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Disney Lucasfilm Strange Magic Clip - 'We Have To Get Ready For the Ball ' #StrangeMagic

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JoJo Fan Hamster Fan (6 months ago)
Cool but Dawn is.annoying when she finishes her song
Tiago Antônio (5 months ago)
This movie teaches that true love doesn't come from the beauty, it is inside. It also teaches that true love is more powerful than a simple Love Potion. I want to thank George Lucas for making this beautiful and Strangely Magical movie. May the Force be with you, Lucas.
Sarah (7 months ago)
Thats just me thats it
Samantha F. (7 months ago)
Midsummer madness
vitoma03 (8 months ago)
yuridia Pedroza (8 months ago)
So many boy names
Tiago Antônio (8 months ago)
vitoma03 Ahora ten.

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