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Color Grading Basics for Beginners - Davinci Resolve 15 (free!)

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Grab the Free Davinci Resolve here - https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/davinciresolve/ Basic workflows for grading clips in Davinci Resolve 15. Often people ask me why I use resolve instead of Premiere or Final Cut Pro these days, and its mainly because its too damn good at colour grading. The amazing workflow they have with nodes and isolation of effects means you can pretty much do anything. In this tutorial I cover the basics of what you need to know to get started.
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A2K (20 days ago)
We're fresh to Davinci Resolve so this video was so, so helpful. Thanks Will! Much appreciated!
John Cleland (1 month ago)
Great tutorial Will. Thank you
Keith Howlette (1 month ago)
Great tutorial, best I've seen on colour grading. Watched others but they seem to assume too much. Thanks
Will Goldstone (1 month ago)
Keith! you're too kind - thanks so much for taking the time :) hope it helps you!
CamperJohn (1 month ago)
Very good tutorial...easy to follow and very well explained...thanks for sharing.
Will Goldstone (1 month ago)
Cheers John! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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