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Oliver Hartmann does his best performance ever. Great singer!
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Mashkihitho (2 years ago)
Oliver is showing is vocal powers on this track and it is simply sublime!
Dittiri (6 years ago)
Thanx for sharing! Could you share Toy Warehouse too? That's my favourite in Genius. :)
fagner santos (7 years ago)
@andrewsnightwolf ,não concordo,mais gosto é como bunda,cada um tem o seu!!
Anderson Leal (7 years ago)
essa ai o mano Oliver Hartmman se superou com certeza, apesar de eu achar essa música uma cópia barata da "Aces High" do Iron Maiden
pepperbelly68 (9 years ago)
oliver has become one of my favorite vocalists and I have very few voices that I think are great !! I love the empty tremors enemy inside disc !! as well as his At Vance cd's.
Kemi Plays (9 years ago)
<3 genius rock opera
Endre Hindhammer (9 years ago)
Hartmann rocks!

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