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Wild Spring Break In Miami!

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Text Comments (2086)
Gen D. (10 hours ago)
These videos are close to porn.
WELDER NUSANTARA (15 hours ago)
Jiwa jombloku bergejolak
Cameron Henson (17 hours ago)
Hey bro let me in a video with you. You're badass, screw all the haters, anyone would kill to be you
Rahul THE DARK KNIGHT (18 hours ago)
2:27 pls if anyone knows their names or igs pls drop it down here !
ניסים גלאם (21 hours ago)
Nonya Bizz (22 hours ago)
Henrick Santos (1 day ago)
elisofly too litt (1 day ago)
They freaky freaky
Can Sohbet (1 day ago)
Gril candy Cite https://www.cansohbet.net/kizlarla-sohbet.html
Qamar Amir (1 day ago)
Wow nice place
linda Venus (2 days ago)
2:26 bored 😟😴
Mira Naira (2 days ago)
How are you
George Velasco (2 days ago)
Steven Monroy (2 days ago)
Cómo se llaman ellas
Buddhalal Kumhar (2 days ago)
So sexy nice
Ooh!! Footage (2 days ago)
U have growned up a lot
Mehdi Toumi (2 days ago)
Always the americans... their minds in their assholes
Arturo Miller (3 days ago)
Steroid abuse! Que pendejo!
jbinsb (3 days ago)
Jeez you are pathetic.
Ornistein 2 (3 days ago)
Ornistein 2 (3 days ago)
Beijo feio
Rutos (3 days ago)
Song 6:30?
Anthony Ricci (4 days ago)
Isn't working out for you suppose to be healthy? How has he aged 20 plus years? God, he looks fucking awful.
tolin63 (4 days ago)
Not full at all , Vitaly is an intaligant person
AcidGlow (4 days ago)
*Those glowing sunglasses are cool* ✅🙂
Prasad Nemade (4 days ago)
I mean these girls are waste. Find a mom and wifey material.
JeT_BlaCk- ChiV (4 days ago)
Insta Names from these Girls
Ali Jamal (4 days ago)
Isaac Newton (4 days ago)
Just realized Im dead about 35 years after watch that video
Rafka Sader (4 days ago)
I wish I could kiss Dat ass
Rafka Sader (4 days ago)
Dat ass hot girls
Everybody Loves Chris (5 days ago)
“Ohh ohh, we got a little tornado over here” 😂😂😂
BRAPOT TV (5 days ago)
help subscribe me
Lucky Guy (5 days ago)
3:54 his dick is growing
Jorge Nemist (5 days ago)
5:52 kinobody?
Dilagio Gamer (5 days ago)
Totalo russo turisto
Chef Anas (5 days ago)
ZEZO TV (6 days ago)
Sexy girls
Lazarus Grave (6 days ago)
5:38 Wow wow wow! Have you got Huawei Mate 20? 😍
Back Bancher (6 days ago)
I wish I was there at that place I will make these girls very very happy..bro if you need some workers please tell me
Fahkka 09 (6 days ago)
Rawan Rawani (6 days ago)
Fuck you man
Radha Soni (6 days ago)
kuti kamni
Ikmalreza 1998 (6 days ago)
Need to do some sorting out with my watch history.
Lilly Gant (6 days ago)
I love bobs
Victor69 (7 days ago)
Final Champions?
Andri TV (7 days ago)
Miguel Angel (7 days ago)
why.......? why the hell i waisted two minutes of my life on this stupidity...?
Guess WHO'S THIS??? (7 days ago)
Ilay Hagag (7 days ago)
2:27 names??
Luis Gustavo (6 days ago)
o v VeNDeTTa o (6 days ago)
Nan Nan (8 days ago)
hamza hamdi (8 days ago)
Youcef nedjini (8 days ago)
it wonderfull , nice and so sexy
Latonya Sheffield (9 days ago)
She can't jump
Latonya Sheffield (9 days ago)
She cuddint get in the car y of serice
crcothatsme (9 days ago)
Luis Palomares (9 days ago)
Damn vitaly looking all fuck up like 50 years old going bald and shit
Ali Alqarni (9 days ago)
Mr Yusuf (9 days ago)
Miami sucks only rich rule miami
peccatamundi (9 days ago)
And then people say lesbian are a sin for the world! Try to make up your mind because things are getting ridiculous here! Trashy people...
The Old Testament prophesied in Isaiah 53 that Jesus would not have any external features or beauty that would attract or draw people to Him. Isaiah adds that Jesus would grow up like a plant out of dry ground with no form of kingly majesty. In short, Jesus looked like an average person with no distinguishing characteristics. The crowds that followed Jesus didn’t follow Him because he looked like a rock star or a model. Instead they followed Him because of His words, teachings and doctrine. Jesus’ teachings were not like the leaders of the time, rather He spoke with authority (Matthew 7:28-29).
Eli is okay (10 days ago)
BRUH what is this guy like 40
Tayla Evans (10 days ago)
Person video it really sexy🍑
Elias Ytb (10 days ago)
What is the girls name?
Ethan W (10 days ago)
It’s so crazy to come back after about 2 years and you’re accent is like gone almost. It’s a lot less now.
Akshit Sharma (10 days ago)
You used to be fun watching bro , just so you know have love you bro.
DAGESTAN n1 (11 days ago)
Why the girl kiss
Laurel Y (11 days ago)
Lata (11 days ago)
2:48 worst advice ever
gatcha life lover (11 days ago)
omg my name is talia and my bffs name is lea
Hasharienaz Hazrie (11 days ago)
Last time u are prankster... This time u are pornster...
A. B (8 days ago)
he made porn and he sucked
Danni Hill89 (9 days ago)
They so hot 🥰😍🥰, nhìn là muốn chịch rồi. 2 blone made me honey
Frank Nagi (11 days ago)
Damn these girls are thick. Please tell me their instagrams.
Johannes Tangen (11 days ago)
how are you not copyright claimed??
3sum 4you (11 days ago)
Lartiste Et SIM GAMING (11 days ago)
Arrêter je bande
Machiich (11 days ago)
the chaaaammmpiiiioooinnnsss
Anonymous Player (12 days ago)
1:52 I get it they’re not ashamed of showing skin but they’re just st covering what’s not supposed to be shown. Like your whole boob line is showing but they don’t care for nobody.
Wila Datul (12 days ago)
Channel yang gak ada manfaat nya ini
hessu hiki (12 days ago)
2:26 you came for
Abdi kafi dosentos (12 days ago)
How do u not get demonetized and if original you tubers just show a cuss word they get demonetized"¿
Dewald Loubser (12 days ago)
JawadTV (12 days ago)
sajiktm (12 days ago)
this video is for the publicity of CBD the drug cause destroy the brain
Jack Murphy (12 days ago)
Can't we just have a video of the girls?
Zachariah Kelley (12 days ago)
what those girls real names on 2:27
Randelle Remetio (12 days ago)
Got ass
Howard the Alien (12 days ago)
Robert Alexander (13 days ago)
Full blown Narcissist
5:22 there was family going over there these people don't give any shit about what they do I hope someone kiss her daughters but nd post it on YouTube for money
Yahya Madany (13 days ago)
Fucking sluts
Roland Najm (13 days ago)
Don't advertise homosexuality and sexual objectification, you liberal porn addicted ritard!
Gienah Albano (13 days ago)
Forgiving me
Geoffrey Manneck (13 days ago)
You are the man brother! I did try the CDB and it works wonders
Misael Cisneros (13 days ago)
Nice ladys
Vanessa Esquivel (13 days ago)
Girl is stupid for the champios
john harris (13 days ago)
So jealous of this man
Barracuda (13 days ago)
I mean at least the title isn't incorrect but still.. what the fuck am I watching
june2 (13 days ago)
vitaly should do a porno with these two

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