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Magic For Humans | Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He's Invisible | Netflix

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“When I was a kid I put a tooth under my pillow, went to sleep, and in the morning there was money there. That tangible evidence was more than enough proof to make me believe in the tooth fairy. To find out how far I could take that premise, I set up a large flash-mob style social experiment all to convince one guy he had turned invisible.” - Justin Willman. Magic For Humans is now streaming on Netflix. Watch Magic For Humans on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/in/Title/80190510 #Netflix #MagicForHumans #JustinWillman SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: http://nflx.it/29BcWb5 Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/NetflixFamily Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/29kkAtN Follow Netflix on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/29gswqd Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/29oO4UP Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/29kkemT Magic for Humans | Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He's Invisible | Netflix http://youtube.com/netflix
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Text Comments (5658)
Possible The Gawdly (1 hour ago)
drink as much water as you can but, dont swallow it.......
Andrew Hercules (8 hours ago)
Sorry to the unbelievers, but these two men were not acting. You can see that it was real. Great trick.
NolaMarieSings (9 hours ago)
Why are they mic’d if they aren’t actors ?
NeonSean (10 hours ago)
And then the challenge began...
The FLAILife (12 hours ago)
This is funny as shit!
путин (18 hours ago)
A liberal and black only ppl naive enough to believe this bs haha
Kim Yusaf (1 day ago)
JoaquiGamingYT (1 day ago)
Plot Twist: why do you take a pic even his invisible?
Anastasia Smith (1 day ago)
White guy reaction : CAN YOU SEE ME WTF IS GOING ON OMG OMG OMG BLACK GUY REACTION: hey lemme tap that dude they won’t need this wine bottle HOW CAN I RELATE SO MUCH TO THE BLACK GUY 💀🤣🤣
An (1 day ago)
The fact that Mike ACTUALLY disappeared but Jonathan DIDN’T.. who’s being fooled here?
cmjw lexer (2 days ago)
Nice prank.😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣
I would've gotten naked see if they think I'm invisible and probably I'll steak and maybe I'd I'm feeling lucky Do some things to the girl with sunglasses she's been checking me out .oh and prank them like I'm a ghost
I know You Idk (2 days ago)
2:09 but what the fuck?
BuLLeTforMy xxx (3 days ago)
Trydodis (5 days ago)
This would be a lot funnier if the actors who acted invisible ran away never wanting to be visible again just going about on the street violating random people.
BoB Jones (5 days ago)
And there he went... steal a bottle of wine...lol
Kauzey (7 days ago)
If asked chief if this is it and he said “get blocked”
Phantom (7 days ago)
Whos here from messyourself video?
Madafaka MVM (8 days ago)
netflix i love ur movies but stop killing animes
Tony Ley (8 days ago)
This is an idea that appears in the back of one of Paul Harris' Art of Astonishment books (Harris is an INCREDIBLY original magician/creator that has created some of the most incredibly unique effects in magic...only magicians will know who he is) from two decades ago. It wasn't really a magic trick but more of a dare to magicians to try it and let him know how it went. It was called "Nowhere Man". Harris' books have several "dares" or concepts or challenges like this to help magicians think about, and possibly create, more original and unique magic. Paul still creates some of the most mind-blowing effects in magic. Hope you'll look his name up. He deserves a lot more credit than he'll ever get.
Ward Luay (9 days ago)
You can clearly see the string and why would his hand be above it this is clearly staged
How did mike gone
А будто пропал 1-ый юноша?
KILLER DESTROYER (11 days ago)
4:34 knew it 😂😂😂
Kenny Arias (11 days ago)
Don't worry, it's just camera tricks and paid actors, that's why the show is called "magic for humans" and not "magic for magicians". Magicians know the tricks are fake.
TΛBBY (12 days ago)
Cauliflower sucks amiright?
Nanonkay 300 (12 days ago)
Black people, bruh hahahahaha!!!
LenardOnYtuBe Gaming (12 days ago)
hahaha :D Nice Magic Hahaha
Miguel Rodriguez (13 days ago)
They did him dirty
Bearing My Seoul (13 days ago)
I think this is fake for the simple fact that if somebody made me invisible and it was really scaring me, I'd start slapping people until somebody fixed it! 😂😂😂
Nabi Supetran (13 days ago)
One of the disappearing guys is this guy from one of buzzfeeds videos https://youtu.be/0kcXergLG1Q FAKE NEWS
Bunnygurl J (13 days ago)
If mike was able to run away why didn’t his shadow move... 😱
Frezomere Serafimu (14 days ago)
That white dude was freaking out because he needed help and the black dude was having the time of his life😂😂
ronald josue (14 days ago)
my real question is as if he could disappear the first to deceive the other two people?
Diogo Cruz (15 days ago)
Pedro teixeira da mota?
I recognize that man who turned "invincible" he's the one who hates cauliflowers
Niven (14 days ago)
the amazing destroyer of the world , it is him. Netflix breeds bad actors.
YUNIQUE (15 days ago)
Nice video,iam subs like and comment
Papa Joe (15 days ago)
sad this is that EVERYONE IS A FUCKING ACTOR INCLUDING THE INVISIBLE GUYS! Cheap shows for cheap americans. peace out
X Xyntax (15 days ago)
First Vanish Is Inside the wall
Sharif Bhamji (16 days ago)
One of the guys who was invisible is an actor and he also appears in episode 6 in the gender reveal segment. Plus he has a YouTube channel. That says alot about this series. The biggest magic trick he tried to pull off was that he is approaching random people. He clearly atages and scripts majority of the time and the magic tricks are just different forms of older tricks. I wanted to believe in the guy and i did until I was at the last episode.... so I have no belief in the people who are in the show. All of that is scripted and directed before the shoot
Meme Life (16 days ago)
This is so messed up
Robin Banks (16 days ago)
The black guy would just start stealing shit and raping chicks the first chance he got if he was invisible in real life.
Rocco Iovene (16 days ago)
Who else actually watches the show?
Chris Galaxy (16 days ago)
I already watched this on netflix
Andon Sendelbach (17 days ago)
The black guy who got disappeared is also from Chef and cauliflower hater. Both have the same name as John lmaoo.
Mtdmpls (17 days ago)
It's clearly real.
Ryan Smith (17 days ago)
The Original trick done to perfection. Yes the magician has accopmlences or as is common referenced assistants. However, there is no way everyone is in on the trick.
Gaming Krypto (17 days ago)
rudedy1 (17 days ago)
Fake shit
Captain Peroxide (17 days ago)
0:10 ???
I was more amazed with those bullets that girls chest taking the picture had
FireNarutoZS Mobile (17 days ago)
ßest þrank Əver.
Indira Gutierrez (18 days ago)
You know this is fake because there isn't 1 bummy, looking dude with zits, or a chick with a gap in her front teeth and crappy dye job
audreysparrow1 Sparrow (18 days ago)
How did mike disappear
Joseph (18 days ago)
So dumb. Of course it's all phony. The acting from Mike and Johnathan was just over the top ridiculous.
Sam Sırri (18 days ago)
How did he make the first man (Mike) invisible?!!
Jeniqua J. (19 days ago)
This always brings me much joy 😂😂😂
Great Time (19 days ago)
Man!! I love it
dale like si vienes del video de toshiri 8 donde dice que el que inicio esta broma fue un corto de neflix .
Shannon Wong (19 days ago)
Invisible with shadow still existing lol
Hurbii (19 days ago)
wow yea none of them are actors ;O
the1realandrew (20 days ago)
EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is a sub par actor! 😂
Slice of Rice (20 days ago)
3:53 LMAO
cool kid with swag (20 days ago)
3:30 you can see the panels(?)
1naruto59 (20 days ago)
3:39 the face that guy makes is so over acting
Lierus Blerof (21 days ago)
Fabricated like any family law cases!
Niven (21 days ago)
This should be on the TOP of all cringeworthy videos.
Ben Wiggins (21 days ago)
About as convincing as the green screen work in Arrested Development and House of Cards.
You know if this was me i'd just throw away all my clothing and piss everywhere lmaooo
Noufal Shajahan (21 days ago)
Need better actors
Avatar Mario (21 days ago)
Funny LOL
jj Likespizza (21 days ago)
I'm confused with the 1st guy disappeared.how?
MrHooked Growtopia (21 days ago)
Is fun to be invisible u can rob a bank
Daily Click (22 days ago)
Trending in the Philippines.
Kevin Almanoche (22 days ago)
Invisible prank memes starts here😎😎😎
Mr. Angel》Oficial《 (22 days ago)
Que hijos de puta
Lorence Ceriño (22 days ago)
now jonathan is a believer😂😂
sage socks (22 days ago)
the real magic trick was getting him to eat cauliflower
ILLuminated Onxy (23 days ago)
The entire show is fake by the way. They paid some good ass actors though.
Sara Madit (23 days ago)
Jair Oppa (23 days ago)
Estube buscando este video desde hace mucho xD
Lj Lj (23 days ago)
Dito pala galing e
aria stark (23 days ago)
Netflix - racists
The Striker (23 days ago)
Fake. No matter how stupid people are.. being invisible is just impossible
mackoy zalvaje (24 days ago)
Cool men!!
Aditia Abdurachman (24 days ago)
Semburan air gak sesuai dgn yg dia kumurkan...This is trick..Just ptank
Jesse Villa (24 days ago)
who else is here from the react channel?
Lynkezah Tiarua (24 days ago)
Ohhhhhhh man😂😂😂😂
Lynkezah Tiarua (24 days ago)
Ishitha Ravella (24 days ago)
Chef yadi got me here 😂😂😂
sircharlitos (24 days ago)
It's a show about psychology, not magic.
Aljon Montanez (24 days ago)
Im confused where is mike?
Andrei Piatra (24 days ago)
This is what people pay Netflix for?!
Mr. Immposible (24 days ago)
TriRule (25 days ago)
Why do people keep saying this is fake? I fail to see how they know for certain this video is fake.
G.aliman GOhan (25 days ago)
Question: How are the victims not noticing the cameraman facing them the whole time?
Kwame Mckoy (25 days ago)
This was not entertaining...it was obvious and stupid
/RT\ (25 days ago)
I would freak out because I have a problem with a fear I have with not being seen or heard or anything

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