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Learn HTML - Basic Structure and How To Link Pages

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In this video we learn the basic structure of an HTML file, and also, how to create hyperlinks. Check out my 9 hour web design video course: https://www.udemy.com/web-design-for-beginners-real-world-coding-in-html-css/?couponCode=YOUTUBE-HALF-OFF You can also view this lesson material in written form here: http://learnwebcode.com/how-to-create-and-save-your-first-xhtml-file-by-hand/ http://learnwebcode.com/html-attributes-and-values-how-to-create-a-hyperlink/ Have you created amazing pages with HTML & CSS and want to move them from your computer’s hard drive to online so the world can see them? The next step is to move your files to a web host. Learn about web hosts and my favorite hosting company: http://learnwebcode.com/web-hosting/ Sign up for my newsletter to receive periodic webDev tips, tricks, resources and coupons. Join the list at http://learnwebcode.com/ Follow LearnWebCode on Twitter for resources and updates: https://twitter.com/learnwebcode
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Text Comments (23)
One HTW (1 year ago)
I like how you said "repetition helps".. sometimes people forget the basics and jump straight over to the advanced stuff, only to come and relearn basics after being lost for long... cheers, do keep making great videos!
Jane sam (1 year ago)
This is way awesome than I thought. ... most people made be believe that even building a mini site is hard ... meanwhile it isn't. .. thanks dear
Ravi Prakash (1 year ago)
thanks !! for creating these videos...you are doing a great job.
i'm so glad to watch this video,thanks may God bless u
VIDEOS MIXER (2 years ago)
why windows xp?
VIDEOS MIXER (2 years ago)
VIDEOS MIXER (2 years ago)
you're a smart boy
LearnWebCode (2 years ago)
Haha, this video is super old; I use new operating systems now :) That computer was actually using Windows Vista, but the appearance / theme was set to "classic" so it looked like Windows 95/98.
westonp80 (4 years ago)
But to have this mini website actually live on the web, you need a designated server to host these pages, right?
westonp80 (4 years ago)
Awesome, thanks buddy!
Jason Blesing (4 years ago)
No, most text editors have an option to view in browser. If not, use Notepad++ for windows and textmate on mac.
ramboo arnoldd (4 years ago)
Thanks bro nice tutorial,,
Jenna Reynolds (4 years ago)
you are such a lifesaver! Everything worked :)  thank you 
Sarah Weir (5 years ago)
There's an MIT research experiment that's looking to improve the way people learn from tutorial videos-- if you check out their site http://crowdy.csail.mit.edu/play/9/, you can watch this same video but with some added features. It's free and definitely worth checking out!
Raylan Givens (5 years ago)
"Check out the big brain on Brad!" ---Jules [Pulp Fiction]
cloud van (5 years ago)
thank you so much for this tutorial it has helped me a lot
Monkeygh10 (6 years ago)
Amazing video I have learnt loads.
Peter Pope (6 years ago)
Hi! Love your video lessons and your website. they run together like a happy marriage. Thanks for the effort that you have put into the material it has really help me understand in the simplest of ways to understand this code. I have one personal question and that is your accent. Where does it come from? I would like to know as I'm doing some research for a project on voices. Many thanks PP
J'Cobby Bates (7 years ago)
thanks nice job
lenra campos costales (7 years ago)
its easy to follow the steps...i made a web page and i learn how to link...xD
Anubhav Das (7 years ago)
finalkillcams (8 years ago)
OMG Thanks
youngice604 (8 years ago)
great tutorials, you explain it well

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