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eBay Return Policy Sucks (eBay Sellers Don't Mean Anything To eBay)

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Sold an item on eBay and listed it as a no returns accepted, and eBay still allowed the them to return it. Why have an option to not allow a buyer to return and yet, let them return it anyway.
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Jimmy Moonshine (1 year ago)
Found out that it's 60 days to return an item, eBay sellers are not a department store. We cannot refund someone who uses a product for 30 to 60 days and then return it because they don't need the item anymore. This is unfair and I'm done with eBay.
kennys Boat (26 days ago)
ebays ass. im glad i havent started selling on ebay. bc they way overcharge 10%!?!
Woody Woodpek (7 months ago)
EBay stock price tanking, you can't polish a turd.
Jack Son (1 year ago)
that's the problem, these buyers are treating us like department stores, and my story (posted just now), they used one of my items, then was able to file a return because items were "missing" despite everything listed and pictured were there, yet ebay still ruled in their favor, so my items value went down after not returning in the same condition, topping it off ebay still charged me the seller fee, took all the buyer's money to give back to them, which then because I had no money to cover the fee overdrew my bank account, and it's like this is snowballing!! Ebay has got to be the worst, I mean who forces a return like that, then still charges the seller? Ebay needs to lose all good sellers, I had 19 years with them, it's a shame that it has to end, but when they screw over sellers like this, something is seriously wrong!!
Seymour Kitty (5 days ago)
If you can't beat them, join them.
Isaac mondragon (6 days ago)
As i have said in my previous comment i truly believe Ebay is the scam bot posing as buyers and getting refunded while keeping the product! They make the rules and enforce as its suits the need in each case to monitise on the back end! They can get away because the government is not investigating
fred flintstone (12 days ago)
I agree. I've just sold an item with a crack in it. I clearly stated it had a crack in the advert. The buyer then asked me for a partial refund to replace the cracked part. I refused so he opened a case with Ebay. I have just spoken to Ebay escalation and they advised that I refund him? Why I asked? Buyer protection they reply. Doesn't the wording say an item has to be significantly not as described? The agent said Ebay will make a decision when the buyer escalates and they will always side with the buyer and If I don't accept the return there is a chance I will lose the money and the goods as Ebay will tell them to keep the item and also give them a refund! This is the 100% Truth.
OptifIex (24 days ago)
There are certain Items you just don't want to sell on EBAY NO MATTER WHAT. Vintage Electronics! They buy yours and ship back their broken one. Or they take a needed component out of yours and ship it back to you defective. Why wouldn't they do this? It costs them NOTHING! They eventually got what they needed for FREE. If you are going to dare to try to sell something like a Boom Box, or Stereo, or vintage game system, try to avoid selling to somebody who buys and SELLS electronics on EBAY! When they send you offers CHECK THAT FEEDBACK! Very often you'll find they guy has sold 10 of what he's buying from you!!!! Why would they need yours? Think about it! you have 3000+ feedbacks, zero negs, why is a guy telling you to make sure you package carefully? Doesn't it already say 500 times in that feedback youre a great shipper? He's building a narrative even before getting you item. You'll get an email basically accusing you of selling him garbage, badly packaged, multiple things wrong with it.
OptifIex (24 days ago)
A. Ebay isn't anything like it used to be. You'd list a decent Item, 100 people at least would look at it. Nowadays, 5 looks over 30 days is not uncommon. B What is common is ridiculous low bid offers. Buyers switching out their broken or defective with your good one, and EBAY allowing somebody to do this 100 times a day, without any repercussions. For all you know, you're dealing with a con artist who has 20 employees buying stuff all day long, and claiming it was defective upon arrival. How would you know? Ebay doesn't allow you to negative these people! I just had a guy buy a plate for $20, but pay $30 in shipping, he emailed me over a dozen times prior to shipping this item out. WHICH IS A HUGE RED FLAG. He emailed me several times to complain about the shipping while in transit. Sure enough, he got it and is trying to switch out his bad one with my good one. So a plate I sold for $20 is probably going to cost me at least $50
Arctic Vette / 1000whp (28 days ago)
I agree eBay ripped me off $1300.00 same situation and the jerk didn't even need to return the damn item.
YUNVMY COOLNAME (29 days ago)
2years later & ebay is still the same 😂. I sold one item on ebay in my life made my $400 gave ebay/ the middle man they cut & never when back cause i knew i was lucky after 30days had pass with no problem ..use to wake up every morning in fear of seeing a dispute 😅
TOP TRENDING (1 month ago)
Hey seller you have to understand the risk on selling online. Both eBay and Amazon will not in favor you for defective reason. They might give you courtesy credit its simply because you’re an asshole you keep on insisting your own policy but think about it you’re using thr flatform and your policy can be overriden and its thr Rights. Do you think customer rep see what the item your sending and what the buyer receiv. The decision is on eBay and Amazon so dont blame your lost and ask them to cover it. Selling online thrs risk and rewards if you feel the decision is unfair then dont sell your item with them dont be too lazy create you own online flatform. BTW you RACIST🤬 dont blame the people that work for them its ,first up its them that source out people in the third world country because if they hire you the company would not grow obviously your ATTITUDE🤬 to all who see this message please block this seller on youtube by clicking report this content at the top. Anyways maybe this seller still listing ther item on them so sad🤐 and afraid to withrewn😪
Anonymous (1 month ago)
They just did this to me, I sold an item, with EVERYTHING in the picture, I am 100% sure I shipped everything in the picture... The "customer" said the power cable was missing. 1) the power cable was in there 2) even if it wasnt, you can buy a replacement for like 4 dollars.
Jimmy Moonshine (1 month ago)
That should not be an excuse to send an item back, eBay should allow you to buy the buyer a new power cord. Instead they allow the buyer to send it back and you pay shipping cost and have to give back the money. It's unfair and I'm sure a law suit will be in the works on eBay. I cannot wait for them to get sued, greedy bastards.
Morgan Brown (1 month ago)
Ebay sucks. I closed my eBay store. They are just another GREEDY AMERICAN CORPORATION. Typical scumbags at the top that just can't get enough off the ugly green fake money. Can't believe they even charge a fee on shipping. If they want to charge a fee on shipping they should charge the USPS or which ever carrier one uses. If you want to make money on eBay you have to sell very high end products (which brings many more problems) or you have to have a shit load of products that you sell extremely cheap. Also Ebay loves the Chinese companies that almost give their cheap products away so you have to compete with them. If you want to sell super cheap stuff and pack your house with all that crap then you will love eBay. I don't want the U.S./Ebay materialism taking over my living space. Anyway.......bye bye Ebay Decay.
Kevin Gallimore (1 month ago)
AMEN BROTHER! I just got SC-REWED by a jerk who bought my receiver, then with one incoherent sentence a month later - was able to return a NOW TRASHED receiver despite my no return policy. Ebay did nothing - support was terrible and I'm out $500+ bucks and ebay has been of ZERO help!?! DONE with ebay!!!
Thailand Thomas (1 month ago)
EBay sucks! I quit them 8 months ago.
Boney Tiger (1 month ago)
Certain items just don't work to sell on eBay. Yes, they do route the calls overseas, though some reps are very helpful. I've made good sales on eBay, but it definitely requires a learning curve, always bug the customer service for a 1 time courtesy is there's an unfair charge.
JEFF JACK (2 months ago)
Screw ebay. Their return policy is bs. Their platform is bs. Their fees are bsl. Someone create a ebay strike group for sellers and we will all join and put our stores on vacation mode for a month or just plan old shut them down for a month. Lets hit them where it hurts!
sportman700 atv (2 months ago)
i agree on that and here why ... i did buy a generator duromax 4850 ..and i supposed getting buy yesterday or the day before .. ..and guess what ..i never got it ...i m so fucking pissed off at seller and ebay for scamming me and your right .. ebay are fucking sucks ... very soon i will close my ebay account
FRANK PAIN (2 months ago)
hopeinajar77 (3 months ago)
Yep, I just got screwed by eBay . A buyer (who is also a seller) said I sold her a "damaged" bag . She wanted to buy a $8 bag and resell for more . She didn't think bag was up to her standards so she called eBay and said it was " damaged" when it wasn't . She scammed their damage money back guarantee policy . eBay ruled in her favor in less then 10 minutes and now I have to wait up to 10 days to get my product back God only knows the condition of the bag now . I don't even want this energy back in my house ! The hell with eBay I'm going to go to Amazon . This video was 100%. They only care about the buyer and manipulators . I hade to wait almost a week to even get the money from the sale , then an additional day via PayPal then the lady same day item was received requested refund so the money was in my paypal for less then 4 hours. I never got to touch it . The 3rd world customer service gives you the wrong advice , keeps you on hold forever while you end up still getting screwed more . I'm done with them ! The stress isn't with it! Don't use eBay people unless you want to lose money and time dealing with bs opportunist !
Stephanie In the wild (3 months ago)
The customer can return item and most of the time keep it as its too costly to pay for return shipping. EBay used to be a online garage sale. You could buy a really used snoopy lunch box or mug. You could buy used socks and underwear too. 20 years ago eBay was great for sellers. You could find a book for 50 cents and sell it on eBay for $10 to $20 depending on which book and shipping on media cheap. Nowadays you give your items away and broke your wallet and back letting them steal your stuff.
Scott Ross (3 months ago)
Actually it's the other God damn way around. If you're cheating people, taking their money, you need your retarded faces savagely bitch slapped. Boo fucking hoo.
Tiarpita (3 months ago)
I think ebay is a scam. I was a new seller and put an item up for sale that sold same day for close to what I paid for it 15 years ago. I should have known it was too good to be true....So, two days later the buyer wants a refund and from the sound of his email is complete BS. eBay tells me that if I don’t settle it will effect my feedback in a negative way. So, imagine this..... someone from eBay buys the item same day, top dollar. I get charged the seller fee, then he wants it returned, eBay doesn’t back me up- actually threatens me with bad will. So, I refund the money plus shipping and eBay is hoping that I re-post it for another seller fee.....F*#K YOU EBAY! I’m done with you and PayPal (another fee) I was being honest and you pissed me off with you BS policies. I wish I could reach through the internet a strangle someone.
FRANK PAIN (4 months ago)
R W (4 months ago)
When we need help with our eBay Business, we have rely on people like [email protected] Disagree with him and he will lie to get you banned. His name is Trinton Colby Barber. Google his name. He was scamming people on Gofundme (look at the cached page)!! Look at his experience. This is the higher up US based customer service we eBay seller have to rely on, what a shame
computethisblockhead (4 months ago)
eBay is getting worse by the day.
classic car lover 1959 (4 months ago)
The whole dam sight is fucked any more. The other day i tried to leave feedback for an item i bought and it came up that ebay dose not allow profanity. This is what i said " needs cleaning but in good shape wish it was the original handle thanks. Where is the profanity? I contact customer service and get this response "Oh dear, you are going to laugh at the absurdity. Since we don't allow swearing when leaving feedback members have always come up with creative ways to get around that. So now when our filters are looking for those words it does remove the spaces between words - it looks like "wish it" smushed together is what is triggering that filter. ~Britt" I'm not fucking laughing Britt if anthing it makes me want to come through the computer and strangle you because you think your retarded system is funny!!!
Morgan Brown (4 months ago)
This is horrible. I am a new seller and right from the start I have challenges every day. I am constantly hassled about lowering my prices and then when I lowered some of my prices to next to nothing after postal fees, eBay fees, PayPal fees and packing supplies, then they keep changing my listings to "Best Offer"! Seriously, I'm selling something for $24 and now I'm suppose to lower it even more for a offer? I have only been on eBay for 2 months and I have listed over 100 items. So much work. And so much work to go into every item and revise them to take off the Best Offer. I'm am searching for another online selling site. Then I found out that last year they wanted sellers to accept returns and pay for it???? Are you kidding me. I wonder if their CEO wants to work for free? What a racket. I haven't even checked to see what the execs at eBay are making but it must be outrageous amounts. Then I have noticed that Goodwill is raising all their prices. And heard from someone that they also have boutiques now so it makes sense why I can't find any high end stuff there. Just a bunch of junk, at least in my area.
teepanath (4 months ago)
First of all, i really your presentation and your voice. I hate eBay also. They deleted my lists with no reason. When i askes why removed my lists. They no reply or something replied like a robot with no reason. Stupid eBay.
Michael Lane (4 months ago)
All true. People are fleeing Ebay and going to Amazon or somewhere for all the reasons you describe. I had a buyer claim there was postage due on the item I had already weighed and paid postage on. I remitted that money and maybe broke even on the transaction. A mechanic I know sold someone a perfectly good auto part. Person said it was broken, complained to Ebay, got his refund and sent back a broken auto part (not the one the mechanic sent him.) So, buyer kept the working item, sent back his old broken item, and then enjoyed a refund. Wow. I've been with Ebay since 1999 and I know it has been time to go to Amazon for several years now. Ebay sucks and don't care that they suck.
J Ph (4 months ago)
I am already done with ebay! Wishing they're gonna be bankrupt!
Blue 15 (5 months ago)
I agree with you ,i just got screwed as a seller again on ebay ,i'm done with them ,everything you said is true !!! Never Again !!!
stephen trupp (5 months ago)
wait til they do a charge back on their credit card and paypal tells you that you’ve lost the item and the money you were paid for the item
Cheng Jason (5 months ago)
Happened to me too Ebay just shit as fuck. I’m even worst I got to pay like hundreds bucks for the fucking international shipping...
Pro ESeller (5 months ago)
I had this happen to me as well
Oliver Friesen (6 months ago)
I bought some stuff on eBay, the stuff never shipped. So I just gave the seller money, I called eBay for help and you guessed it nothing.
somuchfun no (6 months ago)
Umm, it’s actually 6 months now. Buyers have upto 6 months (180 days to dispute now) This change was made because that’s the credit card dispute time frame. Paypal allows up to 180 days. Crazy! It’s so long it’s ridiculous now. The credit card policy ranks higher then retail or online store policies. No matter what the store policy is the seller is screwed even if a dispute comes in after 60/90/120/150 days they still will get their money back.. Credit Card companies always take the customers side too. Always! keep that in mind for your own purchases and disputes.. like when something breaks.. you are covered by credit card policy even if the store says no they won’t take it back, that includes Amazon after their 30 day policy, They say no, then you go and dispute the sale through your credit card BAM you get your money back and the seller is forced to give the credit card company their money back or the credit card company will close the merchant account and not work with the store anymore. The famous saying Ebay loves to tell their irate sellers is sorry but “It’s the cost of doing business” ebay’s attitude is accept it or get out. They don’t care.
Customer Advocate (6 months ago)
JUST HAD THE SAME FUCKING PROBLEM! The guy literally destroyed two sticks of memory and is able to return them. When I called them they told me "TAKING A LOSS IS PART OF DOING BUSINESS"
Digital Sharecropper (6 months ago)
If you are not one of their buddies in Guangzhou, they absolutely despise you. It's true, US sellers are crap to them. They love collecting your fees and giving your merchandise away but they want you to fail and do everything they can. They just want YOUR merchandise and money. They don't have anything of their own to sell so they give yours away.
Rose (6 months ago)
i stopped selling on ebay for that very reason years ago!!! and I'm not a business... I sell my preloved stuff on gumtree Australia and facebook market place, and there's no charges!! I keep all the cash AND i don't have to waste my time packing the item up and going to the post office!!!WIN WIN!!! ebay is on it's way out!!! they offer discounts all the time now what does that tell you? 5% to 10% off most of the time!!!!
Robbie WillSurvive! (6 months ago)
1. eBay is a haven for scam artists. 2. In a dispute, PayPal chooses buyer over seller EVERY TIME - zero seller support or protection. 3. Lesson learned? - Join the scammers - no matter what you do or whose livelihood you cheat them out of, YOU as a buyer are protected by eBay and PayPal! 4. Yup.... eBay and PayPal - Complicit SCAMMING SCUMBAGS! eBay's seller protection policy clearly states: THE BUYER IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THE SELLER CAN DO ABOUT IT. If the buyer scams you... eBay and PayPal will ALWAYS side with the buyer and give them a full refund AND they will also allow them to keep the item (or at most the buyer will return the item damaged or just send you an empty box).
Robbie WillSurvive! (4 months ago)
@Steven Tyler ....if buyer is refunded, Seller gets eBay fees refunded. However, seller will not be reimbursed for the cost of shipping the item to the buyer, or the cost of returning the item back to him. So seller gets stung by the cost of shipping an item TWICE. Hence on smaller items, most eBay sellers just issue a refund and allow the buyer to keep the item, letting the scammer win. BTW checking the box that states ""no returns" is completely ignored by eBay EVERY TIME. eBay NEVER sides with the seller, they back the buyer/scammer every time. ☹️
Steven Tyler (4 months ago)
If this happens where they return the item and refund the buyer, do they still charge you the fees on top of getting screwed or do those get refunded to you?
Sylvester Vanderlee (6 months ago)
Listed an item for parts or repair only with no returns. The buyer got the item and now says it doesn't work and wants a refund . Are they too stupid to read that it's for parts or repair only. The item new is $680 and used it's $360. He paid $45 for it and it doesn't work and now wants a refund.But yet I have to eat all the cost and now in the hole for selling it. Could have thrown it away and came out on the winning end . Thanks ebay , and they wonder where all the sellers went.
Ademir Batista (6 months ago)
I had the same problem. Sold a computer for parts not working "AS IS and NO RETURN" The buyer took all the parts that he needed and return the it. Ebay refund the buyer 100% and I had to pay paypal fees and shipping cost both ways. Auction on ebay has no meaning and better try another platform
Ingeborg Svensson (6 months ago)
You do not make any sense: why do you, the buyer, don not mean anything to Ebay when it turns out you were the seller? And why don't you have 498 dollar if you just received that amount from the seller? You spent it all didn't you? The Ebay Money back Guarantee is 60 days so it was well within that period.
tubengagements (7 months ago)
ebay will eventually implode. my case. sold an expensive amp. buyer claims shipping damage. BEFORE fed ex can inspect for damage ebay REFUNDS the buyer. ebay's format IS: seller waits for returned item, once inspected, issue refund. pretty simple. NOPE! they issue him a 725.00 refund! i reported the buyer previously & will share his name just message me, because you can see by his feedback left for sellers he has a high rate of complaints meaning he's scamming. he's either getting money off or getting items for FREE because sellers don't want to deal with him. i'm the WRONG seller. fed ex inspects the package & issues me a refund. GREAT! Not so great. they leave it there. i insist they retain it & ship it back. i receive the amp which only looks further damaged & worse, it's missing the plug & original manual. if the MORONS at ebay hadn't refunded him without my consent had they followed their own protocl i could've held that over his head only issuing a partial or most of his refund minus the amount for the missing items. Absolute disaster taking WEEKS to finalize & the buyer walks away unscathed. do you know what would've happened if i as a seller had forgotten to include the plug & manual & then refused to send it after the buyer complained, i would've been suspended & he would've gotten a full refund and to keep the item.
Jimmy Moonshine (7 months ago)
This is horrible, and eBay should be sued for all the bullshit they put their sellers thru. It's totally fucked up!
Tabitha Blakemore (7 months ago)
Dude if you aren’t a full time radio do or voice actor you REALLY need to get on it. You sound like Burt Gilliam from Blazing Sadles- albeit with better diction : ) and curse away because that’s some bullshit what happened to you. Thanks for the laughs : )
Jordan Kress (7 months ago)
At least you got your item back. I got fucked over a $235 piece of top notch studio equipment and ebay refunded their asses after they received it and I wasnt even notified about it!!!!! And not only that but apparently "no returns accepted" doesnt mean no refunds so I'm not even getting my fucking product back. They straight up scammed me. AND I still have to pay a bullshit $48 invoice.
HONKY SAVAGE (7 months ago)
Facebook Marketplace is making me loot. HAHA. So much better. AND FREE...
classic car lover 1959 (4 months ago)
People are mentally retarded there too. I cant tell you how many times somebody told me they wanted something then they dont show up to get it. A few times somebody said the they would be there at a certain time and i wait over a half hour and dont come so i leave and apparently they show after that then turn me into Facebook market place or the group saying i never showed. Thank god i screen shot all my messages so if administration comes at me i can prove myself
Gustavo Paredes (7 months ago)
I feel your pain. The same has happened to me and is unfair.
nuclearthreat545 (8 months ago)
neverdrift12 (8 months ago)
Same thing here. Sold two different items. I didn't know ebay changed their policy. It's costing me 30$ for shipping now and 10$ worth of fees. Because "the items are defective" yet work fine for me. EBay is a scam.
Mar Du (9 months ago)
You have to head the b.s. off once you see it coming. I have a no return policy and eBay has sided with me in over 90% of returns. I call them and direct them to the listing description which is usually the issue when a buyer claims not as described or have buyers remorse. I have buyers claim not as described when it's listed clearly. I also make sure any item over $200 get insurance. For those cases where somehow the packages mysteriously gets damaged or a claim for something I have no control over. Most important thing in any case try to be the first to contact them.
My Florida Backyard (10 months ago)
Ive been a seller for 13 years and a power seller about 8 years this took a extraordinary effort and these bastards have brought me to the point of eating a bullet!! the past 3 years they have fucked my once good biz to poverty level. with their BS policies and selective enforcement of those policies meanwhile letting my competition go free with the same things i was told i cant do and suspended for !! If you think calling their LAME ASS CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL RECTIFY things THINK AGAIN!! I guess they feel someone as clever as i in marketing a certain product has to much advantage over a new comer?? I have Old school marketing experience and can sell ice to Eskimo's and have return sales!!!!! they have handcuffed me to the point of no return!! This is a free market place but not on ebay with twisted algorithms and more BS waiting in the wings!! also These pricks will dip into your Pay Pal and take anything they feel for refund of fraud buyers!! If you think of selling for a living on ebay those days are over!! Arthur Klisiewicz
My Florida Backyard (10 months ago)
wish i had options
Jimmy Moonshine (10 months ago)
I rather take my chances selling to a cereal killer on craigslist than selling on ebay. I'm done with eBay...
My Florida Backyard (10 months ago)
its a dam shame how ebay has treated us im still 100% positive feedback with 4200 feeds but ive had to bend over with out lube to get there specially when these bastards know you cant fight back whats right is right and we dont get into this biz to fuck anyone over cause you dont build a biz that way !! but now ebay and buyers want us to grab ankles and bend over the sink!!!!!
Jimmy Moonshine (10 months ago)
Don't worry, a law suit will soon be in the works. I said it with bank of america, and I'm saying it now with ebay. They're going to pay for the way they treat top sellers and any seller for that matter. You would think they wouldn't bite the hand that feeds them, but the opposite is true. Get this, I sold something on eBay the other day and I had to cancel order because seller wasn't happy with product. I canceled the order, so at this point it's like it never happened. Do you know he was still able to leave a negative feedback even after I canceled the fucking order. Not only are they fucking the sellers, but, you can't compete with china prices anymore. I can't sell shit on eBay like I use to. Why are they allowing china to sell on an American ebay platform is beyond me. Everything you wanna sell is under priced by china sellers, if you sell something for $20.00, china sells it for $1.00, if you have something for $100.00 china has it for $1.00. It's horrible and shouldn't be allowed.
Tube seller (10 months ago)
Dude are you joking . You can not swear enough. You could say the word FUCK a billion times and still would not be enough . Ebay is the Devil
Colin Buck (11 months ago)
I am having the same problem i sold a Sony camcorder after 43 days he emailed me and said its not working and wanted to return it for a refund i received it yesterday and the only problem was a faulty tape he was trying to transfer onto his computer the camcorder was 100% working He also failed to return my professional grade Sony tape he returned a faulty low grade one I have reported him to E bay but they will side with this lying buyer E bay offer no protection for the seller its great if you are a dishonest buyer looking for something for nothing and a lying Scumbag all you have to do is be dishonest and tell E bay that its not as described and you get to use something for 43 day and a free return
Jimmy Moonshine (11 months ago)
It's become a business for many people who found this loop hole at ebay! Ebay will get sued very soon, I said it with bank of America and I'll say it with ebay. They will be investigated by the government just like mark zuck a bird did, remember my words.
Greg Taylor (11 months ago)
Just got an email today from a seller from a purchase from Dec. 1st 2017, now says it's broke & wants refund!!??? WTF?? I know there is nothing they can do to me being now July 3rd 2018, but the balls some people have!! Blocked them & didn't even respond back!! Not only that, they purchased two (2) of the same items & both broke at the same time 7 months later??
This video is litterly what just happened to me
Yu Tube (1 year ago)
Yes -  sold a perfectly good and tested brand new item to a moron who claimed it didn't work. my listing stated "buyer pays return shipping" but eBay charged me. all an unscrupulous buyer has to do is claim an item doesn't work and the seller gets stuck with paying for return shipping. I tested the item upon return and, as expected, it worked perfectly. this was a solid state item (an item with no moving parts).I had to threaten to close my account just to get eBay to reimburse me for the return shipping cost and to respond to the negative feedback the moron buyer left for me.another time I sold an item to someone in Canada. they claimed they never got it. lost the PayPal dispute when a PayPal employee falsified the claim history and I thought I was out $300. three months later the well-traveled package showed up on my front step with stickers (Customs, Canada Post) all over it. so I contacted the "buyer" to see what the deal was and he tells me the shipping address was for his grandma's house and he never picked it up. at least the guy reimbursed me for my shipping cost.
Michael Knight (1 year ago)
Fuck Feebay !
Norrr (1 year ago)
Lol I sold an intake manifold and and a throttle body the person complained that the item had a broken hose on it.. the post was for the intake manifold and the throttle body nothing else anything else connected was just extra .. I sold the item for 100$ with free shipping it cost me 50$ to ship .. he filed a case for a return .. it went to favor of the buyer.. They refunded him the money and I told him to keep the item because it was another 50$ to ship it back that. I had to pay for so now I’m down 150$ lol .. eBay sucks I’m closing my account today !
Jimmy Moonshine (1 year ago)
It's horrible young man, not sure how they haven't been sued yet...I said the same shit about bank of America being a horrible bank and now they're getting sued for over draft fees. I cannot wait for a class action lawsuit to be brought up against eBay and they're bogus policies. Thanks for your comment...and I feel for you on this.
Brian Berthold (1 year ago)
it has been known for 10 years ebay does this ... so WHY did you sell it on ebay knowing full well they do this?
Jonny Boy (1 year ago)
If you think Amazon is better to sell on than ebay expect a big surprise lol. Amazon is FAR worse than eBay for been a seller and the fees are higher (15% is the lowest and it goes up from there). I've actually noticed eBay has been copying Amazon on many changes in the past 2 years in an attempt to compete and that is why eBay has got worse for sellers in that time.
Cookie Boy (1 year ago)
Lets go on Strike!
ianrbell (3 months ago)
I asked a seller a question.I wanted to see the item that I was going to buy on ebay. ebay then restricted my account so that I could not buy or sell. The bible states that the mark of the beast will not allow us to buy or sell. ebay is the beast. I have now closed my paypal, and auction sniper accounts. ebay will close my account with them in 60 days time. meanwhile ebay will not allow me to leave feedback or do anything where ebay is involved. We must demand that ebay be removed from the internet, since ebay is the antichrist. OH YES. I am not religious. I am an agnostic existentialist.
Jay Beswick (1 year ago)
ebay LAWSUIT / Its here and they need 1,000 signatures, post the link on every video of a seller ripped off PLEASE!!! http://www.ebaylawsuit.com
simon roberts (1 year ago)
Same old shit with ebay!! in uk... Ebay Mmmmm scambay...
Bicky Singh (1 year ago)
And this is why I am working really hard on my startup called Sell It Down. I’m going to use your video for my instagram and give you credit @Sell_it_down
Anthony Mangano (1 year ago)
I’m done selling on eBay for the very reason talked about in this video. I sent a perfectly good item to a customer that was packed very well. They are claiming it got destroyed in shipping but refused to take pictures of it so I could file a claim with the post office. I didn’t even get the item back yet! eBay forced me into accepting the return and to pay for return shipping. This wasn’t the first time I was burned by eBay, but it’s certainly the last time. Bye eBay!
Chris Moore (2 months ago)
I'm going through the same thing.
Jimmy Moonshine (1 year ago)
I feel your pain...
Arthur Klisiewicz (1 year ago)
agree 100% - EBAY SUCKS !
Jack Son (1 year ago)
Oh, did I ever get fucked over from ebay. I sold a partial set- clearly indicating in the listing it was a partial set. The buyer either unaware, or swapped items (I sense they did as a previously unopened item had its seal broken), then used their VERY liberal return policy (I also clearly posed no returns), to claim items were "missing" despite everything in the listing arriving! I also offered free shipping, so goddamn am I fucked here's how. The buyer got all their money back, and ebay then charged me for them to ship it back, on top of the seller fees after it sold, after taking all the money back! That fee then came out of my checking account, overdrawing that, so the bank then charged me a fee, because I had no way of making any of those payments, ebay took back all the money to give to the buyer! I reported the charge to the bank as fraudulent, but I seriously doubt I'll see a dime of that money, not to mention the time, as well as the fact the items returned weren't even in the same condition- like I mentioned before a sealed item had its seal broken. Sellers are totally getting fucked over by ebay, and it's time everyone leaves ebay entirely!! Oh, and I've been on ebay since 1998, so don't try to claim I'm a newbie, this is just the ultimate screw-over I've had to deal with, and I'm done, $40 fucking dollars for nothing but wasted time! GODDAMN FUCKING EBAY!!!!
Jimmy Moonshine (1 year ago)
I feel your fucking pain man, eBay is complete crap of dog shit on my ex's face!
I sold a chainsaw and put the no return accept policy and he didn't like it and ebay made me give him his money back and it had missing parts and i reclaimed and i made him pay the missing parts Vendi una motosierra en ebay y no acepto retorno y no legusto al comprador y ebay hiso que le regresara el dinero y cuando la recibi benia incompleta hice una reclamacion y hicieron al comprador que me pagara las parte que faltaron
W. D. Smith (1 year ago)
Sellers need to sue the dog shit out of Ebay for fraud.
Kurt Lakin (1 year ago)
I had this happen, return no matter what.
Simon Wilkes (1 year ago)
all too true, have had the same shit on ebay.co.uk, they are just as bad, and have just got far too big for there boots.
James Bomb (1 year ago)
Bomb the eBay office.
Evann Milless (1 year ago)
that's why I don't sell on eBay. its all bs these days. love your content. great video☺
SoloArt Studio (1 year ago)
Get at them, JIMMY!!! #10
Joshua (1 year ago)
There shouldn't be a ban on having help desk with employees from third world nations. If eBay keeps this up they'll just keep losing business, as you're an example of that.
Yu Tube (1 year ago)
I hope you mean SHOULD be a ban.
Conejo lulu (1 year ago)
i just sub for you. Please give me back a sub. Thanks
VoiD ProDigy (1 year ago)
Great video,Can u check out my channel?I promise to be an active subscriber on ur channel!Sub 4 sub!!!
Pizza Parker (1 year ago)
What was the item?
- (1 year ago)
So, someone can brake an item, claim it came broken, and get their money back.
Kevin Gallimore (1 month ago)
They don't EVEN have to claim it was broken! They can say it was the wrong description or pretty much anything...a string words and ebay sides with them and you're screwed!
GEORGIA MOLLDREM (2 months ago)
ikr!!!! Absolute bullshit
Morgan Brown (4 months ago)
@Jack Son What the hell???!!
Just happened to me, they claiming it “broke in transit” NOT MY FAULT!!!
Jack Son (1 year ago)
yup, I'm a victim of a buyer scam, but it also gets worse. They still charge you a seller fee on the item, even though they returned the buyer's money, so if you only sell one thing like I did, and don't have enough money in your bank account to cover a fee for what essentially is wasting your time, then it'll overdraw your account, adding bank fees on top of this- I'd have had enough if they didn't let the buyer put in a false claim! I'm out $40 (seller fee and bank fine) and the items are no longer in their mint condition, so I REALLY got screwed over from ebay for what is essentially $40 to do nothing but waste my time.

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