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Returns on ebay & how to embrace the suck!

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Returns on ebay stink but are a part of necessary part of retail business. Update with the in floor NIB in floor heat kit, called eBay and they said there was nothing they can do despite it being a false INAD case. They sided with the buyer and I chose to refund him $240. How do you deal with returns in your eBay business? Please comment below. Security zip ties for clothes link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075S2GF45/ref=twister_B07M7Z1W1R?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Loretta @thriftlovesell of Instagram
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Blue Ant (8 hours ago)
That's crazy. A brand new item.
TOP TRENDING (27 days ago)
Embrace the suck and dont blame your flatform your lost. None of the flatform see what your sending to your buyer. Dont beg thr flatform to pay your lost. If you keep on blaming that that flatform is in not in your favor then dont used them go for door to door sales see hows that funny. I work with amazon and you think sellers are always grated . Laugh at you ass
Reseller Revolution (24 days ago)
Yup can’t focus on the suck! Lots of money to be made and returns are a part of selling! Yes I’ve heard horrible things about amazon returns & low margins. But many are doing great despite all that! 😁😁😁
msmusicldy (2 months ago)
eBay has decided that they for the most part side with the buyer. The buyers mindset is definitely "I can return it if I don't like it". You have to offer 60 day and free returns for eBay to make you top rated. Which is crazy. Most department stores have reined in their return policies and are much more strict about taking them. So why a small business has to give 30-60 day free returns is beyond me. And if you don't take free returns buyers will say the item is not as described so they don't have to pay shipping back. I think sellers are turning to other platforms because of this. Other platforms will at least consider the seller and for the most part side with the seller. I love the orange ties you use btw. Thank you for the tip.
Shelly (2 months ago)
I always include a full description of the item in my auction. I then print my description and include it with my packing slip. I do not leave any gray area at all in what I am selling. Black and white. All clothing includes several measurements. If there is a flaw it’s photographed and mentioned in the description. I have been able to keep my returns down for awhile now. Negotiating with the customer offering a partial refund is a good idea. I LOVE the zip tie idea!
Yougotthis (3 months ago)
I go good without returns for weeks and then get them all at the same time. I usually say keep & drop off at their local shelter (if I think they are trying to scam me, (polite but a little guilt thrown in) or just keep, take to their local thrift shop, etc if I think they are legit. I immediately do same day return through Pay Pal. I’ve received more than a couple of positive reviews because of the fast $ turnaround. No returns on auctions. Free returns no way. 30 days is it.
Audra Wilkens (3 months ago)
Go for it! Rant!! Rant some more! Blow off some steam =) As eBay sellers,we have ALL felt your frustration. With such a strong positive attitude, at least you are so driven to succeed, you will evolve & move forward - scammers will NOT take you down, right =). I am eBay clothing reseller, selling mostly "almost new" pre-owned clothing. I still fight those pathetic scammers - I don't believe in looking away, making it easy for them. I've had 15-day returnpolicy, then changed to no-return policy ....doesn't matter, eBay will still MAKE you accept returns no matter what your policy (why eBay requires sellers to choose a return policy with no intention to enforce it is ludicrous). I have decided I am going to change all my listings back to accept returns, add those deterrent devices to prevent scammers from "borrowing" clothing intending to just wear then return on MY dime. This way, when the scammers lie about whatever reason trying to make seller absorb return cost, I accept the return because when their item arrives, how will they wear it w/deterrent device attached without looking ridiculous right? Then THEY can pay return ship. When the item is returned, fight it hard to try to recoup your return shipping. Also, I don't make it easy for any scammers to return, I also leave a comment thru feedback alerting other sellers who pay attention to feedback that this person might scam them as well. I have denied many "best offers" after reviewing possible this buyers feedback left for others when they leave nasty comments for sellers. Imagine if we as clothing re-sellers ALL added those deterrent devices to our clothing, and fought the scammers hard, it would weed out alot of the riffRaff over time. I also block them to avoid any future headaches. My returns come in waves also - remember all the great buyers to help you thru this & move forward. Garage sales soon ~ I know you get excited too. =) How is your suicide training progressing? Good time to blow off steam to avoid barking at your family. Now, go list your face off!! lol
homegirlscloset (3 months ago)
This was not happening as much before they changed the policy. It’s ridiculous buyers know all they have to do is select the right radio button “not as described” to get credit for shipping both ways. I just as you, removed all women clothing b/c this category brought me the most returns. eBay is pro buyer, I could even prove the item was as described but they still sided with the buyer. As small seller, I cannot afford this so I rarely sell anything on eBay of large value, I’m just paranoid. Every now & then I will sell a valuable item but I work the shipping into my price both ways. It’s unfortunate but there has to be a work around their crazy policy. I expect this will change eventually b/c of the mass amount of seller complaints. I consider this a bully tactic when they auto side with buyers and make sellers pay the price. I was able to argue my cases and got 1/2 shipping refunded for 1 item, and a coupon reimbursement for another, I will not be bullied.
Debra Anderson (3 months ago)
I just switched in the last month from 60-day seller-paid returns to 30-day buyer-paid returns. I had a spate of returns as well, some of them for It Doesn't Fit and some of them giving No Reason At All. . . irritation. . . it seems to have abated since I moved away from free returns, but only time will tell if it helps in the long run. BTW, I am enjoying your channel. . . nice to have such a mix of people and personalities!
That’s what I like about Poshmark. Not a lot of returns. No returns aloud on fit.
Gypsie Thread (3 months ago)
Yeah ... I got hit with THREE today. Only one of which held any merit
Reseller Revolution (3 months ago)
Oh no 😭 hope that is it for a long time & you get more sales to make up for those returns. Loretta ♥️
Margaret Villalpando (3 months ago)
I sell part time on eBay since I have a full time job. My son does the same thing. A buyer scamed him and then my son looked on the buyer's account and saw that he was selling the same item because eBay allowed him to keep it and he was selling the item that he got from my son for way more than he paid for it. I told my son to report him to eBay. I haven't followed up with my son to find out if he did or not. So beware about eBay sellers who scam other eBay sellers.
Reseller Revolution (3 months ago)
That is terrible & awful! Thank you for sharing & watching this video. Loretta ♥️
TennesseeYankee (3 months ago)
I'm not a big business like Target or the other large corporations that now sell on eBay; I'm just someone trying to make a few bucks to supplement my Social Security. I do NOT accept returns, and of course, eBay's search engine penalizes me for that. Solution: I now sell on Poshmark instead, where my sales are easily 15-20 times as many as they are on eBay. Non clothing items are sold on Mercari, where I get more views in one day than I did on eBay in a month. I've also sold items within days or weeks that sat on eBay for ever a year. No returns, except for NAD, and none of this 30 days to file NAD crap - 72 hours, and that's it. It should be apparent that something is NAD as soon as you open the package. Oh, and no having to pay the "trending" 12% for promoted listings, and no monthly bill.
Sell Quick Ship Quick (3 months ago)
Returns are frustrating but we do our best to keep on trucking
Krissy P (3 months ago)
Anyone who offers free returns can refund 50% to the buyer if they request to return for things like doesn’t fit, don’t like it, etc Per Ebay for business. So far I’ve done it 3 times. And has went smoothly.
Shoppe306 (3 months ago)
Excellent video! Can you do one now on how you calculate shipping when you ship from both Canada and the US? I ship overseas as well from Canada but I post on eBay.com and I'm having trouble with the shipping. On light weight clothing it's fine but anything heavier I seem to run into trouble. Would I be better off listing on ebay.ca so I can do calculated shipping for Canadian and overseas buyers? Thanks!!
Reseller Revolution (3 months ago)
Shoppe306 thanks for watching! I use USPS and post exact shipping fees per country. If you use .com you can send to Kentucky and use GSP. I just weigh and plug in the shipping per country per item and I select the class it will ship ie first class or priority. Cheers Loretta
Foxtail4 Thrifter (3 months ago)
3 clothing returns for Does Not Fit in 10 days. Two returns sent back promptly & clean with tyveck tag, one return gone so bad, Ebay closed case in my favor for buyer not returning on time. Buyer claims it was sent but tracking not used even 24 hours later. Buyer opens a PayPal case for Unauthorized Purchase, I called PayPal and they sided with me given initial tracking shows delivered. Now buyer has shipped back item almost 2 days later, how is that EBay label even valid after case was closed? I'll have to refund once it arrives as PayPal will not let you keep item and money...ever. I hope I don't get the item back trashed given buyer's behavior. Geezzzz I feel your pain!
Kimberly Robinson (3 months ago)
I was just getting ready to watch this video... and before I start I thought I was ask you an off topic question... You did a video on how to package items you send in for FBA. I've looked everywhere on the Reseller Revolution's page and I can't seem to find it. Can you give me the title here or a link? Okay, off to watch the refund video. You guys are my newest addiction! Thanks so much! Kim
Reseller Revolution (3 months ago)
Awe thanks for watching! We don’t have an FBA video yet but we can make one! ❤️
piratesprayer (3 months ago)
Call eBay
Ozark Picker (3 months ago)
That stinks that you got so many returns so close together. I had a buyer order a hard good last week and started a return before they got it! Said they accidentally ordered it, grr. Hopefully you won't get a return for a long time now😀.
Teresa Dearinger (3 months ago)
I sell hard goods & clothing part time on ebay. I actually give more attention to POSH (as they seem to love & appreciate their sellers for the most part!) Hubby just started selling his hard good niche on ebay & is doing GOOD. I am rather blown away!! STORY & THIS WORKED; I do Free Returns. I recently sold on ebay a Chiffon Torrid Maxi Dress. She claimed there was a defect but I knew she was fishing for a partial refund. I told her to Send the dress back! That truly worked in my favor!! She wanted that dress so she dropped it & kept the dress giving me positive feedback (with a snide remark but oh well. Lol.) Idk what to do about selling clothing on ebay anymore. They are not the ebay I've known since 2003!! I believe in change & evolving but ebay is TANKING THEIR SELLERS! They are giving themselves such a Bad Name. The EBay Sellers on an F.B ebay group I am in, are pulling their inventory & quitting in droves! I sell my craft items - games ECT.. on Macari as clothes are saturated there! I Thought about trying Bonanza for clothing. Who knows ANYMORE??? Thank you for your content you are truly a blessing!
TennesseeYankee (3 months ago)
So true! I was with eBay since they began, I think that was in '96. Left for a few years when the fees became outrageous, then came back because they were the only game in town. Well, they're not anymore! They really threw the small sellers under the bus when they started to allow big box stores and large corporations to use their platform, even though they have their own websites they can sell from. Beware of Bonanza - too many flakes! About 40% of my sales there were from people who didn't read the descriptions. Posh is great if you learn how to work it. There's a new one called Relovv that I want to try. Unfortunately, eBay's new "Seller Protection Policy" in a nutshell is "Screw you!"
Kari Merner (3 months ago)
Returns seem to come in waves. I'll go a long time without any and then, wham!, it's like I'm selling boomerangs. I'm not strict about how I handle them, I guess it depends on the buyer, how they behave, and the sort of mood I'm in at the time. I mostly sell clothing, so returns are expected. My son sells hard goods, lots of electronics, and that's crazy making!
Ali Easym (3 months ago)
I'm changing to no returns also. I accepted return and thought I was going to get charged same amount as I paid to ship it but was shocked to find out I was charged almost double. I don't know why, was shipped exactly same as I shipped it. if I knew how much I was going to get charged I would never accept the return, refunded the customer. lately I've been getting a lot of returns I never had so many in years.
Michaela Morrissey (3 months ago)
Returns can BURN. Sorry you've had a bad run. Keep track of the shrinkage, these kinds of losses can be tax deductible (depending upon all the individual specifics of course).
illiniwood (3 months ago)
If you happen to listen to the podcast called "The Scavenger Life" with Jay and Ryanne, they are extremely adamant about not giving partial refunds. They offer free returns on everything they sell. When a buyer messages them on getting a "partial refund", Jay and Ryanne message them back telling them returns are free and to just send it back. In most cases the customer does not open a return case nor do they pursue a partial refund any further. Jay and Ryanne have discovered that by doing this it has ended the partial refund scam/problem for them completely. In order to offset the cost of free returns, Jay and Ryanne add $1.00 to the price of every item in their store. They say they are money ahead by doing this. Also, giving a partial refund still gives the customer the ability to leave bad feedback, but being apart of the free return program the customer cannot leave bad feedback once the item is returned. As a side note: Jay and Ryanne stopped selling women's clothing and electronics several years ago and that has curbed their returns drastically as well.
i rivas (3 months ago)
Thank you for this content, I just started selling for a few months so far I haven't had returns.
Michael S (3 months ago)
"my name is lar fa fa sell on instgam'' ???
ThatsATeachersLife (3 months ago)
It is unfortunate that this happens. I do appreciate your outlook and your positive attitude. So far I haven’t had any returns on eBay but I know I’m not exempt. I’m part-time on all my platforms so I also haven’t moved a lot of inventory until recently so that has kept my chances of returns down. I did get an IND on Poshmark which left a bad taste in my mouth for the app. It seems all Marketplaces/ platforms are siding with buyers. I pushed back hard on Poshmark because it was unfair and bogus. Thankfully, they removed the strike. I know it won’t always work out in my favor but to keep my peace of mind I’ll rely on Karma to deal with the scammers because what else can I do if these platforms are adopting the “customer is always right” policy? I’ve gone as far as making videos of a few high priced items I’ve sold just in case. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Thanks for sharing your experiences. It helps newbies/unseasoned resellers with perspective for when it happens to them. ❤️

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