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From the upcoming debut Album "The Awakening of Gaia" that will be released on September 23rd. Video Credits: Video by Salvatore Perrone (www.salvatoreperrone.com) Art Director: Fabio Amurri VISIT US www.facebook.com/crysalys www.reverbnation.com/crysalysband Purchase www.crysalys.bigcartel.com She waits for their sleep, quietly Everything stands still, hypnotized EARTH She trembles, she'll revenge her beloved sons All their lies fall like leaves Time has stopped the eyes "Io son la Grande Madre,Dea Casta della LunaI venti in coro cantano il mio nomeSignora di magiaLa forza mia primevaLa vostra infausta razza punirà " AIR She screams, winds shout her breath She'll destroy everything Sounds fade in air WATER She cries all her tears, oceans give her hate All the sirens sing no more, waves devour the rain "So sure they could decide not only for their own destiny, But for their own mother Relying on their technologies And so she reacted, and we will all feel the effects for years to come" FIRE She burns, arms of flames tear this agony Quietly she cleans their flesh There is nothing left "We all come from the Mother and to her we shall return Like a drop of rain flowing to the oceans" Earth is my body Water my blood Air is my breathe And Fire is my spirit Oh... Where am I? Mother I can see you again It's a new birth!
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Disperse (13 days ago)
How am I only finding out about this band in 2019? This shit is great! I wish more symphonic bands had operatic vocals
Chiara Malvestiti - худшая вокалистка оперного металла
charles xavier (3 months ago)
Therion took me here!
Ezze Leguizamon (7 months ago)
Digan lo que digan chiara tiene una de las voces más espectaculares y poderosas que existe en el metal gotico actual. 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Alex The Hamster (1 year ago)
You know what? I used to hate everything about this song. But after four years, it’s grown on me and now I can’t stop coming back to it.
CRYchannelOfficial (1 year ago)
Don't miss the new videoclip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uc36rGTU90
JOHN DOE (1 year ago)
Operatic chicks in metal bands make my cock hard.
Macy Donker (1 year ago)
So many dislikes??? This is such a good song.
Earth Bound (1 year ago)
stratospheric highs at 3:54
Markarraro93 (2 years ago)
symphonic/gothic metal with hardcore brakedowns?!? OMG i love the band of my country italyyyyyyy
Javier Yus (2 years ago)
everybody talking about Opera and Metal... a little message from Pop planet: STOP THE DRAMA, START THE MUSIC
Arctic Winter (2 years ago)
All the fucking CONFORMIST in this comment section. "How dare they step over our line!" FUCK YOU
Javier Yus (2 years ago)
THIS just took me out of place! fuckin' awsome! I loved it!
Robert Swickard (2 years ago)
that sacred of night -halloween midnight in that sacred of all places-- the cemetery--. listening to this live EPIC
Silkroadgermany2 (2 years ago)
I see boobs, I click ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
amei crysalys
Panos Christodoulou (2 years ago)
Rianon Enryu (2 years ago)
Beautiful!!!Please make more music soon!
Emanuele Casale (2 years ago)
Soon!! :)
Jaqueline Cardoso (2 years ago)
Curti não
Samuel Ebertz (2 years ago)
Nice instrumental. bad vocals… didn't liked.
SaintsCheat (2 years ago)
Problem is there is zero originility, why listen to this garbage when there are 10x better vocals/music in this genre in Xandria, Nightwish, Amberian Dawn, Ancient Bards..list is endless. Very generic and uninspiring
Jason Leask (2 years ago)
WTF. It's all about the vocals!!! They define the genre. She is powerful as fuck!
Dragon Bathory (2 years ago)
q porra é essa
Mah (2 years ago)
Hitaro Kenshin (2 years ago)
😐... . ......💀
Hitaro Kenshin (2 years ago)
😐... . ......💀
Brian Albright (2 years ago)
This genre is getting old. The only bands anymore that are worthwhile are Epica and to a lesser extent Nightwish. No doubt she has range but originality? Zzzzzzzzzzzz
jibril mosak (3 years ago)
from where this band........fery good....aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Heather Wasteland (3 years ago)
Hail, nice to meet you! Great stuff from cool band! I salute you on behalf of my 3-bass Heretical Folk Art horde HEATHER WASTELAND! Thousand hails from the Cimmerian shores of the Black Sea! Horns up! \m/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA3wqStu20g
Defyled (3 years ago)
Seems like there is some talent here, but it's not likable when they mix metal with this kind of singing. Kinda sounds like something being ran over with a car while metal is playing, lol
Preston Branson (3 years ago)
I know that some people are into this shit. By all means, listen til your little heart's content.
Preston Branson (3 years ago)
The music is great. in my opinion the lyrics are Fucking garbage, and Fuck metal opera. hahaha, fuckin metal opera.
E N (3 years ago)
This is the bee's knees
Kitty Kelly (3 years ago)
Shane Reagan (3 years ago)
this gives me a boner...
mackan ashkevari (3 years ago)
awesome... but the video really sucks...
Fist Fury (3 years ago)
Realistic Mystic (3 years ago)
Holy crap... I find it amusing, yet disturbing how you people who consider yourself fans of this sort of music at all are deliberately shitting on what is obviously some extreme talent here. I've been listening to both gothic and opera metal for a long time (don't believe me? see my profile picture) and it is totally uncalled for to say that the two cannot combine in full. How many of you can sing like this? I am greatly impressed. Bravo to Crysalis, whom I have just discovered!! :)
Anthony Savage (3 years ago)
+Todd Eastland Not my cup of tea, but kudos to them for trying something new. (Which apparently an adequate number of people enjoy).
Realistic Mystic (3 years ago)
Lacuna coil isn't even the same realm. I do like them and have seen them live.
Blood Guts (3 years ago)
+Todd Eastland  BTW Lacuna Coil  totally blows this annoying band away.
Blood Guts (3 years ago)
+Todd Eastland This IS an example that the two can't combine in full, theres a difference between sounding good and just throwing shit together. Besides who the fuck invented this...genre of metal anyway? it just sounds annoying after a minute or so, It's like they're trying to drown each other out. So as far as crysalis goes, you can have them.
Shane Reagan (3 years ago)
+Todd Eastland first time hearing her love it shes very pretty too
katerine cohan (3 years ago)
esto si es musica espero q no cambien de direccion musical
IGAO DO VRAU (3 years ago)
velho que menina loca, demais ! to locao de depre
Barbara Valentim (3 years ago)
I like this song some parts remind me "Resident Evil" the voice of The Red Queen.
0uroboros (3 years ago)
Nice to see Cyndi Lauper's found ways to keep herelf busy.
ACguernica (3 years ago)
I'm definitely no admirer of opera, but I give credit where credit is due. Excellent.
Kelley Don Patterson (3 years ago)
Good stuff. different, but good. thankz
Eileen Tuinei (3 years ago)
great open. I see so much potential I wish you guys are granted that loan to pursue a harder and bone crushing bass
Filipe Nobre (3 years ago)
mds '-'
Лев Бодлер (3 years ago)
Funny, very funny!
Zorp (3 years ago)
She has a pretty voice but it doesn't sit well with the music, it's kind of... just thrown on top of it. It needs to sync.
AnAngryStorm (3 years ago)
rofl no I can't lol make it stop oh god my spleen hahaha
zelphree kilemen (3 years ago)
i like this.what a interesting sound.
Stormrider1991 (3 years ago)
Music is ok and powerful, and technically good too for me but this vocal... It creeps me out
Soegeng Wahjudi (3 years ago)
sound e mantap tenan... menggelegar...!
modurhead (4 years ago)
better than another cookie monster vocalist
TheRhalf (2 years ago)
Not really, try monuments - i, the creator
FaidGod (4 years ago)
bandask (4 years ago)
You sound unbelievable! I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this way. Get on find true fans of your music on bandask.com .
Lukelr (4 years ago)
All the haters on here! What the heck? This is an awesome song. She's got a great voice. Look at it this way: its a way to expose opera lovers to metal and metal lovers to opera. Fusion. Pure musical fusion.
Blood Guts (3 years ago)
+Lukelr  Sorry but fusion isn't always successful.
lucan swanepoel (4 years ago)
Totally agree with you man i mean when i looked at the thumbnail and heard the intro i thought this will be bad 30 seconds later frikken goosebumps
Matt Horner (4 years ago)
This is awesomely awful
PuggiTheGreat (4 years ago)
Opera style singing with Goth style metal, unusual, but I like it !!! It's good to see a band trying to do something different for a change, good on em !!!
MotherAce (1 year ago)
and this is how Trail of Tears decided to open their 1997 debut album "Disclosure in Red". Here's "When Silence Cries" Somehow I know the lyrics for this one still. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyucgmHGWcA
MotherAce (1 year ago)
Here's Odes of Ecstacy, from 1998 with their excellent "The Total Abscence of Light" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhnuguhnFNw
MotherAce (1 year ago)
Here's Floor Jansen singing "Leaden Legacy" from 2001, when she still was in a proper band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRPbN8N9jU4
MotherAce (1 year ago)
different? what? You been living in a different planet of metal last 25 years? Pretty much every band in the goth genre since the 90s been dabbling in this from time to time. Here's a live version of Lycanthrope from Penumbra's debut album "Emenate" in 1999 (and an all time favorite of mine) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhfO1INVoS8
Blood Guts (3 years ago)
+shockofhyperbole   "Cluttered" is definitely the right word to describe this
Sanguiphilia Stream (4 years ago)
I enjoy the sound of the instruments a lot. But the layering of voices is pretty bad. If it was only her regular voice without the higher pitched one in the background it would be better. The lyrics to this are beautiful but her opera style of singing makes it difficult to make it out. I would have preferred if she didn't draw out each syllable so much. Very nice nonetheless.
Freezer フリーザ (4 years ago)
Yisus... xdddddd
damagar8 (4 years ago)
Umm, is singing in English?
Sin G (4 years ago)
Definitely NO!
webbertools (4 years ago)
Nerf? :-)
Julio Martinez (4 years ago)
I looked up the lyrics afterwards and found out that the song is actually pretty cool
Robert Desrosiers (4 years ago)
Is she a porn star?  
Robert Desrosiers (4 years ago)
Too bad....
JinxxQ (4 years ago)
Just because she has boobs doesn't mean she's a pornstar...
andrew harrison (4 years ago)
she looks like the chick from cradle of filth!!!
Julio Martinez (4 years ago)
That's what singing should sound like most artists have lost their way of talent and real music
ditfos (4 years ago)
Everybody knows you never go full opera. You went full opera, man. Never go full opera!
Hector Rodriz (9 months ago)
Opera is fucking awesome. I love Cecilia Bartoli, Diana Damrau, and Renee Fleming among others. :)
Arctic Winter (2 years ago)
Brakathor (3 years ago)
+ditfos Sometimes you do.
Little heavy dude (3 years ago)
@ditfos that's right maan, damn right
Symphonic tits everywhere .-.
ellibel yuno (4 years ago)
oh my god! perfect!
Peter Payne (4 years ago)
Opera and Metal is a good mix, to really like this I think it might have to start with you understanding opera. As someone else has said, this is more traditionally operatic. 
?ch1maera ??? (4 years ago)
As with any new genre, consider it acquired listening. Her singing is clearly more traditionally operatic than other more generic groups within what is already a Nightwish-worshipping style of music. The music is amazing; the voice brings it together and it feels epic beyond belief. I'm sorry for all of you out there that need to understand lyrics to enjoy music... I realize that could be a game-killer for many people. For me, her voice is a clearly powerful instrument and everything sounds the better for it. One of my favorite finds in the genre in a while. Such a shame to see the score how it is. I make my own decisions, however. \m/
Kelsey Knapp (4 years ago)
Ick... i am not a fan
zdrawex zdrava (4 years ago)
hmm.....they say they dont understand chris barnes,well i dont understand one word here! damn new kinds on the block
Douglas Anderson (4 years ago)
Do you guys Realize she is not even singing English?
Lena Zogler (4 years ago)
fapsock00 (4 years ago)
Grants permission to vomit.. my advice find another vocalist cause the rest of the band is actually being held back cause of that..
Eric Anement (4 years ago)
Elle chante comme une poissonnière enrhumé, c'est épouvantable...
estacadugan (4 years ago)
ostia qué asco!
Yellow Iron (4 years ago)
is this mexican opera metal
Z04RD (4 years ago)
Wanted to be opera-meta, but she hust went wa toooooo opera! Sorry, this sucks.
Ognistyszczur ono (4 years ago)
fajnie śpiewa , w życiu jest strasznie miękka 
Fabian Andres Acuña (4 years ago)
To some people this is a bad song, some otherwise, and that my friends and brothers is this wonderful world (Metal) cuz no music genre has this great variety of styles and atmospheres as we do. So be happy and thankful for that, even if you don´t like it support our artists that are always researching and creating, and that´s a privilege that conventional music listeners will never have
satellitekid1 (4 years ago)
death metal opera
The Squatting Slav (4 years ago)
lol This is not good at all. I respect any form of opera and there's a lot a bands that incorporate that into their metal sound but this is not a good fit. It's very awful sounding.
Eden Everly (4 years ago)
This song is actually fuckin' amazing - If you could take the damned singer OUT. She ruins the entire thing. FIRE HER if you want any success. Horrible. Enough with this bullshit screeching and this nonsense attitude that metal of this sort needs an opera voice. That  shit is giving metal a bad name. Oh dear god. I must go. Never mind. I just realized you have absolutely nothing since 2011. Surprised. Not.
jean charles (4 years ago)
@Eden Everly dem so manly ! god mate ur commentaries are making me squirt :o cant people in youtube answer with some kind of respect ? dunno ^^ anyway noice song :3
Eden Everly (4 years ago)
rubbish. lol "rubbish" Stupid word. She's horrible. Haven't even given them a thought since you popped up in my notifications, "rubbish." 
Stian Hildershavn (4 years ago)
rubbish. she is the band. 
1888SEÁN (4 years ago)
I like the experimentation with metal and opera. Good job. Keep up the good work
Nunca le dijeron que no mirara a la cámara fijamente para que no se ponga bizca jajjajaj !!!   No se si es su voz o un terimin jaojaoajo !!!  Le pone empeño la gordis  :3
PoisonPowerUp (4 years ago)
Like the fuck. Where am I I'm lost help
PoisonPowerUp (4 years ago)
Ok so it's fucking 2:24AM i think and I'm fucking lost
Zack Zaike (4 years ago)
honestly this is even harder to understand than death/black metal. doesn't mean it's not good, just can't understand a single word.
Zack Zaike (4 years ago)
@sonsofsparda22 no, the lyrics are mostly in English, though some of it is Italian. 
sonsofsparda22 (4 years ago)
Shes singing in Italian
Malkavian 407 (4 years ago)
Ну накрашена она пипец
Malkavian 407 (4 years ago)
Ну накрашена она пипец
thesmooze001 (4 years ago)
Gaia is fucking pissed off because somebody has interrupted her nap with this screaming :D
Canal da MonaRock (4 years ago)
Wow...what a strong voice! I was interested in the title of the track, very good! Gonna search more stuff from them.
kaisootrash (5 years ago)
Uh....... >.>
BanishedSoulsOFD (5 years ago)
I summon Gaia The Fierce Knight!
Zack Zaike (5 years ago)
This is a bit different from operatic metal. Instead of mixing operatic vocals with metal and forcing them together, this is literally opera to a metal beat. Instead of forcing the two contrasts together, these guys just let it mix naturally. And it works. If anyone gets what I'm saying, would you mind making it less confusing? I just woke up.
jonathan rodrgiuez (5 years ago)
those riffs are awsome !!
craigime (5 years ago)
lured in by the titties
Abeautifuly song Ilike
LodniKranazon (5 years ago)
Great Opera Metal!!

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