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Product Buildup on natural hair... is it really that serious? (Part 1 of 2)

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Pajon Gang (14 hours ago)
I just came across your Chanel and found it amazing. The type of information that you provide is great. Is your information based on testing you have done on your??
maria thomas (4 months ago)
My doll... I'm running to watch my hair now.. God sent ur videos my way right on time cause am about to takr off the braids I've been washing with dry shampoo for 2 weeks😳😳😳😳😰😁😁 ur videos are hair/life saving💞
Empty bowl Of rice (4 months ago)
You seem like such a blessing to everyone around you I just get that vibe for you God bless you
ThePookie25 (5 months ago)
Her Hair is Goals! 😍
Arhodesnow (5 months ago)
Can you please tell me what foundation you use? Your skin is gorgeous and I love how natural and luminous your skin looks in these videos! Thank you and keep up the great work!
Malia ikaika (6 months ago)
I love the imagery you use! You’re so intelligent and creative!! Thank you 🙏
GreenBeauty (6 months ago)
Malia ikaika Thank you 😊
Ms. Rae (6 months ago)
Very beautiful intelligent informative young lady. Thanks sis 👌:)
Amarachi Obikwelu (9 months ago)
So informative! Thank you!
Mia (9 months ago)
you have the best hair care videos.nowadays there is lot of ´´natural hair gurus´´ on youtube but i love how you're discussing everything that concerns with natural hair and also that you put much work in theese videos♥♥ sorry for my english
GreenBeauty (9 months ago)
Thanks Mia :-)
Ravi Seeram (10 months ago)
Great video; very informative. Could you do a video on chlorine/pool water and hair damage? I’d like to know the science behind it and how to avoid damage from pool water. Thanks!
Vinnette Pope (10 months ago)
Awesome 👏👏👏👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 information. Thank you for all your hard in reaching to bring us this information on hair care.
ים ליפשיץ (10 months ago)
I'm soon going to get natural products that I ordered (without silicone and sulfates), and I'm sure I have some buildup in my hair, before I'm gonna use the new products I want to remove this buildup by "head&shoulders" shampoo that I have (which known with a lot of sulfates), but the thing is that it have also some silicone in it, is it going to be bad? or it's okay to use it to remove my buildup?
SUGARBEAR911 (11 months ago)
An Intelligent, Beautiful, CREATIVE & A Black Woman!
Amy Campbell (1 year ago)
finee I'll wash my hair more than once every 8 weeks.
Busisa Mbele (1 year ago)
Feel so good watching this video when I've just washed my hair
Tomm Samuel (1 year ago)
washed my hair 2 days ago and I'm thinking well washing once a week is not enough after watching this
NLT4Ever #1 (1 year ago)
if you have hp hair your probably fine
kuroichan101 (1 year ago)
Ooookay. Im gonna go wash my hair. Lol I havent done so in a while cuz my scale was getting dry back to back in this weather.
Caro M. (1 year ago)
Your videos are packed with important information and your presentation is amazing! I can't believe i just descovered you now.
Meeks (1 year ago)
very informative
g ching (1 year ago)
WOW good job
shugg881 (1 year ago)
thank you!!!!! I so love your videos. wish I had this information years ago. I'm older now and hair is starting to thin. I'm trying to grow and maintain what I have. This helps so much! I can watch these videos all day long
Nothando Ncube (2 years ago)
i got to say i love watching all your videos....they are very informative and on point!!
GreenBeauty (2 years ago)
Thank You
Absalina Plaisir (2 years ago)
Is gel good for your hair?
Ann Francis (2 years ago)
yes! professional!! not to mention great hair!!!
RIP Capo😢🙏 (2 years ago)
Your animations are lit 🔥
Ocean.Peace.Waves (2 years ago)
Hi! I have question! So, I've been using the local method. But only with water and oil but mixed together. Now I recently started using my vanity shampoo scrubber as massager on damp hair to speed up the process of growth. Is this healthy or good to use? Also! My hair is shorter it's a fade? Plus! I've been using castor oil and water a lot for morn. / night routines?
India T (2 years ago)
by far the most in depth videos about hair care on youtube. your voice and presentation is perfection. YOU GO GIRL!
Alysha McElroy (1 year ago)
India Thomas
GreenBeauty (2 years ago)
Thanks Girlie :-D
goldmouth100 (2 years ago)
I literally just washed my hair yesterday...but after seeing this I wanna wash it again...lol great video
GreenBeauty (2 years ago)
aliciabrillante (2 years ago)
Absolutely incredible. I had no idea it was such a problem. Many of us black women grow up greasing our scalps and I even used to think it was necessary.
hi I love your videos but I'm new to all this can u do a video of the different types of hair like 4c like that please
GreenBeauty (2 years ago)
The information in all the videos applies to all textured hair types :-)
June Nadir (2 years ago)
Your videos are professionally on point! Factually informative! I am enjoying my binge watching. Thank you for providing videos of substance!
Lise Lise (11 months ago)
GreenBeauty (2 years ago)
Thank You :-) ... New videos coming July 21st !!
13ritalove (2 years ago)
what about urban bush babe caprina and her sister they have long hair and only wash once a month
aliciabrillante (2 years ago)
Do they cowash or water wash in between?
Abigail Asamoah (2 years ago)
I really need help. please! I just don't know what's going on with my scalp. I have crazy build up. I wash my hair with apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay then I deep condition it about once a week. then i put in my leave in cream and braid my hair. in about 3 days I will notice that I have crazy amounts of buildup on my scalp and then my hair will start getting itchy and then it'll start being painful and sensitive I want to know what I can do for it because at this point I don't know what to do
MagieNoir 💖💖 (1 year ago)
Abigail Asamoah Black soap is also alkaline so no - it will not fix your hair's pH. Use a clarifying shampoo that is properly pH (more acidic) for hair. As I Am is a line that is available in Target that is within the right pH range.
Titanium11 (2 years ago)
you're welcome :) and good luck
Titanium11 (2 years ago)
+Amera Greer i think thats what i had also. by using only clay for cleansing it threw off the ph on my scalp. clay washes are very alkaline and so is african black soap so please be careful.
Abigail Asamoah (2 years ago)
+Amera Greer thank you so much Amera! but I realized it was being caused by a yeast over run on my scalp. I just realized this last week or so. so now I need to figure out a way to get my scalp back on balance. I saw this diy African black soap on naptural85 channel that I want to give a try. hopefully this will help get my scalp back in shape. and fix my pH balance
Titanium11 (2 years ago)
this started happening to me when i went no poo last year. It got to the point where i couldnt use certain products on my hait because my scalp would be so irritated. i experienced alot of shedding also. you need to start using shampoo regualrly and condition and moisturize. if you dont cleanse your hair properly it can lead to hairloss from your follicules being clogged. the hair shedding and scalp irritation stopped when i started using shampoo again. My scalp is happy and healthy again☺.
Ircilia Inacio (2 years ago)
your skin is so pretty !!!!
Angell Greene (2 years ago)
just subscribed, great & informative videos, you are beautiful by the way. thanks for the upload:)
GreenBeauty (2 years ago)
+Angell Greene Thank You Angell :-)
shaniied (2 years ago)
ur hair is gorg in this video
Jessica Coria (2 years ago)
I love her hair and skin!
Allison (2 years ago)
Thank you. you are awesome!!
408suzan (3 years ago)
i love you, and ive only watched 4 of your videos :)
Sira Diaby (3 years ago)
Hello there how to do the hairstyle you have in this video
Organized Pen Addict (3 years ago)
Love your videos. You look beautiful.
Danette H. (3 years ago)
Very informative, well said and taught me a lesson.  You are so beautiful.  God bless you!
Shoujo Magic (3 years ago)
You are real pretty 😻👍😀
tj Tanner (4 years ago)
I usually have scalp build up. I live a very active life style of working out and so my scalp sweats and mixes with the natural oils and products on my head. it gets itchy sometimes and odors develop but I can't wash my hair twice a week. That would sabotage my style and time that I don't have to redo my hair during the week. I stick to once a week. I love the Dramatizations by the way.
tj Tanner (3 years ago)
+starlet russe My hair gets really dry and unmanageable unless I have my moisturizer product. I only use water and a leave in conditioner. Works really well for my hair. I probably should just use minimal amount.
VintageFlamingo (4 years ago)
Thank you for the information GreenBeauty. Can you pritty please answer me on How often i should wash my hair?
Wildlibra84 (4 years ago)
I use shea moisture shampoo, which is sulfate free, I feel it is just not getting the hair clean enough. I'm going to try trader joes shampoo
Lalita Murphy (4 years ago)
I LOVE your hair in this video!
Roqui Porter (4 years ago)
Great info Thanks.
sexciteke (4 years ago)
Queens Daily (4 years ago)
So often are we suppose to shampoo with non sulfate shampoo? And is it good to condition your hair evry time you  shampoo?        I enjoy your educational videos Thank you so Much!!!
Disco Pup (4 years ago)
I'm 15 so I can't do whatever I want, obviously. Anyway I stopped getting relaxers and I'm transitioning. Since I stop relaxing my hair, it gets so oily and dirty soooo fast(I think it is because I'm eating healthier and exercising). 2-4 days after wash day. My scalp is itchy and after I scratch it I can see the dirt under my fingernails. The problem is my mom always puts in hairstyles that last from 1-4 weeks. I tell her she can't do that but she says my heads too nappy to sit over and I don't know how to comb natural hair on my own since it's the first time I'm seeing it( twistouts are too complicated especially when my relaxed ends unravel). Also I can't afford to go to the salon every few days. Help!
Shalonda Mayfield (4 years ago)
Can you please explain how the Baggy Method using conditioners and stylers every night, effects your hair and scalp. Speaking on product build-up, using the Baggy Method for moisture and length retention, could have an adverse reaction causing fungus and buildup! Please Clarify. Your video's are very informative... P.S. I'm newly natural, BC after transitioning 12months to reveal my 4a-3c texture. Hydrating my hair using the Baggy Method has shown me the best results to keep the frizz at bey during wash and go styling...
MrsShakur1996 (4 years ago)
This video made me want to go and wash my hair and I just washed it yesterday
Sissy Wekesa (4 years ago)
What about the clay rinse? Is that ok? And is it okay to henna your hair??
Alaina Johnson (4 years ago)
What song is this?
Sissy Wekesa (4 years ago)
Another question. Is african black soap a good product to remove build up in place of the sulfate shampoos?
FYI_BYLO (4 years ago)
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Yes it does a great job at removing build-up but, it can be way too harsh for textured hair.
Nah (4 years ago)
Really enjoying your videos.  So glad I found your channel!!!  New Subster!  :-D P.S.  Cute hairstyle.
ohionative3131 (4 years ago)
Your channel is sooooo informative and one of the BEST I've come across in a long time!!  After 14 years of being natural, I'm still learning! You are helping so many of us. Thanks so much for your contribution. Your newest subscriber!
Ebizzill (4 years ago)
love LOVE LOOOOOOVE the haircut.... it makes your hair look even THICKER. I thought your hair looked thick already, but now its like...... woahhhhhhhhh!!! all that hair!
Utada379 (4 years ago)
Thank for you this!!! I have scalp eczema and I'm always looking for solutions to help my scalp. I was always under the assumption that I shouldn't wash my hair multiple times within a week to preserve its moisture but I'm thinking it's better to wash more often to avoid itching and oil build up. 
Rachael Love (4 years ago)
wow! very professionally done. i enjoyed it very much and your skin is so flawless.
AshleyTaraBeauty (4 years ago)
great and informative video.. btw your skin is just so beautiful and flawless looking :D
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Thank You :-)
Yaya (4 years ago)
Great video!
TheDianneMichelle (4 years ago)
I love how you explained things with animation and pictures! It made it really easy to understand.
Samantha 1 (4 years ago)
Glad you're back!  I missed all the excellent info. you provide!!!
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Thank you please share !
Vava Voom (4 years ago)
Wonderful info! And your hair looks amazing! Can you do a tutorial on that pleaaase???
Vava Voom (4 years ago)
+GreenBeautyChannel yay! Thanks in advance
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Thank you ... Will do 
meansnas (4 years ago)
I love the animated chick!! Super cute!
mdpeach (4 years ago)
So glad you're back! You truly know how to make a quality video.
Sissy Wekesa (4 years ago)
So the sulfate shampoo are ok for removing buildup right or are the sulfate free shampoo also okay?? And is co washing removing buildup? And since I wash weekly is it okay to interchange cowash and sulfate shampoo or does sulfate free shampoo do the same job removing buildup?
shewrites (2 years ago)
+Green Beauty Channel ™ This is NOT true. There are many co-washes that have cleansing agents, such as Miss Jessie's Co-wash and the Mielle Organics Co-wash. If the product is a true cowash, it will have a cleansing agent! Even then, you will still need to clarify with a shampoo or something such as Apple Cider Vinegar once a month. Of course a normal conditioner can't be used as a cowash because it only has conditioning agents and is not intended to cleanse. Ladies, please do your research, don't just believe everything you hear or see!
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Hey CC, great questions.   Yes sulfate are okay to use once in a while as a clarifying shampoo.   No, co-washing does not remove build-up, it adds to it.  If you must Co-wash, try to do it no more then once every TWO weeks  
Coco (4 years ago)
What's the song of the video please ?
prhoductive (4 years ago)
Awesome video. I love the computer visuals. Thank you. I'm going to ACV my hair right now. Btw: how often should you clarify? I use ACV - what are some other natural or green clarifiers?
ElleBella2011 (4 years ago)
Yeah!!! Another great vid from The Green Beauty Channel. Your hair looks great as always. 
PebblesLeak82 (4 years ago)
Thank u for sharing this
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Thank you ... 
Becky A. (4 years ago)
Very informative. Love the animation!
art4soul (4 years ago)
YAY Your Back!!! Very Informative video and I'm loving the 3d animation. I'm Looking forward to part 2
Simmone Ashley (4 years ago)
I really love your videos they're are so informative!..
Ricshocka Roundtree (4 years ago)
Yay! Your back....
ObesessedWithLilac (4 years ago)
Ahh long time, love your video as usual thanks for the information should defo wash my hair more often :3.
Taylor Thomas (4 years ago)
So professional an educated as always. I feel smarter listening to you talk lol
Dudegrowing NapsBlog (4 years ago)
Yaaas ! It has been worthy to wait, great vid as usual
MyBabyGirlsCurls (4 years ago)
Another great video as usual. Very informative and excellent demonstration, thanks! BTW, your hair is EVERYTHING in this video!!!!! ^_^
nkaneti (4 years ago)
I understand that people with AA hair tend to use a huge amount of products in their hair, (its why my black friends always smell so nice!)  As someone with caucasian hair, i had cornrows recently, and I was horrified at the amount of crap that had built up in my hair over the weeks, like, all that braid spraying and wax and the tightness of the braids, it was so irritable! And yet my black friends have this all the freakin time! With their weaves and braids and stuff, I don't know how they do it!
GreenBeauty (4 years ago)
Share this two part series with them ... it should help :-) 
I like how you style your hair. Did you do chunk twists or flat twists? Can you do a tutorial?
NeiceyNec (4 years ago)
Well done!
anygivenday1 (4 years ago)
Love the animations! Your videos are so well done.
firewater365 (4 years ago)
hair gorgeous..........yaaaaaaaaaah!
Callher C (4 years ago)
So i should wash my hair 2 times a week ? Is that with shampoo or without ? I have 4B hair
Iamborntopraise (4 years ago)
Awesome video! So glad you're back. Will you be addressing hard water in the next video?
brybaby141 (4 years ago)
Can't wait for part 2! :)
Amber Myriah (4 years ago)
You are beautiful !! Love your hair & skin tone !! ;()
iz2blessed (4 years ago)
Glad to see you back... patiently waiting on part 2
Qy8tstorm (4 years ago)
Great video. New subbie!
Jessica Carter (4 years ago)
OMG!! I've missed you, so glad your back! Looking forward to pt 2. The video quality of your videos just keep getting better. Thanks so much for sharing as always! Stay blessed!
Keti Cini (4 years ago)
This video is reallllyy good and I cant wait for part 2
c v (4 years ago)
What a great illustration. My dermatologist explained this same thing.
Shari Griffith (4 years ago)
Great, informative video! Good job!
AfrikanHairGod (4 years ago)
Why have I only JUST come across your channel??? I really enjoyed your video. You have a new subscriber, I look forward to seeing more from you. Be Blessed!
M Chan (4 months ago)
Mbabazi Peninah y u hating
Mbabazi Peninah (1 year ago)
AfrikanHairGod African hair God????? Watch ur back
Dudegrowing NapsBlog (4 years ago)
And make sure you catch up ! her videos are everything 
Budter65 (4 years ago)
Thank you for sharing i love your channel
HappyKeepin ItNappy (4 years ago)
Good to see you again! Great video, love the animation. :)
CruiseVille Travel (4 years ago)
Awesome video as usual... I truly learn so much from you...THANK YOU so Very Much.
CantHoldMeDownINC (4 years ago)
Hahaha....My scalp was icthin the whole time i was watchin the vid. Very informaive! Thank u!

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