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Skyrim Mages Guild BUT we use magic to sleep with people!

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Skyrim Mages Guild (Amorous Mods Funny Moments) ► Download War Robots: http://spons.org/ESO ● ESO Apparel: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/eso?view=all ● Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ESO ► RELATED GUIDES • More Funny Skyrim adventures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkA30g7Pigs&index=4&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi7kDYdbkz9dg2oEsLBR00Nu&t=4s • All Secret Weapon Locations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4kHzokDpw4&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi67CNAAIBchLnxqa6GULh83 • Hidden Locations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PelYPhCwvEI&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi44tdVGfRtFPNurmCJLsSD9 • Skyrim Builds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pm8EkeQ8WE&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi6eBp-snHUHg2dgtes3XZ7H ► SOCIAL MEDIA • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESOSquad/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ESO_Danny?lang=en • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eso_danny/ • My Recording Setup: https://kit.com/ESO • Discord: https://discord.gg/eso • Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eso_plays ► DISCOUNT GAMES • Elder Scrolls Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/all-skyrim-games • Fallout Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/fallout-games ► CREDITS: A Special Thanks to my Patron supporters: Joseph, Anastasia, Seven Fangs, Anna, Stefan, Thomas, LaterTazor ------------------------------------
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Text Comments (1076)
Thanks for the support guys: you can download War Robots Here: http://spons.org/ESO
This is God (2 months ago)
ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides what, no ghost sex.....what!!!!
Tawny Owl (2 months ago)
UnPreDicT (3 months ago)
Can you post your mod list?
VictoriumStudios 78 (3 months ago)
ESO what is the name for the Winterhold Mod and Graphic mod and is it for XBOX ONE. If not do you know any alternatives? Please Respond to my question.
am i patrick_ (3 months ago)
christopher mills (10 hours ago)
.... my gosh who wrote that
louis moore (6 days ago)
Jack Nauman (8 days ago)
None of this just pretty much “hey have sex with me” this dude is saying would ever work in real life lol
Jack Nauman (8 days ago)
When i say this dude i mean the dragonborn not ESO
wolf666 min (9 days ago)
So so cringy 🤣🤣
Youre such a virgin its hilarious!
AlienInDisguise (13 days ago)
I swear .....the person that made this mod has never been in a relationship.....
TraderOfGods GT (13 days ago)
can't find the link for mods
Adrian Banda (14 days ago)
YEETsquadYEET (22 days ago)
what mod do you use
Silent Gamers (27 days ago)
I like how he said he would put all the mods in the description and yet there are none....
Beebus Biscuits (27 days ago)
What ever graphics mod he has installed it looks amazing
Nick Phillips (27 days ago)
It's not necessarily once you start recording that you're attacked by a dragon, Winterhold is just cursed, I tell you! No joke 3/5 times I go there, there's a dragon.
Wyatt Podschun (28 days ago)
Please tell me how long it took you to explore the whole map???
Angel Mitchell (29 days ago)
night smith (1 month ago)
My Lydia died :`,(
willyam mak (1 month ago)
I don’t mind if u put more ads, just don’t too much
Magnus Truesdale (1 month ago)
It’s so popular because... Just admit it, we’re all pervs
Day Loya (1 month ago)
I'm at a lost for words
Arpit Patel (1 month ago)
Check out MajorSlackAttack, he made an amazing build on legendary difficulty that is OP. (it does NOT use windshear and mehrunes razor)
Arpit Patel (1 month ago)
You can take the full brunt of a legendary difficulty dragon's attack if you have "resist" enchantments on your gear. You can cap it out as far as i remember. Taking cover is not the only way :P. It is the pussies' way tho xD
victor bruun (1 month ago)
Well they are wizards... https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/30-year-old-virgin-wizard
Miguel Pinheiro (1 month ago)
Aleister Crowley?
lig mi cabals (1 month ago)
And that's were babies come from
lig mi cabals (1 month ago)
Finally what magic should be used for
Winn (1 month ago)
where tf is the mod list he said would be in the description
Jarl Baalgruf (1 month ago)
WHO DO YA THINK (9 days ago)
Irileth might be around, careful Balgruuf
Omar Cardenas (1 month ago)
Sex magic is real. Its called viagra
Icicle The arctic fox (1 month ago)
Mirabelle is not impressed
Ivy Bigham (1 month ago)
NO WAR BOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucas Currah (2 months ago)
When you find a great sword on a dragon 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 did somebody throw it at him???
NIGHTMARES HELL (2 months ago)
Hey do you have Xbox one if so what's your gamertag
Mashrur Wahid (2 months ago)
Fuck *NoT Lore Friendly*
oot link boi (2 months ago)
What was the armour Ur character was wearing at the start
oot link boi (2 months ago)
Downloaded war robots
John Marston (2 months ago)
Is this a mod
Ali Abdullah Chachou (2 months ago)
Category : missionary.
Bioducks (2 months ago)
Is this mod on PS4 asking for a friend
Veeti Niemi (2 months ago)
dude its fantasy game, but holy fk its so fantastic
Abelardo Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Ad friendly ?
I have war robots and I am level 20
Piko (2 months ago)
Your skyrim looks way to realistic to me.. lol
S g (2 months ago)
Marinus van Zyl (2 months ago)
22:53. Just like a real ex? XD XD XD
Camila Ribeiras (2 months ago)
"Who wrote this?" I wish I knew too, I wish I knew too XD
M Money (2 months ago)
Nice to see people are still playing Skyrim. I still play Skyrim and Fallout 3/4. It’s hard allocating time for each game.
Faris Iqmal (2 months ago)
how do you keep your entire mods in sync? D: . it always crashes when i put some physics mods.
oss creepy (2 months ago)
should have named the spell the Cosby
iamihop (2 months ago)
This video helped me understand how there are people who never manage to have sex. Who wrote this? Who wants to play this?
Covex (2 months ago)
Rape Magic........
kevin mole (2 months ago)
what is this some guy having a wet dream over a video game get a life mate
Gregory Fenn (2 months ago)
Who does the voice acting for these mods? They are actually better than the normal vanilla Skyrim
Player1103 (2 months ago)
wtf am i watching ?
Matheus Matos (2 months ago)
basically a lore of a porn movie
Deltaspace Shadowedge (2 months ago)
Hello ESO, how are you today?
Hablo Verdi (2 months ago)
I was disappointed that you couldn't have children in this game. (Like in Fable) It would remind the player about something that's worth fighting for.
Cer3aleater (2 months ago)
I got curious after purchasing a house there was an option to furnish a child's room and found https://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Adoption its not biological children but not sure that matters =)
Dakoata Johnson (2 months ago)
I saw there was a new vid and clicked it without looking at the title. 12 mins in and it sounds like a bad fanfiction.
Kuromi Darklord (2 months ago)
1:40 the biggest question is why you don't have SKYUI.
machinech (2 months ago)
Only thing more cringy then the mod is ESO's reactions.
Vincent Lieu (2 months ago)
Any info on that backpack?
Michael Russ (2 months ago)
Aw.. Eso. Time to get a real job. Welcome to adulthood, lol
Bassibasukki (2 months ago)
Better love story than twilight
Thiago R. Silva (2 months ago)
This mod was written by a child huh? It showed potential at first :/
Fathul Ramadhan (2 months ago)
Mirabelle talk so mysterious 😂😂😂
Omid Abd (2 months ago)
Stop it son fir the sake of channel
The Darkness (2 months ago)
Eyyy, someone finally conjured up a fucking hammer and fixed the bridge, mostly.
White Wolf 567 (2 months ago)
When I watched the part where the dragon attacked, a dragon actually attacked me while I was playing.
Dan Druff (2 months ago)
Oblivion hath no fury like a spectral woman scorn XD
damian ritter (2 months ago)
In all honesty sex magic is real
Jedidr (2 months ago)
Hmmm 🤔 *looks around* well why did I click on this? *clears search history*
James Gaskill (2 months ago)
Hahaha virgin made this quest line I'm sure
Die-Is- Gain (2 months ago)
That's called the OTO formed by Aliester Crowley. This "game" is full of Satanism. Ill be doing an Expose' soon.
Citedrapier37 (2 months ago)
Can you make a mod list of all mods you have
Ethan Miller (2 months ago)
Who is that in the thumbnail?!
king foxight (2 months ago)
Adam Davenport (2 months ago)
The perfect ending would have been Mirabelle finding you at the end. Like she jumps off the bridge in the background towards you or pops out of the water and attacks you. I was waiting for it. 😆
Zeracity (2 months ago)
You look like a younger version of the instructor from "Fake Driving School"
C0NQU3ST (2 months ago)
Tyler Fleck (2 months ago)
Where is this mythical "mod list" that I am hearing about?
Tyler Fleck (2 months ago)
So is he playing on the special edition or vanilla (hah) skyrim?
Juvi Disciple (2 months ago)
ur suck
Tom Fladi (2 months ago)
Claire Armstrong (3 months ago)
See me name mod on ps4
Meowmur (3 months ago)
Mod list?
Christopher Bradley (3 months ago)
Where that mod list at?
Beemer (3 months ago)
So this wasn't actually made by the devs, it was made by a mod dev... Explains the horrible dialogue.
ken mckay (3 months ago)
dude I want a back pack!!!!
uncleweirdbeard (3 months ago)
I see a lot of content creators getting sponsored by War Robots. I played the game and while it was fun at first, if you are the type to experiment with things, you can fall behind quickly. if they would add an option to start all over with anything that you purchased with actual money still obtained, I would be really great. I might actually start playing it again. Since I'm getting tired of seeing all these people sponsored by this game, I'm going to go elsewhere, you know that place where j'zargo stays when he's not in the world
Julius Hutchinson (3 months ago)
You should try your sex magic on your girlfriend
My mans got a boner
Volgs By trey (3 months ago)
What the mod😂😂
Easy HQ (3 months ago)
Is this a mod
Kristine Davis (3 months ago)
ESO you look like the youtuber Isaac Butterfield, lol
PorcupineFeet (3 months ago)
What's the Armor you are wearing at 23:32?
whaliien. (3 months ago)
what do u use to play and on what? do u use a specific controller? my 360 controller isnt this smooth
EclipseZero (3 months ago)
what is the mod he is referring to?
Humpydumpf (3 months ago)
You should have tried to lay down in the bed when she does the spell? Who knows, could have been more to this cringy mod :). LOL @ "Lydia kill her out of jealousy"!
dark dead holy demon (3 months ago)
It's not magic it's rape.
Brian T (3 months ago)
iv seen enough subbing bro
Makishimu Kanna (3 months ago)
I need this magic. :3

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