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Lilly Wood & the Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C (Vêstige Cover)

1925 ratings | 188795 views
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Text Comments (82)
Néria Maria (3 days ago)
👏 👏👏👏👏👏💕 Maravilhoso
Mr HND (6 months ago)
your voice is awesome
Li Rivera Llerena (9 months ago)
James Eugene Nobora (9 months ago)
Tommy Vercetti (1 year ago)
Tulegenov_art (2 years ago)
Tutto Sport (2 years ago)
The Best cover!!!!
rex1164ccm (2 years ago)
Кирилл (2 years ago)
Jrip Productions (2 years ago)
you guys still active?
Vêstige (2 years ago)
yes :)
TRUTHER the LIAR (2 years ago)
I know I'm a little late but awesome cover better then the others I've heard, thumbs up to you
Safaa Channel (3 years ago)
The best cover !
Kim König (3 years ago)
mega geil so toll geworden ♥♥♥
Gonzalo. Bahamonde (3 years ago)
Podrias pasar la tablatura de las guitarras. Por favor?, GRACIAS! :D
Elie Bertrand (3 years ago)
So cool ! You guys did a cool job !! I really enjoyed this video ! I look forward for more ! :)
Jessica H (3 years ago)
LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
UnicornLove TheseNutts (3 years ago)
loved it !
anan phonphutthakun (3 years ago)
i love your voice
panagos kastrinis (3 years ago)
I LOVE THIS COVER..I guess its better than original!
Fino Prasetya (3 years ago)
+panagos kastrinis thats what im thinking
FazzaCro (3 years ago)
Dobar sounddd !
20DoseOver (3 years ago)
i think this is the best cover of this song.
Van Roch (3 years ago)
That's dope! ;) Great!
Fanny Williams (4 years ago)
Super gooddddddd
Nice cover guys!!
Ajay Mahar (4 years ago)
Great cover and Nice voice.. :)
Eli Contreras (4 years ago)
Me vuelve loca este cover!! Son unos genios! :3
Said bouhoch (4 years ago)
marcin g. (4 years ago)
Great coverr
Elyna Dhn (4 years ago)
Omg.. Ur Voice ... Perfect
specnaz3214 (3 years ago)
+Madame zayna do u like this?
specnaz3214 (4 years ago)
Ребятки чистокровные хопстеры. кто "за" ставим лойс.)
Adell Schneider (4 years ago)
Perfect !
Krissy Rivard (4 years ago)
This is good, and the guy on bass... Damn!
Pablo Pico (4 years ago)
Muy buena versión! me gusta!
Thiago Ardohain (4 years ago)
Thiago Ardohain (4 years ago)
Great job!!! I like a lot
Debbie Gulliver (3 years ago)
Hadley Butler (4 years ago)
Absolutly amazing ladz! Can i use this in a showreel??
Silvie Smardova (4 years ago)
love this version... :) just GREAT ! =) 
Slovenský Kritik (4 years ago)
Jj dobre urobene :)
BenNiie PWz (4 years ago)
wow! Good cover
Remy Engelmann (4 years ago)
la meilleure version de loin
Mario Perez (4 years ago)
is think is the best cover :D es el mejor cover :D
Adam Luis (4 years ago)
It's really gr8 :)
Elina Akhmedova (4 years ago)
Sara Fdez-Giro (4 years ago)
It´s really good cover!!! I love it! ;)
Nathan (4 years ago)
the keyboard is what makes me get moist to this lol nice
M.A.M M (4 years ago)
very good!!
Kripz (4 years ago)
best cover of this song ;)
Melanie Pinky Blossom (5 months ago)
reelika vaino (4 years ago)
i love i :D you and youre friend is so good :D nice :P
Daniel Leeds (4 years ago)
Awesome cover! (:
sugarxbunny (4 years ago)
.rzr (4 years ago)
Great cover! I love your voice.
Roxane B (4 years ago)
Good voice !
The best cover of this song ! thx guys !
Gray wolf (4 years ago)
Léa Michaud (4 years ago)
This is just perfect
ShiftyGOL (4 years ago)
Try it at 1.25 speed. :)
guillaume valette (4 years ago)
Just amazing
Kevin Rey (4 years ago)
Great cover
Stephen Ducay (4 years ago)
you two, deserve more likes
laraalicia07 (4 years ago)
Domino (4 years ago)
Very good, yay! lol 
utakcaline (4 years ago)
love this cover! yeahhhhhhh
János Farkas (4 years ago)
The very far from perfect. Anyway, not bad.
João Sousa (4 years ago)
How is possible this video had only 6000 views? The best cover of prayer in c with a very good quality!
Pope Josh VII (2 years ago)
Pas mal les guys ! Bonne version "cover" du titre original et de la reprise de Schultz :)
Marion alcaydé (4 years ago)
love love love !
Sandy Mrb (4 years ago)
You're amazing, I love your video! You deserve more subscribers. 👍
LovelyLea (4 years ago)
can I use it for my next Video please? I would link you in the Infobox ;) :)
LovelyLea (4 years ago)
thank you very much :) I love your Video! :))) I will link you in the video too ;)
Vêstige (4 years ago)
yes of course ;-)
iKodry Special (4 years ago)
Perfect :o
Remy Engelmann (4 years ago)
super version
John Robert Wilkinson (4 years ago)
nice one
Soulbound (4 years ago)
Es ist supergeil, supergeil Richtig supergeil, supergeil

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