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Maroon 5 - Harder To Breathe (VEVO Summer Sets)

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Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/Maroon5.News Music video by Maroon 5 performing Harder To Breathe. (C) 2007 A&M/Octone Records Best of Maroon 5: https://goo.gl/8n9iCm Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/EFMAUy
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Text Comments (369)
David Harvest (19 days ago)
Why they don't make this kind of music again ?
Yvonne Ross (2 months ago)
Very good song
Tsikow Gonzales (2 months ago)
who else saw that warpigs reference on the verse???
Awoof (2 months ago)
Back when Adam was passionate about singing and was making genuine songs.
Jemarre Brown (10 days ago)
It's those contracts they let you do your thing then you owe them 3-4 albums of radio crap
pierre albert (2 months ago)
Y. Bakshi (3 months ago)
Salvatore Ciraolo (5 months ago)
Really miss the original drummer. They were so much better & funkier before he had to leave thanks to his injury. This second guy influenced them too much on the pop music end & ruined them, selling them out by making trash music
Mieke Debloois (6 months ago)
I Love this Song " Harder to Breathe " it is Very Catchy tune And I Totally Love It And I Totally Love Adam Levine
noureldin mohamed (6 months ago)
ANY 2018 ?
Edelweiss Montera (7 months ago)
I am so awake loving these great talents, @Maroon5, oh yeah!
Leonardo Cordero (8 months ago)
Daniel Russell (9 months ago)
give someone a chance to sing
Roo90 (9 months ago)
Come on guys. Bring this back
Killian Shows (10 months ago)
Why tf does the Keyboard player play a Bm in the chorus it’s not correct!
Adam Parker (10 months ago)
Killian Shows its actually the right chord as per the demo version/original version of the song. Radio/album version is different though.
吉田雅代 (11 months ago)
Guitar!!!! Gain volume up!!!!
kickinbackinOC (1 year ago)
All these years later, and this song"s still SMOKIN'! Adam Levine is an American classic, a national treasure. (Not to forget that excellent band of talented and funky musicians!)
simpletown323 (1 year ago)
The guitar is so weak :(
flor betz (1 year ago)
flor betz (1 year ago)
Carlos Mendez (1 year ago)
Whe he hits a minor on the 7 and you just wanna throw up bc it's disgusting
gulag mike (1 year ago)
Carlos Mendez yes
Azeeza lezmana (1 year ago)
adaaaaaammm .....or lovely adammm 😍😍😍😍
Captain Whinebeck (1 year ago)
Whoever decided to start autotuning the hell out of Adam's voice was an idiot. He sounds great here.
머찜 (1 year ago)
Anita Blanchette (1 year ago)
harder to breathe
Jérémie Kerguelen (1 year ago)
bassit kills it all
Roger Rabbit (3 months ago)
he's a pure playa
Parker Walters (5 months ago)
J Kerguelen right?!?!
Aldrin Salles (1 year ago)
What's the name of this drummer?
zooropa lemon (1 year ago)
Aldrin Salles Matthew Flynn
xiyue Zhang (2 years ago)
nearly perfect live voice
Biboy Sitoy (2 years ago)
our singer in the philippines can sing thier song like nothings change after 10-20 years.
TheBlackFriesian (1 year ago)
Get off your fucking high pedestal. Don't make me roast your country by showing how the US is better in every way...
Make Love (1 year ago)
Biboy Sitoy Fuck yourself! PUTANG INA NYO!
Bryan the bloke (1 year ago)
.....funny how you think that's a good thing.
Biboy Sitoy (2 years ago)
+Andrés yes... thats makes you a good singer too. though we dont sell million copies worldwide since we dont have good composers and unique voices like him.
m1 (2 years ago)
+Biboy Sitoy Philippines have better singer because they dont change after 10-20 years? Thats so stupid.
George holbrook (2 years ago)
Rooftop Gig...think they're the Beatles do they?
Manly Stump (1 year ago)
Or the Be Sharps...
Nan Pendragon (2 years ago)
popstarishan (2 years ago)
after a long time finally I can see a talented one 😉
Samuel Torres (2 years ago)
Search for "Harder to breathe march madness music festival" bad day I guess..
Jason Andolina (1 year ago)
Samuel Torres oh yeah I watched that whole show on YouTube and the whole show he sounded like he was losing his voice.
Stevie Janne (2 years ago)
He makes it "Harder & Harder to Breathe"!!
Frank Avila (2 years ago)
I love just want to chill with my friends and family members and we are all about loving life in a good way
Erika Keane (2 years ago)
I Love ! 😍❤
Jorge Butron Galindo (2 years ago)
this song is good, that is so harder to breathe inside...
This is called the art of singing. what do you expect? 100% perfect voice like the studio version or mp3! This is good performance
zooropa lemon (1 year ago)
+Simply J. Jesse*
xiyue Zhang (2 years ago)
nearly perfect live voice
Simply J. (2 years ago)
+David Gary Lois the guy with two piano is working on a syn, that is why his voice is clear....
Joao Victor Catalano (2 years ago)
Ace Ludenberg (2 years ago)
Love Amy (2 years ago)
This is in 2010 not 2007, please vevo, don't make big mistakes!
saidur islam (2 years ago)
sweetchucksono (2 years ago)
+Love Amy it was referring to the the song's copyright
Diego Ribeiro (2 years ago)
awesome performance, his voice looks amazing for someone who had to sing tired 👏👏👏
dithyyy (3 years ago)
The crowd is so quiet...
Ccummings917 (3 years ago)
I like your vids
My Valley (3 years ago)
They used to be cool.... 
sassy hoe (1 year ago)
used to? lol they still are. ion see you hitting those high notes like Adam
m1 (2 years ago)
Benedictus Anindityo (2 years ago)
wait until you hear I don't wanna know...
ItzGamer (2 years ago)
m1 (2 years ago)
+Geeknelius Nothing
Gwen Pidgeon (3 years ago)
one of the BEST live performances ever>> adam levine and jessie carmicheal are incredibly talented musicians <3 so much! 
Imdugud (3 years ago)
so does B! die or what??
Rosana Magalhães (3 years ago)
Jennie Joyz (3 years ago)
these effing videos don't work!!!!
Marc Bayod (3 years ago)
where's the fucking SOLO!!!!!
Noah D (2 years ago)
I lost interest when the intro lasted 30 seconds...
Letty Aguilar (4 years ago)
Like it cool 😃😀😀😍☺️
Letty Aguilar (4 years ago)
Jenna Monique (4 years ago)
I love this song one of my faves! I sang a cover come check it out :)
Megan Theodora (4 years ago)
Adam levine makes it harder to breathe
King Kunta (4 months ago)
Girl stop looking at me with them eyes making me feel like its getting a little harder and harder to breathe
Setan Kecik (5 months ago)
Megan Theodora u also make me harder to breathe
ClassicTv (4 years ago)
кто российский)))
Anna Does Things (4 years ago)
I don't like it very much live. His voice is gold though
Yessica Fernandez (4 years ago)
I've loved this song since the first time i heard!!! 
Piyamon .P (4 years ago)
Maroon 5 forever !!
אלון שובה (4 years ago)
If you listen closley, you can hear panties coming off
Alethea Vespa (4 years ago)
Too Hot........
SuperAtroz (4 years ago)
SuperAtroz (4 years ago)
1 9 8 0 
Thais Camila (5 years ago)
Adoro ........... A voz do Adan é .............. única!   
Sara (5 years ago)
In love with this performance... Wish I could be there ^^
Hieron Junior (5 years ago)
The best!!! it´s Adammmmm
Rease Logan (5 years ago)
@Irfan Tari that's not a drummer fail.
facu _dmt (5 years ago)
stanleedolce (5 years ago)
y cuenta la historia que en medio de la presentacion se termino el amanecer y se hizo de dia
Marco Hernández B. (5 years ago)
Every marron 5 sobg its so damn cool.
jokerywk86 (5 years ago)
I want music videos not live videos live sucks
Robert Remuszka (5 years ago)
You can not mess up time in 1 second. And idk what you heard because he did an amazing fill there, it was quite the opposite of a mess up from what i heard.
Irfan Tarı (5 years ago)
Drummer timing fail at 2.23 - 2.24 zZz
James toro (5 years ago)
Hong Jun (5 years ago)
Its call respect to the artist
ramzya shagabutdinova (5 years ago)
Cool song
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Kai Fang (5 years ago)
It's purely awesome.
Beverly Carpenter (5 years ago)
Is There Anyone Out There ,, Love It
Joe Hamamoto (5 years ago)
SwaveHMG (5 years ago)
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Nishan Kapuge (5 years ago)
Where was the show performed ?? NYC ?
Fr3dd1S (5 years ago)
why? :P
Shelby Wilson (5 years ago)
lol same here :)
TheScoundrelDays (5 years ago)
Adrenaline rushed through my veins!
sorrasak khonboon (5 years ago)
Thai Land Like.
Musicinme Gamer (5 years ago)
Big like
Linny M (5 years ago)
Jorge Pérez (5 years ago)
P E N E saludos desde chile
AlisaTheCritic (5 years ago)
If I heard maroon 5 singing walking down the street, I would literally climb the building to see him.
sergio correa (5 years ago)
ana maria degui (5 years ago)
medicina para mi, muero por adam.
Hoang Nguyen (5 years ago)
why the fuck justin bibe appear on the left of this video ????
spamerjenya (5 years ago)
wow they used to play good music!
Latreesa Green (5 years ago)
How does this only have one million views...i don't understand!!!
Thais Wesker (5 years ago)
Like ♥
erinelizabethstahl (5 years ago)
I'm a teenage girl and still...
medicinalsnowball (5 years ago)
They're a bunch of self-aware teenage girls, that's why.
Heather Brumit (5 years ago)
so sexy
erinelizabethstahl (5 years ago)
seriously don't understand how everyone in the crowd is just standing there... if that was me, I'd be like trying to crawl on the stage...
jazzmin matthews (5 years ago)
adams voice is sexy
Harshvardhan Singh (5 years ago)
bunch of five gay boys ruining the video . one direction sucks
Olivia Siwajek (6 years ago)
Oh My God, utter sexiness. That's all. Too sexy.
Janae Brown (6 years ago)
i love this song! i used it in my new sims 3 movie called "obsessed" lol

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