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Product Review: The Riptide Green Pool Bag - Chlorine King Pool Service

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In this video I do a product review of a prototype bag that Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems is making to help you speed up your green pool cleanups. It offers a lot of advantages over the standard bags due to being clogged, and obviously a better option than other portable vacuum systems. I was able to vacuum out this entire pool without having to empty the bag a bunch of times, or risk it blowing off like I've had with other various systems. Now the bottom of the pool should be done with larger debris! This is a must have if you do green pools! Stay tuned for our next video! http://www.chlorinekingpools.com http://www.chlorinekingpodcast.com http://www.pentairpool.com http://www.useaquasuite.com https://www.riptidevac.com
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Scottland B (1 month ago)
Have they started making these yet. Bought a riptide the day they came out w/ smaller unit. Biggest problem was coating inside back during green to cleans.
Thanks for taking care of this Matt! You'll love the bag Scottland!
Scottland B (1 month ago)
Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems - I will for sure, thanks for responding.
@scottland B Yes, these are available for purchase on our website. If you can also email us at [email protected] to discuss the issue you have with the plaster particles. Thanks.
Scottland B (1 month ago)
Also have had problems jamming up trolling motor w/ plaster particles
Jonathan Longoria (2 months ago)
I like the innovative concept but I don’t think I would want to vacuum a green pool though since I can’t see the bottom and could risk damage to the vacuum with random things like rocks or who knows sometimes what’s at the bottom of pools lol....
Jmannyjr (2 months ago)
Chlorine King Pool Service I’m starting to do the same here. Green pools take a lot if time and don’t have that time in between my daily routines.
That's definitely a real risk for sure! I don't even really do green pools anymore. In fact, I took this one on specifically for this video.
Jmannyjr (2 months ago)
Hammerhead need to step it up or I’ll be converting to Riptide. Thanx for the review sir.
You're welcome. Anytime.
Danny Boyd (2 months ago)
Big sugar needs to take a look at that
Danny Boyd (2 months ago)
I love it! 2 please
Big sugar will love it...

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