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ALITA: Battle Angel (2018) - Trailer Time with Will & James

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It's... Trailer time. Back with another blast of nonsense, this time we're checking out the trailer for Alita: Battle Angel, and James develops a new filmic language through which he attempts to communicate. Spoilers: it's gibberish. That's a bingo I guess. Editing: James Eldridge Film https://www.jameseldridgefilm.com/
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Shelley Margarita (3 months ago)
HAHA! that part where he farts, and Alita's like wow. I bet if they made this R rated you would have liked it more.
Will Goldstone (1 month ago)
well I think it looks cool, not sure it needs to be R Rated necessarily but I don't know how adult centric the source material is as i'm not familiar with it.
SamoKažem (3 months ago)
Ink addicts have no soul.
shogiwar (3 months ago)
based on a non-generic manga , possibly best movie of the year . I'll be watching this movie in 3d
JAYA nice day (3 months ago)
I agree with shogiwar. Great Manga.
shogiwar (3 months ago)
I own Akira it's great but Battle Angel Alita is my favourite manga. I only saw the anime for death note (and loved that ). if you're not put off by some gore, then Battle Angel Alita is a brilliant cyber punk manga . Highly reccomended. Kodansha has been rereleasing them in hard cover...
Will Goldstone (3 months ago)
Is the Manga worth checking out then? I'm a big comic reader but never got that deep into Anime outside of Akira, Death Note etc.

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