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How to Do Returns for eBay and Amazon Dropshipping!

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How do you handle returns on eBay and Amazon if you are dropshipping? This is one of the most popular questions I'm asked. Believe it or not though, returns for dropshipped items are really easy! ★★ Free eBay Dropshipping Course★★ https://pauljlipsky.com/freecourse ★★ Follow me on instagram ★★ http://instagram.com/pauljlipsky ★★ My ebay Dropshipping Titans Course ★★ https://www.dropshippingtitans.com ★★ My Virtual Assistant Course★★ https://www.dropshippingtitans.com/p/vas ★★ Facebook ★★ https://www.pauljlipsky.com/facebook ★★ We do a live Q&A each Tuesday. Ask a question in the comments below and we'll answer them! ★★ ★★ Free Trial of Spot N Paste - quickly copy addresses ★★ https://spotnpaste.net/ref/Paul ★★ Hire VAs for $2-$3 an hour ★★ https://pauljlipsky.com/jobs ★★ Tracker Bot auto uploads tracking numbers to eBay ★★ https://pauljlipsky.com/trackerbot ★★ My Favorite Repricer and Lister ★★ https://pauljlipsky.com/autods ★★ Giving Assistant cash back site - get $5 for signing up ★★ https://pauljlipsky.com/giving ★★ eBay Messaging Software ★★ https://pauljlipsky.com/messages ►Get Alerts on Facebook When I Go Live: https://pauljlipsky.com/live-alerts
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Text Comments (59)
Art P (1 month ago)
I just had a return request for eBay for item bought on Amazon, but that Amazon charge me if I have it picked up and that charge is about the same amount as the item price....I'm not sure what to do, what do u think? Is the Amazon sending return charge normal? i dont remember it ever in the before though.
Art P (1 month ago)
@Paul J Lipsky Thank you! Unfortunately I have another returning question, this about Home Depot...in this case Home Depot not letting me return it online either, but must bring it to a store even after I check the reason (buyer says he cant use it for his situation)....I'm really stressed about this one since I asked it to another group but didnt get advice...Thank you!
Paul J Lipsky (1 month ago)
I'll address this in my live stream today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_F5JaWN1dQ
debbie herman (1 month ago)
Hi Paul! Regarding Amazon's return policy, is it 30 days in which to return an item or 30 days in which to let them know you want to make a return? Even if it is the latter, my concern is that a customer will let me know at the very last minute, on the 30th day, that they want to make a return, and I won't have enough time to put in a return request with Amazon...
freyarip (2 months ago)
What about returns in EBay UK with eBay UK as supplier?
Paul J Lipsky (2 months ago)
I don't sell on eBay UK so I'm not 100% positive
Safiya Begum (4 months ago)
How to manage returns when you dropship ON AMAZON using a supplier?
Paul J Lipsky (4 months ago)
It can be tricky to setup! But once you do they are easy
Christopher Fisher (4 months ago)
Hi Paul, What if I provide the label & they still send it to my home address?
Anthony Anderson (4 months ago)
Just subscribed! Question: What shipping option do you choose when selling an item on eBay? For instance, I want to Dropship a ping pong table from Walmart. I use DSM tool to auto fill the listing from Walmart to eBay. Which shipping option do I choose on eBay? Does DSMtool choose the shipping service automatically as well on eBay for you?
MIchael Maxwell (5 months ago)
What happens when the mailed from address is different than where the item is being sent out from .. ie return label from Amazon has my home address but the Customer will be originating the shipment from a different state?
MIchael Maxwell (5 months ago)
Paul J Lipsky last question today now I’m being told my listings have an unsupported return policy any clues .. just want to get the RMA activated but I guess I can leave everything else basic?
MIchael Maxwell (5 months ago)
Paul J Lipsky Thanks 🙏🏾
Paul J Lipsky (5 months ago)
The customers almost never notice
Qamar (5 months ago)
Hi Paul sometimes I don’t understand how sales go so well some or certain weeks then sales just drop dead again after few weeks and stay like that for few weeks any ideas even one word answer would be appreciated
Mark Evangelista (6 months ago)
I use your videos as my background work audio. So many knowledge gained every time I tuned in.
Paul J Lipsky (6 months ago)
That's awesome!! Thanks!
amit kaushik (6 months ago)
after sending the return label , should i confirm the return in ebay notification
Paul J Lipsky (6 months ago)
Never refund until you get refunded by your supplier
Othman Jaafari (7 months ago)
what about amazon's tracking numbers on ebay
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
https://www.pauljlipsky.com/trackerbot This takes care of it for you
Victor Elnecave (7 months ago)
Thank you men you just help me with return i had that problem today
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
Glad it helped!
Qamar (7 months ago)
Hi Paul how you deal with trademark violations on eBay some of my listings get removed but how I know if certain products are trademark registered when creating listings
Don Paylish (7 months ago)
thank you, you've just saved me on the RMA number, it was unchecked..
Samuel Toimela (7 months ago)
if I upgrade for more expencive ebay subscription, do i only need to pay the difference between the prices (if i have already subscribed for a year? is it the same way when i level up my membership in dsm tool??? loving your course sofar.
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
Yep that's right!
Julia Molin (7 months ago)
Hello Paul, thank you for a yet another great video and an amazing channel! Can I make a suggestion for one of your upcoming videos? I would love to hear more about your experience dealing with eBay customer service. Such as tips for communicating with them on the phone, seeing as dropshipping is a bit of a sensitive topic. Do you have any "hacks", standard answers or other advice on how to deal with them in different situations? Thanks again for your awesome channel!
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
I'm covering this a bit during my live q&a tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb5chHBES0M
Flynn Nolan (7 months ago)
Hey Paul! Are you ever thinking of offering DropShipping Titans AND SuperSimple VA's as part of a package deal?
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
I sort of do. If you buy Titans you will immediately get a deal on SuperSimple VAs
Paul do you earn more than your previous 9 to 5 job ? , what is you average monthly revenue after all expense ? is it ok to ask :P
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
With dropshipping I currently own close to how much I was making at my 9 to 5 but I've gained a ton more freedom!
Paul Could tell me what are the best gift card services that we can use for Homedepot ? could you please name the tops ? cos HD does not accept intl credit cards or paypal. thanks Paul:D . love this channel as always
Moniker (7 months ago)
Paul great mention about the RMA status in the eBay settings panel. Can you do a video that goes over some of the various settings that should be chosen?
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
Stay tuned :-)
rikimario1 (7 months ago)
Hi Paul, can I sell items on eBay that don't have any sellers? I was told that it's not a good idea to sell items that don't have at least a few sellers. But the DSM tool allows me to list the item.
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
You can yes. BUt there is no chance it will work
Adam Dar (7 months ago)
Thanks Paul . You are the first to make a video specifically on returns
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
I hope it helped!
jonathan williams (7 months ago)
I don't dropship but I sell a lots of items a day from aliexpress, I buy first tho
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
Cool idea!
David Amaral (7 months ago)
put this cancel order video in the course. :P
David Amaral (7 months ago)
@Paul J Lipsky well now im Embarrassed, I went through it 3 times at least. I'll find the subject and watch it again. Sorry Paul
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
This is in the course
Mike Perkin (7 months ago)
Just to clarify, your saying you check or uncheck the RMA box in the return preferences window? You say check off this box and I'm not sure if that means check or uncheck. Thanks
scoop245 (7 months ago)
Seamonkies321 (7 months ago)
Hello Paul
Jolene Samuel (7 months ago)
Why does eBay send you an invoice of what you owe them if they take it out of the final sale price??
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
They don't take it out right away. They bill you for it later
Go (7 months ago)
Hi Paul, In previous videos I remember you saying that you have registered to collect sales tax in states other than NY (states that you do not have nexus). What is the benefit of doing this if you end up having to do the additional work of collecting and remitting tax, and reporting monthly? Do you have any advice or resources to help understand bookkeeping and reporting for sales tax?
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
I only register in states I have nexus with
Paul L'Acosta (7 months ago)
Oh man. YT alerts don’t work. Thought we were gonna keep the evening timeframe. But thanks for the info!
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
Yeah early one today. I should have sent out an email or notice. Regular time next week :-)
stay buggin (7 months ago)
how do I know when to level up my membership on DSM tool?
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)
When you run out of listings!
Hicham Moumin (7 months ago)
Hi paul
Saulius 20 (7 months ago)
First! Few days ago i was searching video like this. Thanks
Paul J Lipsky (7 months ago)

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