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Can Short Guys Get Hot Girls? [SHOCKING Street Interview]

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►Get Your Copy of My New Book - NUT - Efficient Dating For Men FREE for a LIMITED TIME: http://LetsGetGirls.com/Nut NUT - Efficient Dating For Men, is your guide on learning how to get laid today. The principles in the book will teach you how to bust a nut whenever you want without having to do it alone. In this video we go infield to find out if short guys can get hot girls! You will find out the answers to know if short guys can get a girlfriend and if most women are interested in dating shorter men! ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ ►Subscribe to LetsGetGirls. Click here: http://bit.ly/1TuYzHm ►Transform into a naturally charismatic man in weeks: http://LetsGetGirls.com/Natural-Transformations ►For coaching inquires: http://www.letsgetgirls.com/bootcamps/ ►Connect with us! Join our Facebook Community: https://facebook.com/groups/LetsGetGirls For 1 ON 1 CONSULTING - Follow/Contact: ►http://Facebook.com/swaguiar ►http://Instagram.com/drunkjustin ►Snapchat: SexxyJustin
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Text Comments (122)
Nitish Ranjan (5 days ago)
yes...short guys can get hot girls...im 5.7 from india...and I've dated many hot girls 😎
Negus Nagasty (1 month ago)
Daniel Radclife , Elijah Wood, Bruno Mars , Zac Effron , Tom Cruise,Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West , Usher, ....are short, yeah of course these girls would say to them that they don't date short dude
Tsukiakari (23 days ago)
But it's kind of stupid that you need to be "famous" and "rich" to be just considered as a potential partner, whereas a tall guy can be poor, unintelligent and rude and he still will be "hot" to women.
Roo N (1 month ago)
girl the the white shirt and red thing on her head is fucking hot
LetsGetGirls (1 month ago)
She was really nice
Gino Miami (1 month ago)
I am 5.7 from Florida, still single cause of my height. Since I 've seen this video, I think I will move to Sweden.
vivalasexy (3 days ago)
+Gino Miami I think you'll find majority of girls have a preference for guys around 6 ft but are happy with a guy similar to their height or slightly taller. Not trying to be a dick but it's easy to make excuses. 5'7 isn't nearly short enough to be using as a reason for being single
Gino Miami (3 days ago)
+vivalasexy Check when youtubers ask does height matter in the U.S??? Watch the videos then you will change your view on American chicks. All of them wants 6'3 above. Once I go overseas I don't see that problem.
vivalasexy (3 days ago)
+Gino Miami I'm 5'8 and I do very well with American girls. Although I am Australian so it makes it too easy haha. 5'7 isn't short enough for you to have problems with girls. The problem aint your height mate
Gino Miami (3 days ago)
+MR Bolo Yes, I am 5.7. Men in the U.S are tall especially African Americans 6.5. Most my friends are more 6.2. American girls are obsessed with tall men. When I travel overseas, I get girls in a blink of an eye.
MR Bolo (3 days ago)
Are u sure your 5’7 ??
A one legged man (1 month ago)
wow, these girls are too bigheaded
A one legged man (1 month ago)
Parth Barde (1 month ago)
im indian 15 year old and my height is just 5'2
surya vikas (1 month ago)
so? wait till u hit puberty kid lol
Pretty Sure (1 month ago)
Is it just me or the quality of women in this video is insanely high compared to the average woman in the states
LetsGetGirls (1 month ago)
We went hunting for quality
Pretty Sure (1 month ago)
Moving to stockholm lol
Stoihiomenos (1 month ago)
The women in this video are virtue signaling but in the end they tell the truth when they are closing with "but not me". Short men can get "hot" girlfriends BUT NOT in Sweden. Women in Sweden REALLY like tall men and the hit you get in dating if you are under 5'9 is enormous. Dating a short man is seen as dating down. And tallness is really easy to find in Sweden. Looks in Sweden are everything. There is no way for a short man to redeem himself in Sweden. You can not really make a lot of money in Sweden but even if you do women will still take your money through the heavy taxation and still be with their tall boyfriends. Personality does not mean a thing in Sweden, almost all Swedes have more or less the same empty superficial antisocial personality, they exercise and they travel to places where they can burn themselves under the sun and get drunk. If you are an educated short man that thinks about moving to Sweden because of the myth or if you are a short man thinking about studying in Sweden you have been warned... Don't buy into the virtue signaling and the "equality" BS of the Swedes. Equality in Sweden is only about advancing the possibilities that women have, it has no real ideological background that would even benefit most men or society as a whole.
rough use (2 months ago)
I'm 5.7 still haven't got one
LetsGetGirls (2 months ago)
It's cause your game is shit
rough use (2 months ago)
not in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 n India
Saurabh Singh (2 months ago)
i'm also short 5'8 only
B BEATS (2 months ago)
I'm 6Feet2 still single but My friend is 5feet5 he is very attractive he dated bunch of girls
Patrick Bejjani (1 month ago)
So short guys (under 5'8 )have to look like a Calving Klein underwear model.
Unknown User (2 months ago)
How tall is he?
Mohieddine (1 month ago)
5 foot 4
Minority ENT (2 months ago)
asked this same question in Dallas, TX. check out channel for video. You wont believe the answers we got from drunk Dallas chicks
Adam Barran (2 months ago)
Hit him up Sarah!😂😂
Platinum Alchemist (3 months ago)
Are you gay right?
Ashoka Kumara (3 months ago)
hey justin short or tall doesn't matter you become international Hero not because your channel you have little look like tamil actor danush but you even hot than him
Dhanush Kumar (3 months ago)
Bro do tan guys get hot girls?
surya vikas (1 month ago)
ORPHN Music (3 months ago)
I'm 5"4 to 5"5 and never had any problems; actually now that I think about it I never had a girlfriend shorter than me max. same size or taller. I even dated a girl that was a head taller than me for like a year.
vivalasexy (18 days ago)
Respect. I don't think i could be with a girl more than 2-3 inches taller than me but that's just bullshit ego stuff
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Cause you got game ;)
Kamran S.Khan (3 months ago)
why girls have more high demands and attitude compare to guys??
JustGotALife (3 months ago)
What are you talking about??!!
Mikhan Khan (3 months ago)
Bro ....plz don't feel bad but I want to say try to get more weight and ho to gym ...
Ameya K (3 months ago)
I'm 5'8. Am I short?
Tomas Horst (1 month ago)
Getting in shape isn't nearly as difficult as I thought it was. It's actually pretty simple, but it's not easy. You can get in killer shape by working out 3 times a week for an hour, eating relatively balanced and sleeping enough. But most people just don't want to put in the effort.
A one legged man (1 month ago)
is it a s simple as 'just get buff'
Tomas Horst (2 months ago)
Or actually if you do that you'll look better than 90% of guys out there automatically.
Tomas Horst (2 months ago)
Nah you're in the range where it's not really a problem. Just get buff and get a good haircut and it won't matter for most girls.
Pratik Gohil (3 months ago)
You mentioned sara in another video too
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Very common European name lol
Kowalski (3 months ago)
Its not all about height, face is the most important thing for women, height means nothing if you have an ugly face, a short guy with a handsome face will get more girls than a tall guy with an ugly face, but at the end of the day I would say that women want the whole package , tall, handsome, with a good body and big dick, they are shallow as fuck and always will be.
I do random stuff (3 months ago)
Fugg. You gave me a hope.
Mohana Vignesh (3 months ago)
Justin, do you check out girls you approach (like their booty)? Does this decrease the amount of value we give them?
Simranjeet Singh (3 months ago)
Awesome video bro love you.
Charles Holmes (3 months ago)
How tall are you ?
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
5 ft 4
Visakh 05 (3 months ago)
How tall are you in cm?
+LetsGetGirls oh shit I suddenly feel way taller
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
160 cm
Ashley (3 months ago)
My man Justin ! Hello from Australia !
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
How ya goin Ashley
GballerG xD (3 months ago)
İs 5,6-5,7 short?
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Jamie Lannister (3 months ago)
Remember guys, these responses would be A LOT different in the United States.
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Nah Jamie they wouldn’t be that different. Go out and pickup girls and actually try yourself. Girls don’t care if you’re short just don’t be weird. Even if it were true (which it isn’t), height isn’t something you can change so there’s no point in crying about it
Nick Papillon (3 months ago)
Short guys can get hot girls if they approach a lot and have good game. It's possible just ten times harder.
Rick B. (18 days ago)
+LetsGetGirls no you don't need to learn anything or "game"... how about be yourself and get girls?!?! I have a gf and I think i am boring as hell... but she doesn't think so... meh.
Patrick Bejjani (1 month ago)
What do you mean by short? Shorter than the chick or shorter than the average male height?
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Nick Papillon or make it easy and learn game
ruc123 (3 months ago)
Sara is beautiful
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
She was our favourite
OS C (3 months ago)
I think you should do more videos like this.
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
OS C we will :)
GoblinLion02 (3 months ago)
I'm 5'3 and Swedish#MidgetVikingLife
rishikesh kharat (2 months ago)
+GoblinLion02 thats Sarcasm😂😂😂
GoblinLion02 (3 months ago)
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
haha your ancestors got lucky
Souradeep Kundu (3 months ago)
In next 2 years he is going to get 540,000 subscribers🤗🤗🤗🤗
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
very specific but I'll take your word for it :)
Anders Magnusson (3 months ago)
No, I don't believe it's true. You are walking on your knees😋
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Cole 999 (3 months ago)
Shoutout to 5’4 guys
HeyWinn (30 days ago)
Hell yeah
Parth Barde (1 month ago)
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Oussama Elhojra (3 months ago)
Blue pilled guy
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
I feel anyone who has seen enough shit can completely agree that redpill theory is closer to reality, it's just way too fucking dark
Oussama Elhojra (3 months ago)
Whatever makes u happy just be happy
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
haha I would say I'm somewhere in the middle, like purple
Ashish Bali (3 months ago)
Great video dude. Waiting for the online course 🔥
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
LetsGetGirls.com/Natural-Transformations is our online program that will help you transform into a naturally charismatic man that women are attracted to!
jaisal Malhotra (3 months ago)
You are fucking awesome ❤️🎈
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Ameya K (3 months ago)
I know you're not Indian. I wonder why you're confused for one.
Ameya K (3 months ago)
LetsGetGirls lol, wait what? Are you? Just wanted to make a general comment 😂
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
😂 what the fuck
MapleJokerRofl (3 months ago)
Poor 3:07 trying so hard
michael scofild (3 months ago)
justin trying hard, you mean?
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
She was interesting
OS C (3 months ago)
u dont look short in this video lol. how tall r u? 5'6?
vendetta (15 hours ago)
+Danyo bro ikr, im like 5ft9 but he feels taller than me lmao
K Michael (3 months ago)
That's crazy you look at least 5"9 or just not 5"4. I'm 6"1 and just thinking about how much of a giant I will look If I was in this video
Danyo (3 months ago)
LetsGetGirls no way, I thought you were taller than me.
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Darryl Gaulbert (3 months ago)
Awesome video Justin
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching :)
Jay16 28 (3 months ago)
How tall r u????
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
5 ft 4
Jack Napier (3 months ago)
Justin, where that interview took place❔
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Jack Napier (3 months ago)
3:13 Nice❕ LMAO
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
prettyboyjones (3 months ago)
how long are you justin?!
Auston Matthews (3 months ago)
LetsGetGirls That’s impossible you’re Indian
a amini (3 months ago)
His penis is longer than himself lol
• Mercury GØD • (3 months ago)
LetsGetGirls He probably meant how tall lol but regardless that was hilarious 😂🤣😅
Mando Flame (3 months ago)
Most definitely, done it many times😎
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
Supreme Panda Perez Soberanes 🔥👌🏾
LetsGetGirls (3 months ago)
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