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Webb Simpson US Open 2012 Funny Guy

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Kevin Lu WX (10 months ago)
"Funny guy" should be replaced with "troll'
Victor Hajnos (4 years ago)
is that john oliver
Colin Moss (6 years ago)
Steve Carrell on the left in the glasses
SnapKrackelPop93 (6 years ago)
yes. iv actually met him personally and he's a cool guy and the opposite of stuck up. you're just going by what he looks like and how he dresses to make your assumption and its not accurate.
GalaxyTrigger82 (6 years ago)
have you ever been to a pga event and just been around webb he is the epitome of a stuck up douchebag.
Mary Holmes (6 years ago)
He is so "red" because of the camera on the tv screen. He isn't actually that red at all. He's tan. Look at one of the other videos of this and you can see that it's just the way this was shot with a hand camera pointed at the tv. And Webb is actually a really cool guy, back off.
troll face 69 (6 years ago)
stupid brits
aaaredskin (6 years ago)
If you'd get all of the donkey dicks out of your mouth, you'd be able to find the ONLINE VIDEO of Junglebird talking about having a phone conversation with Webb Simpson where Simpson told him it was cool after Junglebird apologized. Are you really this much of a dickbreath? Nice going exposing what a TRUE fool you are....
nevadie133 (6 years ago)
Hahaha he's like a tomato
sug15 (6 years ago)
throw the man in jail
isengdong (6 years ago)
for me the bird call is way more exciting than the interview ... kwak ouh kwak ouh ..... excellent
YTsuppliers (6 years ago)
he only looks red on the TV...just look at the other clips on here of this
NIN JA (6 years ago)
im doing that whenever i see someone filming :D
James that guy (6 years ago)
released without charges, the guy raises awareness about deforestation. He's on facebook as Junglebird
Tish Tash (6 years ago)
Weooooo weoooo! -yanks arm- xDDD
tellemyumad74 (6 years ago)
Typical red skinned whiteboy. 'Enjoy the jail cell pal'.GTFOH!
tcfreestyler123x (6 years ago)
0.15 It brought a tear to the eye of the offical
Mountain Storm (6 years ago)
How rare...for anyone to watch golf...
russellcroew (6 years ago)
"Enjoy the jail cell, pal"....How out of touch is this guy. What a knob~! Enjoy your only win at a major ever.
Powerwheelz (6 years ago)
I love the look on bob costas's face, he doesn't even care to see what's making that noise. As if people do that shit everyday where he comes from LOL "go on...you were saying.."
Powerwheelz (6 years ago)
"ohhss nooesss he took my moment of fame away...enjoy the jail cell pall lolz i'm so funny" honestly this guy is a fucking tool.
Ron Nelson (6 years ago)
those golf security are really tough. he gently pulls on his arm LOL. how did this guy calmly walk by everyone to get to the front anyhow... LMAO
SkullakaAce (6 years ago)
I need this looped. Anyone?
niroopg (6 years ago)
Powerwheelz (6 years ago)
look at the hat he was wearing, sherpp sherpp
R D (6 years ago)
His parents named him Webb? WTF?
Lucas Zach (6 years ago)
why so inuslting.. just because my beliefs are different then yours makes me a sociopath?
elite4x (6 years ago)
he is RED!!!
Jason Fedor-Thurman (6 years ago)
Brits? This was at the US Open. herp derp
Josh beyer (6 years ago)
fucking Brits
Cody Watson (6 years ago)
No its not Steve carrell in the background but he does look similar
Moises Vargas (6 years ago)
0:12 steve carell all the way to the left
Dave Collier (6 years ago)
Great stuff
indgiu (6 years ago)
jail?? for doing a birdie sound? wtf??
kirkverner1 (6 years ago)
Kelsey Grammer off the wagon again?
teckademic33 (6 years ago)
is that steve carrel in the background lol
joedange2007 (6 years ago)
fuckin rich douche cunt
WestCoastRedskin (6 years ago)
Jail time for what crime?...fuk golf
daust126 (6 years ago)
ironic how the golfer starts talking about 'birdie' holes immediately following the EXTREME AWESOMENESS that is this bird man and what he did.
Milo Boles (6 years ago)
The golfer looks like mathew McConaughey. The bird man looks like Vince Vaughn, and the guy behind the reporter looks like Steve carrel
mogie don (6 years ago)
yeah fuck golf anyways that shit so lame this guy's the ONLY reason young ppl give a shit about
Lukas Kingslien (6 years ago)
Enjoy the jail cell pal
Jason Reynolds (6 years ago)
Bird is the word.
Amanda Torrez (6 years ago)
And why is he Red
Amanda Torrez (6 years ago)
Was that remi gaillard
frontrow11 (6 years ago)
poor guy iz trying to make the sport of golf interesting and he gets yanked like that?!..wtf is this world coming to?! :D
Miso_Soup!Go (6 years ago)
xD love that crazy guy! good job!
neejhmoo88 (6 years ago)
InfamousIronLegacy (6 years ago)
why does webb simpson look like a dorito?
TOP CLAN (6 years ago)
Me too.
TOP CLAN (6 years ago)
The bird man's face is soooooooo funny! Excellent job my man.
A.M. Wolf (6 years ago)
this guy made golf the most interesting ive ever seen it
FlyingArmadillo (6 years ago)
"enjoy the jail cell?" my respect for this guy went from like 49% to fucking -10000% in a split second.
Battle Himns (6 years ago)
hahahahahahahhahahahahah oaaaaaaaaaaaaa oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i believe he is a little bit drunk.............
sum1speshil (6 years ago)
Rich red people in douche-bag sweaters telling fans to 'enjoy the jail cell, pal' are the worst kind of people.
Logan Haynes (6 years ago)
*girlfriends ass*
Logan Haynes (6 years ago)
You better watch it... big shot, or I'll engrave my name on your Ass!!!!!!!!!
jebsievers (6 years ago)
jebsievers (6 years ago)
LaserGunsLG (6 years ago)
the guy being interviewed looks like a lobster
shafta99 (6 years ago)
they all want a birdie so the bird man cometh. get the joke.
Hmonggodwetrust Hmong (6 years ago)
He just wants to be in TV...so don't put him in jail. There will be no one to bail him out...LOL
biggrigga (6 years ago)
IT isn't a criminal offence.
Rage Uploader (6 years ago)
Funny because I have no bias against golfers and that guys face was just too much.
daniserio (6 years ago)
and what about funny interrupting?
hoosierhiver (6 years ago)
No doubt,
hoosierhiver (6 years ago)
I'd like to see him do this regularly and not just at golf events.
ADDpillz (6 years ago)
New MEME!?
burrbonbowler (6 years ago)
that's got to be the funniest thing Kelsey Grammer has ever done!
Brody Wick (6 years ago)
I wanted Northern Ireland with a 3peat.
MatthewDean (6 years ago)
Okay, gotcha. I was like who the hell hates G-Mac. I was bummed too that he didn't win.
Brody Wick (6 years ago)
I meant that I was upset that Graeme lost, but this video bomber made up for it.
goodoldrebel8 (6 years ago)
a great example of Stanislavsky method acting. He was really being the bird. lol. We'll see him starring in the next sequel of Caddyshack.
Vinny (6 years ago)
lol that guys hilarious
FollowerOfChrist (6 years ago)
That was the funniest thing I ever saw. He should be given a medal. CLASSIC !!! That guy will be on Lettrman and TOSH.0 fuck the mainstream and fuck republicans
MatthewDean (6 years ago)
Why is that? He seems like a good guy???
CamiloSanchez1979 (6 years ago)
That was the second exciting thing about golf since Tiger Woods cheating scandal
JAISE1994 (6 years ago)
Bob Costas is like" What the Fuck?"
SvStheShow (6 years ago)
that was pretty damn funny.
MrClickity (6 years ago)
Not a crime, though. He probably just got ejected from the park and banned from going back.
Rage Uploader (6 years ago)
Interrupting is not allowed.
nly89 (6 years ago)
If you notice ALL of the reds in the video are way over saturated (look at birdman's jacket) due to a video of a video. Plus he had been out in the sun the entire week, not to mention pretty much every week.
Matt E (6 years ago)
What's up with his red face
Matthew Thomson (6 years ago)
That man's my hero.
SportsSavantTV (6 years ago)
im sure the Bird Man will get his own reality show....hey, isnt that where the world is heading??
SportsSavantTV (6 years ago)
What was odd was the bird-man.....what was even odder was the fact that no one laughed at Webb Simpson's "jail cell" comment....a very awkward 30 seconds on live TV!
davisnafshun (6 years ago)
They should of interviewed the Bird Call Man instead. Haha
cpp86 (6 years ago)
lol he looks totally pissed off his face
YTsuppliers (6 years ago)
yeah enjoy the jail cell pal hahha
Johnnywhamo (6 years ago)
I wouldn't give a shit BECAUSE I just won one of the hardest tournaments. Webb doesn't seem to mind. It wasn't like he was in the middle of a backswing so what the heck, the guy was a knob but it WAS funny.
Jack F (6 years ago)
That was hilarious but also obnoxious at the same time. What an idiot
cpp86 (6 years ago)
omg me too..lololol
tdognight (6 years ago)
David Hasselhoff (6 years ago)
I'm David Hasselhoff.
sceett (6 years ago)
He needs to pop up at every golf tournament!
Chainsaw04 (6 years ago)
Bill Bob (6 years ago)
Remember the bird guy with your very one #USOPenBirdGuy t-shirt. Just search for "US Open Bird Guy" on ebay
Prolomaster (6 years ago)
only time i could possibly laugh during golf
BlitzinLB27 (6 years ago)
stupid ahh fucking game
CombustibleLemon72 (6 years ago)
I have a feeling this guy will go far in the world of memes...

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