vid i got told what i already knew i wanted to know how eBay Money Back Guarantee worked and ow long it takes all that stuff. I still have my item i put it back in the bos he sent it in and i have taken photos of it as prove for the seller and ebay.

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