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Color Grading Basics for Beginners - Davinci Resolve 15 (free!)

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Grab the Free Davinci Resolve here - https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/davinciresolve/ Basic workflows for grading clips in Davinci Resolve 15. Often people ask me why I use resolve instead of Premiere or Final Cut Pro these days, and its mainly because its too damn good at colour grading. The amazing workflow they have with nodes and isolation of effects means you can pretty much do anything. In this tutorial I cover the basics of what you need to know to get started.
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Dag Eide (5 days ago)
Awesome tutorial, keep up the good work !
Will Goldstone (4 days ago)
Thanks! appreciate it :)
Glen Seeney (5 days ago)
I have watched quite a few videos on Colour Grading and quite a few have helped, but yours is the best I have seen so far for Beginners. Thank you so much, very very very helpful.
Will Goldstone (5 days ago)
Glen Seeney very kind of you to say thanks Glen!
Robin Sherwood (7 days ago)
Thank you for your precise and understandable tutorial!
Will Goldstone (5 days ago)
Robin Sherwood cheers Robin, you are welcome!
shxdzii (13 days ago)
There is a reason why this has 0 dislikes. As a person with little experience with colour this was easy to follow and informative. Thank you
Will Goldstone (13 days ago)
shxdzii love this feedback thanks so much!
Akash Karnena (15 days ago)
Excellent video! How did you magnify specific windows?
Will Goldstone (14 days ago)
Akash Karnena I do all of my tutorials in Screenflow for Mac, it’s great at all this kind of thing.
Justin Mathew (17 days ago)
Excellent presentation
EnlightenMe (21 days ago)
Very helpful. Thank you
Diloman64 (21 days ago)
good explanation but too much time to fix just one shoot
Will Goldstone (4 days ago)
You'll get quicker with it - it won't take this amount of time every time.
Dr Moriarty (15 days ago)
Do you say that as a novice, a beginner, someone with no experience, or as a qualified expert with abundant experience?
stefano giovannini (14 days ago)
Can you apply a LUT as a global adjustment to the whole timeline and then tweak it on each clip or tweaking would affect the whole timeline?Also can you adjust the white balance without having to isolate with a selection a neutral white / grey portion of the frame? No eye dropper option to click on some white / grey?
Will Goldstone (14 days ago)
stefano giovannini I believe it’s all additive, rather than being something you can override on the individual clip level.
stefano giovannini (27 days ago)
This is great. do you have a tutorial also for basic editing with Resolve? That would be helpful
Will Goldstone (14 days ago)
stefano giovannini hi Stefano sorry I do not but it’s very similar to premiere and I’m sure there are some great resolve editing tutes out there,
NavinduSilva (27 days ago)
Super helpful 👍👍👍
Maurice Smith-Ziegler (1 month ago)
Those last few tips were extremely useful. Overall very beneficial information. It seems that most people do about 50% of the colorizing process the same and the other half is individual preference to the approach. At the end all appoaches lead to beautifully adjusted shots. Thank you for taking the time to share your process.
DragcentricDeb (1 month ago)
Wow very good explanation. I think I will need to watch about three times to take it all in! I had to "guess" my way around some basic grading the other night (only my second try on using Davinci) because my footage came out REALLY blue. Resolve did a great job of fixing the problem but I really had no idea what I was doing and, of course, was not completely happy with the result. I had tried Premiere at the beginning of the year and HATED it. I was told Resolve was "too complicated" but I'm loving it. The basic editing and tile functions are easy to pick up and then you can learn the more advanced stuff as time permits. This is a jump up from using Wondershare Filmora, which is extremely easy to use but just doesn't do all that I would like it to do. I absolutely love in Resolve that I can fade out audio and video by simply "grabbing" a handle and adjusting. Same with being able to move graphics drag and drop. I could not believe Premiere did not offer those functions. Anyway thanks again. I'm hoping the grading doesn't slow down my system too much. I played around with some titles and some worked and some didn't..
Will Goldstone (4 days ago)
+DragcentricDeb Thanks! that's so cool to hear :) appreciate you letting me know Deb!
DragcentricDeb (1 month ago)
Hey I just did it, using all of your steps! I've got a few questions but I'll try to get them together in one comment. Thanks so much! You really took something which looked overwhelmingly complicated and broke it down to easy to understand segments.
Jan Borromeo (1 month ago)
I’ve seen plenty of color grading tutorials for Davinci Resolve and yours is the best. Very detailed, structured, and easy to understand for beginners!
Will Goldstone (14 days ago)
Jan Borromeo thanks Jan! So kind!
Dheeraj Chand (1 month ago)
What are the minimum system requirements for color grading on Resolve 15 ? I am new to resolve and I am trying to edit 1080P 60fps video on my lenovo laptop. When I color grade it and play it, I see video being played with jitter and lags. Do I need to transcode my video files before I color grade ? Thanks a lot for your help
Will Goldstone (1 month ago)
Hi Dheeraj - many operations are too intensive, there isn't a solution to this and you won't get a good frame rate on a lenovo laptop most likely as they don't have good GPUs in them - I recommend getting a desktop to edit on - but for speed - you can use the disable grade button to allow for smooth editing, then just move the play head around to grade, and render a test out when you need to. It's a decent enough workflow if you can't afford a more powerful machine.
Gogo Design Films (1 month ago)
thank you
shashi bhushan (1 month ago)
Thank you very much
A2K (2 months ago)
We're fresh to Davinci Resolve so this video was so, so helpful. Thanks Will! Much appreciated!
Will Goldstone (1 month ago)
Fantastic cheers! glad to hear it :)
John Cleland (3 months ago)
Great tutorial Will. Thank you
Will Goldstone (1 month ago)
Thanks John, appreciate you watching!
Keith Howlette (3 months ago)
Great tutorial, best I've seen on colour grading. Watched others but they seem to assume too much. Thanks
Will Goldstone (3 months ago)
Keith! you're too kind - thanks so much for taking the time :) hope it helps you!
CamperJohn (3 months ago)
Very good tutorial...easy to follow and very well explained...thanks for sharing.
Will Goldstone (3 months ago)
Cheers John! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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