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Women BFFs See Each Other Naked For The First Time

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Text Comments (13375)
Kayahan Tasasiz (19 hours ago)
I was hoping there wasn‘t a Boys Version of this.... but there is... And i can‘t believe i‘m going to watch it
Cameron Gray (19 hours ago)
Nip slip at 2:51
Lakshay Singhal (22 hours ago)
Give us also
The Aussie Cumquat (1 day ago)
This whole video is such a tease
Luka Sullivan (1 day ago)
This is so weird
Juan Suarez Anzorena (2 days ago)
Can someone post this on pornhub without the censor plz lmao
:: SBK :: (2 days ago)
I have been naked and seen a naked friend !! We were getting ready for a party!!😜🌈🌈✌️😂🙈
Llama Lover (3 days ago)
Why TF is this in my recommended?!
Miguel Peraza (3 days ago)
Please stop these girls pronto ! We dont want them to get more curious , otherwise they mite get the idea 2 buy a flashlite and a speculum......🐒
Miguel Peraza (3 days ago)
Will they go shopping 4 dildos right after ? Then they' ll return them cause they've never seen one?
Miguel Peraza (3 days ago)
How much is membership?
DoubleM (3 days ago)
Kerrari YT (3 days ago)
At 1:46 When they said “do you want to see my butt?” Did they spread their cheeks and show each others assholes? 😂
Kerrari YT (3 days ago)
At 1:46 When they said “do you want to see my butt?” Did they spread their cheeks and show each others assholes? ._.
*Thia is OK until it leads to a carpet munching contest*
Abderrahmen Mourou (4 days ago)
Ok now hug each other and kiss and then scissor your sandwiches together
Tashfia Animates (4 days ago)
2nd grade to 4th grade. In swimming class everyone saw eachother naked also the teachers (which were females obviously)
Supreme Patty (5 days ago)
Plz I’m desperate for 50 likes
Lily Maie (5 days ago)
There really shouldn’t be anything weird about it
Prasun Guragain (6 days ago)
Excuse me, sir or madam, the red thing is in the way. Please remove that and post this vid again.
Sammy Casey (6 days ago)
What makes a great vagina?
lena van der kooi (7 days ago)
Wait, if they are bestfriends, why haven’t they seen eachother naked lol of i just have weird friendships idk
lena van der kooi (3 days ago)
Jade Butterfield whut, wow
Jade Butterfield (3 days ago)
lena van der kooi me and my bestie of 20 years haven't ever seen each other naked... help
Vice Rock (9 days ago)
Every nice guy in the world : I should show it to my bestie 😂
get exposed (9 days ago)
who tf thought of this.
Oldham (10 days ago)
That's a great vagina.
gluband (10 days ago)
I don't want to see my best friend naked. Period.
Avery Spotswood (11 days ago)
Im amazed how chill and cool they are with this.
Travis Schaeffer (11 days ago)
Indira Raman Upadhyay (11 days ago)
I also want to see
Piyush Sharma (12 days ago)
I have a female bestie i also want to try this
OrderOfMacedon (12 days ago)
Okay, time to clear my history.
JD (12 days ago)
I think it’s weird that I live by like a dozen waxing salons...that’s a strange industry—remove my hair and even though you don’t have a degree stare at my vag or penis. Not to mention I live in an area of town that has many young college people...local yelp search my help find your next place to live. Just search waxing salon and sure enough it’s also the hip part of town. Lol
lili (13 days ago)
the girl on the right at 1:57 is soo sweet & chill. i need a friend like her.
Thank you (13 days ago)
now this is content
sukesh Kasala (13 days ago)
I bet one of those couple got laid
KidsZone (13 days ago)
Noo one cares
CREDS MIND (14 days ago)
NemoMaciasTV (14 days ago)
this made me wanna become a tranny
Terry Bruce (14 days ago)
This is the direction of feminism.
cupcake queen yt (14 days ago)
This is on my recomenned i will be grounded if my mother saw this
*k* (14 days ago)
I didn’t think this was possible because my best friend and I are just this comfortable all the time lmao
Tiago Dantas (15 days ago)
Tf am i watching at 1 am
Mina Al Bidani (15 days ago)
How have you not seen each other naked?
Shafat06 XD (15 days ago)
Eww lesbians
Oakley Earl (15 days ago)
Do it again with guys
QueenOf YouTube (16 days ago)
Luke Ferraro (16 days ago)
I think I need to see the uncensored vid to really get it. You know the message and stuff
Will Farncombe (17 days ago)
They're all buzz feed twinks... gtfo
Zoe Ball (17 days ago)
Lose Win (17 days ago)
0:35 So? Are you -GAY?- lesbian?
Lose Win (17 days ago)
What's the point?
Smarzig FA (18 days ago)
Omfg the last two lines😂😂
Fletcher Castoria (18 days ago)
This is cute.
Ashika Dahal (19 days ago)
Sarah Åkesson (19 days ago)
Idk but being naked in front of my BFF is normal for me, like if we go to party,buy clothes or change into bikini for swimming we go naked in front of each other
Dear videos please spare me on 2019 😂
al capone (21 days ago)
I wanna see kelsey naked
Dave Watt (22 days ago)
Do you want to put our butts together? Sounds like a trick question to me! So cool everyone had confidence and seemed pretty comfortable.
Laura Enberg (22 days ago)
In finland that's normal to see other's naked when there are saunas 😑 I have seen all of my friends naked and never was that suprised 🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess is normal in finland 😅.
Joel Robert (22 days ago)
I can't comment cause I COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING !!
barabas1037 (23 days ago)
Not fair!
Oh man I wanted to see some boobies
Gourav Adhikary (24 days ago)
Allow me to be the towel holder.....☺️☺️
KKK (24 days ago)
That's lesbian
Neena Dinesan (24 days ago)
Omg the camera man is having fun
My friends (that i used to have) saw each other naked all the time lmao. I'd even make dirty jokes because I'm a gayass pervert and my lesbian just pops out lol
Roy Melendez (25 days ago)
Why cover
Garrett Hendricks (25 days ago)
Who comes up with the ideas to do the theese things? I’m sure they prolly don’t and how does this pop up in my recommended.
Ibrahim sultan khan (25 days ago)
Yvngjxey (26 days ago)
I wanna do this
Deadpool Rocks (26 days ago)
Whats the point of this video if we can't see them naked
Niko 2064 (26 days ago)
If you're gonna have naked women, at least show us their parts!
Adaline Bloomfield (25 days ago)
That is disgusting
Chiara (27 days ago)
*I ship them and love Michelle* 😍❤ 2:07
Veera SBK (28 days ago)
Other way to increase lesbians count 👌👌
Sean Hales (28 days ago)
Ok now start licking
Alissa Maharani (28 days ago)
Kasi. Aku film. Isaplolo. Dantele.
Cerys Winchester (29 days ago)
2:03 😂
Daniel Young (29 days ago)
You will never ever ever ever ever see two male friends saying because we're friends we need to see each other at least once naked this has to be a woman thing
Jeff Foster (30 days ago)
It would be nice to see a nipple or something.
Naveen Kumawat (30 days ago)
why are we not allowed to see them naked
Slyperior (30 days ago)
1:48 what did she slap?
Mike Hunter (30 days ago)
Aww you ruined it by blocking out the good
Phantom Warrior (30 days ago)
would be more interesting if the audience got to see the details.
William Holt (30 days ago)
o come on I can't comment without a visual
Anthony Dannucci (30 days ago)
They all look hot I’d hit em
Ramón Guillermo (30 days ago)
bruh you can see her whole boob at 2:51
z Kefla (1 month ago)
engrtun (1 month ago)
Thanks for recommending this to me lol
Katie Hoyt (1 month ago)
hey buzzfeed.... quick question. why?
Katie Hoyt (1 month ago)
hey buzzfeed.... quick question. why?
Jose Miguel Jose (1 month ago)
sho. the. boobs
Time to delete my search history... 🙃🙃🙃
Brenda Phillips (1 month ago)
More naked
Anabelina Eddleman (1 month ago)
Noo nop nop nop nop nop
Nelson S (1 month ago)
its fokin DISTUSTANG
jada schoppe (1 month ago)
girl what is this
Shadana Williams (1 month ago)
I wish I could do that with my friends but I to shy to even ask like what would they say
Rosegenevieve 00 (1 month ago)
“I want curves like Claudia has” how I feel around my friends
black Mercury (1 month ago)
Weird flex but ok

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