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The 7 Biggest Real Life Plot Holes

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We’ve talked about real life plot twists…but what about real life plot holes? Things in the real world, or in history, that just DON’T make sense and are more ridiculous than the most far-fetched stories of fantasy or sci-fi. Here are 7 of my favorite real-world plot holes that would get any screenwriter fired. BE A PATRON: http://garrettbrobinson.com/patreon EMAIL LIST: http://garrettbrobinson.com GET MYSTIC NOW: http://bit.ly/mystic-print SIGNED BOOKS: http://garrettbrobinson.com/autographed-books OTHER CHANNELS: FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH: http://garrettbrobinson.com/twitch GARRETT’S GAMES: http://bit.ly/garrettgames VLOGANOVEL: http://bit.ly/vloganovel SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND COMMENT! GARRETT'S BOOKS: http://garrettbrobinson.com/books REBEL MERCHANDISE: http://garrettbrobinson.com/merchandise I’m on Tumblr: http://garrettbrobinson.tumblr.com/ Like on Facebook: http://facebook.com/garrettbrobinson Circle on Google+: http://plus.google.com/+GarrettRobinson/ Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/garrettrauthor
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Nikko M (11 months ago)
This is absolutely hilariouusss. I can't stop laughing!!!!!! Real life needs better writers. These plot holes are just ridiculous! Anyways I just typed in "real life plot holes" in the search box and got exactly what I wanted! This is amazing!
Dominus (2 years ago)
One last thing. I don't think the author was aware ~how~ detailed was detailed enough for its audience. It's less like lazy, more like glazing: Did the readership really want to go back? Maybe said author felt that the company had to move forward, into the future, but still get the general point across. It was not an easy call, and that has apparently not gone over well. If that's what they need for the next book, I'd advise contacting them to get it fixed.
Dominus (2 years ago)
Your take on American Education's actually spot-on from my own. Back in my college days, something was amiss when Archaeology of the Americas was inexplicably necessary study for a mathematician. Even with classical curricular choices, the definition of "requirement" is very lenient. However, I do think that suggestion and coercion are two different things, and how the US is portraying that intent was misread in their latest announcement.
Erik4xp (2 years ago)
I'm searching for plot holes in real life so plot holes in movies can be justified. Confirmation bias... but. But really... most plot holes happen just because a by stander says should... could... would... Damn I'm loosing it... need to check what is the definition of plot holes, what do people actually mean by PLOT HOLE? Edit: Seems like if i don't like a story "Plot Holes" is just a insult. On the other hand, if i like a movie, i don't care and don't mention it, because i have too much fun. Also for some fun is catching plot holes...
Himiko Toga (2 years ago)
awesome video bro!:
HypercatZ (2 years ago)
Here is something weird I noticed about real life that would be highly questionable in a movie. Expecially if it had to be taken seriously and not like a Saturday morning show: 1:A nation on a peninsula shaped exactly like a boot before boots were invented. C'mon! Who has created that map? A five years old kid? 2: And what? Inside the capital of that very country there's an entire nation? And entire nation inside the very capital of another nation? Popolated mainly by virgin men and it's one of the most powerful nations in the world without anyone questioning how is it possible? This looks like something out of an episode of The Family Guy. 3: And look at this: The size of the moon and the sun and their distance from earth are the same numbers but inverted. Talk about lazy engeneering XD
Himiko Toga (2 years ago)
lmao! this comment made me laugh my ass off
Sondra Turnbull (3 years ago)
Hahaa, this is a good one. Good choice for music embellishment.
Moraima Bruno (3 years ago)
grim scott (3 years ago)
what da freak
T Ge (3 years ago)
I've always thought that American Revolution one. I'm thinking that Americans had help from a third party...illuminati
martinwettig (3 years ago)
That episode was awesome. Make it a mini series...
S.W. BEST (4 years ago)
Lol. I love how America was "discovered."
Garrett Robinson (2 years ago)
+HypercatZ *pukes*
HypercatZ (2 years ago)
Average answer I got by asking the same to very average people:"They were not people in the civilized sense. They were like savage cavemen." Now roll your eyes with me!
S.W. BEST (4 years ago)
Lol. :)
Garrett Robinson (4 years ago)
+Simon.W. Best LOL I always hated that term. Even when I was a (dumb) teenager I was like, "Wait, how could it have been discovered if there were already people here?"
Ryan Attard (4 years ago)
Love it, awesome video Garrett. My sides hurt - the good kind of pain :)
Garrett Robinson (4 years ago)
+Ryan Attard Yay!
Simon Cantan (4 years ago)
Some of your plotholes are looking at it from the wrong angle, Garrett. Remember, coincidence can happen to hinder a good guy, just never to help. So the Native Americans, the British and Archduke Franz Ferdinand are the heroes, maybe?
Garrett Robinson (4 years ago)
+Simon Cantan This is not the deus ex machina you're looking for.
Simon Cantan (4 years ago)
+Fritz Freiheit Absolutely. Going back to Star Wars, it's awfully convenient that Luke and Obi Wan meet the only bounty hunter likely to be able to help them. Then they just happen to run into the death star, leading them to know how to defeat it. You're right that there are a lot of coincidences that can help the hero. There just has to be more hand waving to disguise the fact :)
Simon Cantan (4 years ago)
+Fritz Freiheit It is, in a way, but the hero has to use their ingenuity to get out of trouble. However, coincidence can always get them into trouble. For instance, the droids finding Luke Skywalker is a coincidence. After all, what are the chances of them running into him? But that gets him into trouble. However, if a battle droid had turned up during his lightsaber battle with Darth Vader and shot Vader, that would have been a coincidence helping him and no one would have bought it :)
Positive Improvement (4 years ago)
Dinosaurs: I'd actually just call that really creative writing. Makes logical sense. Plot holes are supposed to make no sense. Native Americans: Great tragic writing. Makes perfect sense. The American Revolution: Great underdog story. Makes sense if you include more detail (such as the British not actually committing their full force and being overconfident).
Josh Pearson (4 years ago)
You should do more videos like these. Definitely your best.
Mary Duke (4 years ago)
Alex Pedro (4 years ago)
Truth is stranger than fiction. You'd never let these things go if they were in a book. Like NEVER. It's kind of amusing.
Rosie Reast (4 years ago)
As Steven King says in the book Lisey's story "Real life is Ralph". Great post very enjoyable.

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