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John Waller - The Marriage Prayer w/Lyrics

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This song I want to dedicate to all the married couples or those who seek to getting marry someday or soon...hoping every couples/singles put God first in everything they do. May all the men and women seek to love God more than anything else and not fall into the temptation that Satan has ready to trap anyone who falls in it. It's a great song sung by John Waller featuring his wife Josee Waller. They did an awesome job at this song of lifting up one another to God and asking for God to help lead them to love one another...Photo in the background are taken by me. Well, may God bless those who love Him. Enjoy! Please buy the song here at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-marriage-prayer/id431324627?i=431324674 Instrumental version go to this link and get the performance version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/marriage-prayer-performance/id556347568 Insight advice or information for married: Please be sure to check out http://loveandrespect.com/ Love & Respect from Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, "for love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man." Insight advice for single: Love & Respect NOW http://loveandrespectnow.com/ Are you on the verge of divorce or even thinking about to go your separate ways? If so, are you willing to fight for your marriage? Well, I got to recommend the "Love Dare" for you if you are willing to fight for your marriage with God's way. Check out the website here: http://lovedarestories.com/ and also the great movie "Fireproof" as well at their website here: http://www.fireproofmymarriage.com/products.php May God bless all you married couples who are willing to fight for your marriage with His help.
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MAKI MAE (3 hours ago)
I pray to GOD my lifetime partner. He choose for me. And I do believed GOD that you will give me my heart desire according to your well and purpose in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN.
Clarisa Chongco (12 days ago)
Dada & Aries Tagle Father, I said till death do us part I want to mean it with all of my heart Help me to love You more than I love her Then I know I can love her more than anyone else And bring her in Your presence today Make her what You want her to be I pray to hear her heart I pray she'll love You more I pray to cherish and serve her And we'll bring You glory today, I pray I pray Father, I said till death do us part I want to mean it with all of my heart Help me to love You more than I love him Then I know I can love him more than anyone else And bring him in Your presence today Make him what You want him to be I pray to hear his heart I pray he'll love You more I pray to strengthen and serve him We'll bring You glory today, I pray Lord, help me love her As You love the church, Your bride Help me submit to him As I submit to You, my life I pray to hear her heart I pray he'll love You more I pray to cherish and serve her We'll bring You glory today, today I pray to hear her heart I pray she'll love You more I pray to cherish and serve her We'll bring You glory today I pray, I pray This is my prayer Amen 🙏 #dada&aries #unbreakable #unshakable #inGODwetrust #11-29-18
Jaymar Sevillejo (29 days ago)
HI.. 😅😁😁😁 Sa makakaduet ko balang araw sa harap ng altar gamit ang song nato...😅😂 Pagpray mo ko wag kang tamad!😅
ERA ERA (1 month ago)
How I wish someone would love me the way this man's prayer is. How wish He loves the Lord first 😓
Rickey Engle (1 month ago)
I Pray one day soon me and my love get marry and be happy and together forever,,Amen,,
Jason Martinez (1 month ago)
Can yall pray for me and this girl.I really love this girl and we are both christian and have the same dreams and passions!❤I want her to love!
Julie Robinson (1 month ago)
This song has beautiful lyrics that really speak of what the Bible says a Christian marriage should be. I love the voices, and the harmonies are also lovely. Great song for a wedding!!
Victoria Rose (1 month ago)
I am still waiting for my husband Amen!♡
Cindy Conception (1 month ago)
Nothing but you ..all I want it is you bubblegum..😁😘
Martinah Anjarasoa (1 month ago)
Love so much that song 😍😍😍 JESUS, help me to love You more than I love him and Help him to love You more than he loves me
R. Stark (2 months ago)
Pai, eu disse até que A morte nos separe Eu quero dizer com todo o meu coração Ajuda-me a amá-lo mais do que eu a amo então eu sei que posso amá-la mais do que ninguém E trazê-la (lo) em Sua presença hoje Fazê-la (lo) o que Você quer que ela (ele) seja Eu oro para ouvir seu coração Eu oro para que ela(ele) te ame mais Eu oro para acalentar (reforço) e servi-la (lo) E nós vamos levá-lo glória hoje Eu oro, eu oro (Esta é a minha oração, Amém) Pai, eu disse até que a morte nos separe Eu quero dizer Com todo o meu coração Ajuda-me a amar Você Mais do que eu o amo Então eu sei que posso Amá-lo mais Do que ninguém Senhor, ajuda-me amá-la Como você ama a Igreja, sua noiva Ajude a me submeter a ele Como eu me submeto a você, minha vida
Anna Ely Naur (2 months ago)
This is my prayer. Amen. thanks to my knowing God ✌️😘
Zen Jinkai (2 months ago)
seriously, why does this song have to make my eyes sting?
ethaar hasan (2 months ago)
I am a Baha'i Moroccan and I take responsibility for the words that the Baha'i Turks say. All of them are liars. I visited Turkey through the Central Forum in Morocco to register on the Baha'i list of Moroccans, but no one came to me and I did not find any Turkish Bahai guiding me at least to the Bahá'í holy places. They even denied the forum's message regarding my visit to Turkey. We in Morocco welcome the foreign Baha'is. A good welcome. Your lie lies, Baha'is, Turks. Where are the teachings of Baha'u'llah, which exhorts the salute and the eloquence and the tongue of compassion and finding love and love among human beings? Fear Allah and do not say that you are Baha'is.
Bigfut Music (2 months ago)
The blood of Christ has power!!
Rispher Wayua (2 months ago)
it will be my wedding song next year in JESUS name!!
Alexis Milne (2 months ago)
Is there sheet music for this anywhere?
smilealways06 (2 months ago)
I don't know if there's any free sheet music but I'm sure you can google the sheet music...;)
SOMAYA. (2 months ago)
Wonderboy Cabaya (3 months ago)
I'm still waiting God will reavel
Eloisa Hendive (3 months ago)
I will patiently wait for him Lord.
Cuteborn Enghee (2 months ago)
Come to me i will give my true love forever and ever AMEN add me M seriously add me my imo whatapp number +918660215685
Doomedmandy77 (3 months ago)
Damn I’m so salty. “God” took all my babies from my husband & me. I wanted to feel all warm n fuzzy with this song and now.... i just sad and angry. I used to love god so much. Now he’s just an echo. A painful memory of a backstabbing liar I trusted. Maybe I’ve been worshipping the wrong god. One that requires so much blood maybe shouldn’t be trusted.
djwheels66 (3 months ago)
My wife told me tonight that I have become more of a roommate and a child to her. She has begun to build a wall. She doesn’t want to, but she feels she needs to. Please pray me through this, World.
Genelyn Maranan (3 months ago)
Hi! I'm wondering if you found him yet? :)
Marie Fabelina (4 months ago)
Beautiful song ♥️
Jeena Elizabeth Thomas (4 months ago)
god help me ,please .
Novia Purwasari (4 months ago)
This is my prayer amien 🙏
Sabbrionna Patterson (4 months ago)
One day ❤️😍😘 ill find him
Keaghlan Kendrick (4 months ago)
May Celeste (4 months ago)
Adrian, this was the song I was sending you last saturday. I want this song in our wedding day Love. This lyrics was always in my prayer everyday. I love you and I hope that our relationship will make it through lifetime. We would be one of the testimonies of prayed marriage😊😘 Lets be strong to hold on each other and lets bring our relationship in the altar😊. I can't wait for that day Love❤
glenn hubble (4 months ago)
Wonderful Song
yehmiyah (4 months ago)
:) .......
Mariahsierra94 (5 months ago)
To my love, Daniel Warren I love you so much!! I can’t wait to spend forever with you! Can’t wait to be an Artz! #HappilyEverArtz Can’t wait to take your last name! So blessed that the Lord brought us together! 💗
Its ok I understand peanut
wilderness witty tv (5 months ago)
This was the song that was sang as my bride and I left the altar 4 years ago and we dated for a year and was engaged for a year prior to our marriage May the song bless everyone that has need of it as it has my marriage
sandra boon (5 months ago)
am waiting b..this song make me thinking of you A Kong...i pray...Amen
Krishnaa _5 (5 months ago)
Amen ❤️❤️
silver david (5 months ago)
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Henry Legaspi (5 months ago)
Jaymar Schwi (5 months ago)
M.& L.A. (6 months ago)
Absolutely wonderful, awesome song 😄
pete pete (6 months ago)
if your hear listening to this maybe your struggling with some romance related issue in your life....if you dont want to fail as many times as me...check this out..https://bit.ly/2LKuHGz
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtq6jTn8_V4 Check out our newest version of Always Have by Jed and Claire Seneca
Diana Mikhail (6 months ago)
Would this be a weird song for a first husband-wife dance
Iszel king V (6 months ago)
Oh God I never heard this song before it soo beautiful im glad i found this. Thank u for upload god bless you and your family!
jimuel diego (6 months ago)
I will pick this song on my wedding someday
jimuel diego (6 months ago)
I will pick this song on my wedding someday
Megan & James VanNess (6 months ago)
Wow. How beautiful!!!!
kyshaila j (6 months ago)
Love this ❤️
Odeth Magalong (7 months ago)
Mahal ko... my alberto orense. 04.23.2018
Checkerzzz gaming Hi (7 months ago)
Baby GOD Called You because You wouldn't let down God No Matter What You wouldn't bow down to Ala I Love You Baby I Hear You God Bless your Soul you warned me you would die for God Two Days before you died
Katie Davison (7 months ago)
Thank you for such a gorgeous song!! I think I may have this played during my wedding ceremony in two weeks. 😊At any rate, I'm 100% learning this with my fiancé/husband!!!
TheBear JamesBear (7 months ago)
Such a good wedding song!
Iku Mwakitwange (7 months ago)
I pray he will love you more.... help me to love u more than I love him & bring him more in ur presence ..... wish this to be our wedding song .... we will bring u glory Lord ,, lav u IKUPILIKA
7onathann lonng (7 months ago)
Master V (7 months ago)
I Wish My Wife can Feel This Way. Cause I Love Her This way Always For Ever...
faithmorgan chebet (7 months ago)
I have been reflecting on this song for as long as I can remember and God willing we will make it our theme song in a few months time as we exchange our vows. It's unfortunate he is not a musical person we would have sang the song on our wedding day. My prayer is that our marriage will bring Glory to God in every aspect! Amen.
Alex Wheeler (7 months ago)
This song is mine and my lady's song. She is from the Philippines and I was really hoping I could get a copy of this song in her native language, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo)? This would mean so much to me and I would love to surprise her and sing this song in her language to make it so much more special and dear to her heart... Hope to hear back from you soon, God bless!! Sincerely, Alex Wheeler
Marsha Rudon (8 months ago)
Loved this song at my wedding!! When my then fiance and I heard it, we knew it was just the right song for us.
Anna Vajda (8 months ago)
I wonder about that till death do us part vow. If God can give us everlasting life than I like to believe couples truly in love never have to part.
margaret karuga (8 months ago)
Lord help me to hate him that I will be able to love another guy
Natasha Lady (8 months ago)
Absolutely Beautiful 💕💜💖 💓
Noni Maulida (8 months ago)
My late sister sang this song on my wedding. Every time I hear this song, it always reminds me of her and sort of bringing back my memories with her.
MARLA SOTO (8 months ago)
Busy Brain (9 months ago)
Yes amen 💗
samuel abogado (9 months ago)
try thank God i got her by jonh waller its good
cici ramirez (10 months ago)
Beautiful song and sentiment here, and and while waiting for my future one asking what do I have to give to unite me to my future husband how will we compliment each other and ride put the difficult times Not to just get but how to give and make the three gold cord with Jehovah God through Christ Jesus viable and blessed
Alexandra Masteia (10 months ago)
Beautifully stringed marriage vow song. Perfect Indeed!
Chad Henrichsen (11 months ago)
this song is to die for 💓💓💓
ellania erica (11 months ago)
Lord,thank you for this wonderful song...
Mitzi de Guzman (11 months ago)
Sahlee Durvin (11 months ago)
Pure love never fails.Perfect song.
Hector Beltran (11 months ago)
I'm grateful to God for my wife Elsia May Beltran.
Yusisleidy Marquez (11 months ago)
I love you Jesus more than anything, please lead the way
Vi är gifta. Den rosa rosen är en symbol för det.
ROJER BONOY (1 year ago)
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Sami Starr (1 year ago)
Everything I want in a marriage❤️
Zeph Reyes (1 year ago)
Lord help me to bring her in your presence
Det är inte lätt att vara gift. Men vad kan jag göra? ❤️💗
Rochelle (1 year ago)
I love this!
Vi är gifta och jag älskar honom över allt på jorden. 💖
Tasha Kesterson (1 year ago)
Kimberly Rush and Tucker Setzer
Brian B (1 year ago)
John, you are an awsome brother
penny chonco (1 year ago)
Beautiful song! I pray it over my life and to all listening in Jesus Christ name Amen
Breanna Louisa (1 year ago)
Thank you for the lessons contained in your marriage saving book 💕 *_[ Link Here>>>_**_https://www.facebook.com/Save-my-Marriage-1434736473205798/app/208195102528120_**_ ]_* 💕 . My marriage has been saved through the lessons. I was also motivated by this program to become a better person who lives up to his potential. No more bound by self pride.
Adward (1 year ago)
Edward Perez (1 year ago)
Mwengi Joseph (1 year ago)
this song is soo powerful
Aizain Lov U (1 year ago)
What name of girl this song?
Sara Hunsberger (1 year ago)
I can't stop listening to this song. Gives me goosebumps everytime. I cant be the only one!?😍
Lili Nikolova (1 year ago)
великолепна песен
Bernard Baylosis (1 year ago)
Bernard Baylosis (1 year ago)
Jelly Tagura (1 year ago)
Very nice
Hazel Eustaquio (1 year ago)
This song was sang during our mass wedding here in baguio it melted my heart when i heard this song. Each couple should submit their lives to God and put God in everything they do so they can achive a good relationship even if life here on earth is not that perfect......cheers to every christian couples 😊
Sarah Meri (1 year ago)
Rauna Hamukwaya (1 year ago)
What a beautiful song! I pray to God to give me a husband like that who loves God! I am waiting patiently and I believe one day I will make it my theme song! In God I trust!
MayZy Lora (1 year ago)
i pray for someone to sing this song with me on our wedding day😢 a Christian man
MayZy Lora (1 year ago)
Violet Beresh ohhh really?
Violet Beresh (1 year ago)
I will
Jovita D'souza (1 year ago)
In Love with this song ...Lyrics are perfect 👍 Just waiting the day we find each other and we meet face to face and walk the aisle.
Greg Hammond (1 year ago)
Must not e for my current wife.
This is the most precious wedding song I have heard, this song touched my heart so deeply! I keep thinking if folks felt and did this there wouldn't be any divorces .. Divorce lawyers would be out of business completely! This will be my wedding song when Matthew and I get married!!! Jus can't say enough awesome things about this beautiful wonderful and amazing somg!! God Bless!!!
zefanya edward (1 year ago)
Awesome Song. Bless all

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