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Tiffany Haddish Challenges Prince T’Challa For The Throne | 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Our host Tiffany Haddish enters ‘Black Panther’ to fight Chadwick Boseman for the title with help from Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Lil Rel Howery at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. Check out more from 2018 MTV Movie + TV Awards here: http://www.mtv.com/movie-and-tv-awards #MTV #MTVAwards #TiffanyHaddish #BlackPanther Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/ #MTV is your destination for the hit series Wild 'N Out, Siesta Key, The Challenge, MTV Floribama Shore, Teen Mom and much more!
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Text Comments (1962)
Carolyn Pitts (16 days ago)
Oh hell no t'challa kick her ass you didn't take that b******* from The Winter Soldier I know you ain't going to let her get away with it ( Calm down everyone this is a joke okay can we tell jokes nowadays this is a joke this is meant to be a joke I know this is a real I know this isn't part of the movie it's a joke okay I'm telling a joke I feel like I have to make this public service announcement because there is so many sensitive people)
Marissa Wilson (22 days ago)
It's a no for me dog....
Cleeff Jean-Pierre (28 days ago)
i love her so much
Jordon Reid (1 month ago)
This vid was hilarious
Princess Production (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 a cyAh badda lmfao
Martell Jasper (1 month ago)
My tears are out!
Lourde Heru (1 month ago)
No one. I mean NO ONE, beats the Unicorn Outfit other than Toderick Hall! Mmhmhm.....
Jesús Ramirez (1 month ago)
Wait Tiffany who bit Beyoncé sksksks
Janahina Valencia (2 months ago)
We want more of the black unicorn 🦄 please!
Musical Haze (2 months ago)
Oh you *NASTY* ! I like that T'Chacalatte! 😂😂😂😂😂
Count IV (2 months ago)
Drink this hot shit
Nat Clark (2 months ago)
IamNessa _ (2 months ago)
Lmaoo wtf did i just watch?
Jayda BROWN (2 months ago)
This is funny
Jayda BROWN (2 months ago)
She love her groupons
Jayda BROWN (2 months ago)
Heyyyy she ready
Black Artist24 (2 months ago)
3:48 😂
Kimberly Mais (2 months ago)
Lol so good
terminalcommand (2 months ago)
Only White People Find Tiffany Haddish Funny.....After all they are not laughing with her, they are laughing at her and what they think of Black People Tiffany Haddish is around to make insecure White People feel better about their station in life........She didn't just "come out of no where" she was chosen.
terminalcommand (2 months ago)
+blognewb Not a fan or worshipper of other humans. Enjoy your "ratchet humor" and "criminal black rappers", enjoy your limited and preordained social roles. And enjoy that sunken place.....
blognewb (2 months ago)
Katt Williams fan triggered. ROFL you need a safe space
terminalcommand (2 months ago)
Tiffany Haddish is being propped up and propelled by the White Establishment as a symbol of how they want Black Women represented in the media......They control these sellouts at the top. Why do you think they got Kevin Hart in a dress? Why do you think out of all the Black Male Actors, they choose him as a leading man? Think people.......
NoNo Gaming (2 months ago)
Dumb money
Je'Niece McCullough (2 months ago)
Peewee S (2 months ago)
Black unicorn...I like it!!!!
Peewee S (2 months ago)
MTV movie Awards forever!!!
Alpha x Queen (2 months ago)
Her new legal name is T’tiffany haddish
Isaiah Ruiz (2 months ago)
“Behold the black unicorn and she horny as hell “ I’m dead 💀
Jaydia Simmons (3 months ago)
I went to see this movie again after seeing this hilarious skit (was treating my mom who had never seen it) and when it reached this scene all I could think about was Tiffany and her crazy ass!
blognewb (2 months ago)
In the theaters or Netflix at home? Where did you see it?
CutiePuffs (3 months ago)
sister sister Sis (3 months ago)
butthurt people coming oh wait hundreds are already here
Daniel (3 months ago)
Mua Faasao (3 months ago)
Oh my goodness😂😂😂
Mua Faasao (3 months ago)
Jays Games (3 months ago)
2:40 so I guess we aren't gonna talk about how t'challa was no where near her and somehow got stabbed
BelindaWorks (3 months ago)
retard! lol!
Makala Thomas (3 months ago)
That is f*cking brilliant loooooool
Pamela G (3 months ago)
Cool Cactus (3 months ago)
beyhan (3 months ago)
"well, i'm tiffany haddish and i know who bit beyonce"
Ernest Brown2 (3 months ago)
This was so wack
Lisa Bisnauth (3 months ago)
Lol shes goofy
charissecoal (3 months ago)
I like tiffany haddish, loved her in girls trip but i’ve never been into her own style of comedy. I got more excited when queen latifah and jada popped up
Blacc Angel (3 months ago)
She's a female Kevin Hart.
Demetrius Hunt (3 months ago)
If marvel don't ban this I'm going to be a DC fan for life she wack
blognewb (2 months ago)
You're so stupid. Marvel made money off of this skit.
Ausine Avril (3 months ago)
Libertad (3 months ago)
Fanofmanythings (3 months ago)
2:33 Battle over! Everyone start dancing! XD
shes like the female tracy morgan
Marie Carroll (3 months ago)
hahahahaha OMG Good job MTV. lmfbo
Roman Alvarez (3 months ago)
"You so close to getting my face pregnant right now" 😂😂😂
😂😂😂😂😂 I came to battle bitches
imrel da laydih (3 months ago)
mrbigg151 (3 months ago)
Lol cute lil spin on things
Alec Antonio (3 months ago)
Fcking love this😂😂😂
Gingertea1 (3 months ago)
When are they going to poke fun at the Captain America movie, smh...
Libras Scorned (3 months ago)
Urso Major (3 months ago)
What disturbs me is the lack of "cinematics" Black Panther and other MCU movies (except Iron Man 3 and Spider-Man:Homecoming) had.
Urso Major (2 months ago)
+blognewbAlmost every MCU movie after The Avengers (2012) ended up with camera styles that looked cheaper, dummy.
blognewb (2 months ago)
What's your definition of cinematics, dummy
siralexgr8 (3 months ago)
You guys with harsh critique should lighten up this shit was funny
King 1985 legend (3 months ago)
Veronica Sosa (3 months ago)
Instant icon
Khushi Aggarwal (3 months ago)
I love Tiffany Haddish😂😂😂❤❤
Ernesto G. Williams (3 months ago)
*hunts for Black Unicorn comics in stores and sex shops*
Núria Serrote (3 months ago)
Aesthetic vibes (3 months ago)
I love Tiffany Haddish
Miki-Bella Saruva (3 months ago)
I'm T-T-Tiffany Haddish And I know B-B-Beyoncé
Christy Shongwe (3 months ago)
Who did this 😁😁
Deanna Satoy (3 months ago)
T'Choco Latte 😂😘
DEEKPEE (4 months ago)
Diana Barnes (4 months ago)
LMAO I loooovvvveeeee her!!!! Had me dying!!!
Joy Swanigan (4 months ago)
Omg that killed Me! They gonna play waterfalls. She said tchakalate. I died when she drank it and then started shaking.
Cabrini Divo (4 months ago)
oh gosh i was literally vibrating with joy
Cabrini Divo (4 months ago)
funny bitch love her
Evelyn Tellex (4 months ago)
She ready,you ready?!?!?!?!?
Josiah Bufford (4 months ago)
Dominus Molina (4 months ago)
Shan Scriven (4 months ago)
It's a no for me.
MsSchwarzerrabe (4 months ago)
Ong Grace (4 months ago)
We have Wonder Gal,now we have t'chadwick
Natalie Jackson (4 months ago)
Lmao I love Tiffany
Kori Banks (4 months ago)
"She ready"!!! 😠😠 Boy if yoon get yo...
Casey Clemons (4 months ago)
Smh they just have to mock something good that black people do always gotta make it ghetto smh
Ray of Lyte (4 months ago)
See, that's why they won't let us in Wakanda.
ethereal_ 16 (4 months ago)
Don Rob (4 months ago)
-_-....smh...no wonder other ethnic group look at us like where uneducated dumbasses
blognewb (3 months ago)
*It's groupS and it's we're. Dumb ass. Look at your own self first.*
Elijah Hill (4 months ago)
Time for me to whup some ass Behold the black unicorn and she horny as hell
rwiamhere (4 months ago)
LOL!!!!! Jada, Queen Latifah - funny stuff! ROTFL!!
Presley Smith (4 months ago)
“World Star!!”
oak mitchell (4 months ago)
could of skipped this dumb ass video.
regantlew15 (4 months ago)
Tiffany need to stop tap dancing
*Behold the black unicorn!, and she horny as hell* 😂😂
Tee 357 (4 months ago)
She is making a mockery of her own people on some c**n shyt...
Me (5 months ago)
" I'm Tiffany Haddish, and i know who bitt Beyoncé "
C Taylor (5 months ago)
3:41 Drink this hot shit herb lol.
Daka Seldon (5 months ago)
Red Leader (5 months ago)
Tiffany Hadish X Cardi B are so fucking trash
Taliyah Sherman (5 months ago)
Kesandra Williamson (5 months ago)
When every body was dancing along.😂😂😂
Dayne dondada C (5 months ago)
She’s an embarrassment to herself not our race. She’s the white mans coon. This is what happens when you become a stereotype. Push sex and ratchetness off on people. She’ll be on her own demise
Floyd Roberts (5 months ago)
This shit not even funny stanking bitch
es kay (5 months ago)
I really thought it would be funny. ....disappointed
Lili Timmers (5 months ago)
Tiffani in reaction to seeing black panther: What!? Strong royal black males and females ..respecting themselves and eachother..using decent language, not cursing..not sexually objectifying eachother...not cooning and bafooning..no feminism to hail no male sexism to critisize....Hell Nah i feel intimidated...i wknt accept it...that aint us..weez ghetto..weez coonz...i just gotta shit on this movie someway somehow....i just gots to pleez my massa and affirm the "inferiority complex" he programmed us with...i just gotta emasculate this movie..i just gotta shit on this positive black self image and inject my toxic black feminism in it...let me call my professional coon sisters...they know how to do this best..they been in that particular bussiness for a while now. we need cut out this cancerous mindset .. thats our collective mission. Start with shielding our youths from this toxic western oversexed selfhating selfdestructive environment and start raising these young black boys and girls with some strong STRAIGHT black pride and loyality to their peoples precolonial cultural values and customs.

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