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Fighting Fradulent Returns on eBay

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Bernard Paulsen (1 month ago)
I'm having a problem with your "just accept the return" and bite the shipping charge. Sold a guitar and shipping one way was $116. Return shipping is another $116, so I'm out $232 in shipping charges on one item alone. Next time I sell it on eBay, the same may happen. I sell about 4 items a month on eBay. How can I "swallow" that?
RockstarFlipper (1 month ago)
well when your shipping items like that... NO you wouldn't offer free shipping or free returns.. those are very different
Macky Mode (3 months ago)
To brighten up all the Ebay sellers' day, let me tell you about what had happened to me one day and how I beat the scammer. 2 years ago in the hot summer season, I was a seller on Ebay on a very modest footprint just trying to get by day by day, electronics was sort of my area of expertise and I had good fortune in selling them well due to choosing the right items to sell and finding the right items at right price points. Anyhow, this one time Playstation 4 was coming out with a special gold color version, and I immediately saw an opportunity to make a nice return on it, bought 6 of them and held onto to them for a week or so until the market saturation has died down a bit, then I have listed them for sale, of which most of them got sold within a day or so, I was giddy for making a handsome profit of course. Here comes the riveting part of the story, a buyer claimed item not received, but I had the paperwork to prove them wrong, then they claimed an unauthorized charge on their credit card, at this point the buyer's account on ebay was deleted by the buyer. A day later I got the exact same claim by another buyer who bought my gold edition PS4, after cross-referencing those 2 claims, I have found out that the shipping address for them was the same, so I reported this to ebay along with every piece of paperwork that I could provide as proof that I did everything on my end that my items were legit and that they were shipped to the shipping address and delivered for requiring signature confirmation, and before going past a week I got informed by ebay that they have released the funds that they were keeping on hold back to me. Yes kids, sometimes good things do happen to good people who live honestly. It was not a return scam that the video was talking about, but it was a fraudulent scam nonetheless and I was ready to counter it and beat it. There's more to the story folks, it gets better. So I have one PS4 gold edition left over for sale, and right on cue it got sold also and after shipping it out, I have a habit of checking the tracking on ebay website so for this item I did the same and noticed that the buyer's account was no longer registered on ebay, after having a moment of silence for the downward spiral in societal integrity and rampant disregard for honest living, I have regained my focus back on the task at hand and this time around I went to the good old USPS website to put in a request for shipment stoppage and return to the shipper. At this point the buyer did not claim anything because I have gone into action even before they could pull off a scam when they receive my item. Long story short, I got my item back safe and never opened, since the buyer no longer had an ebay account, I never heard from them again. I sold the PS4 to another honest buyer who was happy enough to leave a positive feedback, I ended up selling the same PS4 twice and make twice the money, and there you have it, the happiest story ever told by an ebay seller.
DarkDekieon (4 months ago)
What I have been seeing by watching these videos is eBay will usually side with the customer, without really looking into what is going on, and telling the seller that they need to build fraud into their business plan. What this is doing, is making people not want to sell on eBay, and it is telling all the crooks..."Hey come scam people on our platform, you will usually get away with it."
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
thats not true.. I lose cases and I have a huge following, they dont treat us any different in 99% of the cases. Also I see people with NO following win cases every day @ScoobyDigits
ScoobyDigits (4 months ago)
You can fight and win if you have a social media presence with a relatively large following and ebay knows it would be bad pr. The regular small guy gets screwed more often than not.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
thats not true at all.. You can fight 90% of them and win.. its rare that you out and out get scammed and lose
Magneto (4 months ago)
Fraudulent returns aren't very rare on Amazon unfortunately.
L.A Thrifter Hunter (4 months ago)
Great video man awesome thank you..
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
Thanks so much for all the support
jay bel (4 months ago)
Rockstar sonce december i had 3 returns from buyers claiming the item os not as described but when i got the item back item is not the same one i sent to them all cases ebay favored the buyer not even a chance that they will listen to me and all the proof and explanations im doing even the buyer doesnt even reply to any of my messages when im asking them why they sent me a different one or why they sent me back a different remote or the serial number doesnt match ot doesnt matter they got their money back and the item to me. Ebay is sayig that you are a business and i am suppose that sometimes business is like that . Exactly what my point is i am a business and i need to protect my busienss if i want to last. What are your thoughts about this rockstar.
jay bel (4 months ago)
RockstarFlipper thank you for your advice but i called them so many times i even requested for a supervisor to the point that they told me to stop calling and asking if they can do anything about because they cant do anything they said that the decksion is final and they will not change it. Buyers can easily lie and even tho it is so obvious already and even tho there are evidence and proper documentations already ebay will not listen i think it has somethig to do with the costumer service being based outside the united states right now it is in the phlippines and it is so hard to talk to them as they go by the book no matter what it is like scripted and they have to follow the dcript no matter what. Everytime i talk to them the common sense is just not there .another return request today and im asking the buyer to send me any proof that the item is broken or not as described i bet you the buyer will not even reply to me till the final day that i have to respond to the request and if i do not respond because i am waiting for buyer to send me so,e proof buyer will call ebay and ebay will close the case right away with the refund and a defect to me and ebay will say u can send us another request to reopen the case and guess what same result ebay will still favor the buyer because they will say that “maybe the problem occur during the shipping that is completely out of ebay’s control they will say” and u lost your moeny u lost your item you lost your top rated seller. U cant even open a claim on the post office because of what? Buyer doesnt even response to any messages i sent to buyer. It is bad out there amd its only gonna get worst
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
You need to keep calling and speak to other people... they will protect you if you can prove its different
Gulsen Cinar (4 months ago)
I don't have a team to support because I am still not very familiar with Super Bowl, just 2 years in USA :)
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
No worries... just fun to watch.. normally
Subhi Elmughrabi (4 months ago)
What if its been over 2 months since he bought the item (which was a brand new item) would you take it back? (knowing that he can do a chargeback later through paypal or his bank and still get his money back)
ScoobyDigits (4 months ago)
That's what happened to me and paypal ruled in my favor. The buyer then did a chargeback. Paypal says they are still fighting the case even though it says case closed.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
No once its past 60 days im not taking it back... ill fight that
aaccpr 1 (4 months ago)
Can u write to me please the web for online fraud please.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
aaccpr 1 (4 months ago)
I sell watches too, but also I know about watches, I know how to fixed and everything about watches. I had one return that for me don't make sense because I check watches for days as least and that particular watch was mine. When watch arrived, you can look the same serial number on back case, same band but when you opened this person change the mechanism of watch. I take pictures and videos on expensive watches and I call police and a police report for fraud and eBay went on my side. I mention also to the buyer I made a police report for fraud and after his first message never write me back.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
Correct.. if you go through all these steps you will be protected
Whats In My Life 2017 (4 months ago)
Poshmark related but I just had a case opened and a return on Posh because the buyer stated that a pair of used North Face pants were not authentic. She provided 2 dark, blurry photos of the pants and Poshmark sides with her almost immediately! It doesn’t matter what platform you sell on...buyers will try anything trick they can to return an item.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
You should have fought it and provided evidence they were real with your good photos
st3ady (4 months ago)
Possible solution to this problem in the future is to strap a gopro bodycam to your chest and film yourself inspecting and packaging the item and then dropping it off at the post office. Would have to be a big storage SD card to capture the whole thing. Same thing for receiving items and opening them. It's a sad state of affairs the way things are heading.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
Only helps somewhat.. PayPal and ebay won't look at the video in most cases
Queen City Thrifters (4 months ago)
I can't remember which YouTuber did this, but they had a fraudulent return. They won the case with Ebay. The buyer opened up a case with PayPal and won. The seller tried fighting it with PayPal. The seller also told PayPal that the buyer lost the case with Ebay , but the seller still lost the case with PayPal. So, I guess this is one good thing that Ebay is eventually going to handle the full purchases within the next couple years and push PayPal out.
ScoobyDigits (4 months ago)
Yeah that's ridiculous they can do that and paypal 120 day return policy is ridiculous.
Nun Ya (4 months ago)
I have nothing nice to say about eBay's return policy. They are literally endorsing theft and complicit when it happens. I've said it before and I'll say it again, ebay needs to focus on being ebay. eBay is not Amazon and that's actually a good thing. They need to focus on being eBay.
Salman (4 months ago)
Can you please look into the CDB products not being allowed on ebay but hundreds of items sold a month through them.. They removed my listing and I also called them and asked and they said it was not allowed to be sold. I also explained that hundreds of products are being sold and they just said that its not allowed.
RockstarFlipper (4 months ago)
just because others are doing it, doesn't mean it's ok... they just haven't caught them yet.. Just like fake purses all over the place.. its not allowed, but they just havnt caught every one.. dont list anymore or you'll be suspended forever
Full Melt Fusion (4 months ago)
Returnuary hit hard this year. cheers
Great review Rockstar!
Heather The Reseller (4 months ago)
Good stuff! I was born in Baltimore :)
SMOGG (4 months ago)
Hello can i have some advice on my situation please? The situation is, i bought a wireless headset, for £60 from a seller with 100% feedback that had described it as brand new and opened. When i received the item, one ear cup was snapped off and the leather pads were worn down and peeling off. I initiated a return and the seller says that i was lying about the condition of the headset. The seller has now received the item back and he has opened a case against me saying that i have sent a different item back to him. What do i do in this situation because im £60 out of pocket and i dont have the item? Thanks SMOGG
john smith (2 months ago)
On the original posting did the photo show the damage, or did he use a stock photo?
Jennifer Czochara (4 months ago)
Question I had someone purchase from me on the 31st they still havent paid after sending three invoices do i relist?.
Brylle Wagas (4 months ago)
It would be better if you will setup an unpaid item case against the buyer, so that eBay will be the one who will notify/remind your buyer to pay for your merchandise.
Theresa Gross (4 months ago)
ebay needs to switch to the same return policy as Posh/Mercari as this is ridiculous! It has allowed for so many sellers to become renters of there products and the buyers to get what they for free!
ScoobyDigits (4 months ago)
It still sucks because they can go through paypal and file a false inad claim. That's where you can really get screwed.
Becky C (4 months ago)
What's the best thing to do when a buyer opens an INAD for an item that is clearly as described? eg. 'this size 8 is shorter than my other size 8s' when length is in the description, or 'I wanted a cornflour blue shirt and this is clearly powder blue' when photos clearly show colour. Buyers know now that opening an INAD is the easy way to force a free refund; I used to be able to call Ebay and they'd close the return in my favour, but they don't seem to do that anymore (at least the reps I've dealt with). Are we just meant to deal with paying up for wrongly opened INAD returns, or is there a way to at least change the return reason / have the return closed that Ebay didn't mention to me?
allisontpowell (4 months ago)
It really sucks I got my first negative for that reason. Everything was described and the the buyer messaged me letting me know and never asked for a return. My fault for not issuing a free return I guess.. you want to just give them a return and block that buyer if you can
Shelby Coon (4 months ago)
I hope both teams loose! Go Saints! HAHA
george sheptak (4 months ago)
Yep, both are already losers even before they start.
James Pace (4 months ago)
I’m hearing doing the free returns when you do a 20%-50% if the item is not the same condition buyer simply opens a case and sellers saying it’s a automatic loss for the seller almost always.
Whats In My Life 2017 (4 months ago)
_ Gorno I agree with you. I’m doing everything eBay says to do to gain the most views and sales...good till cancel, free shipping, free returns, all items promoted, run sales, white background, listing daily...with about 700 items (600 new and used clothes) I see little to no difference in the views or sales. Been doing this for almost 3 months now and little to no change.
_ Gorno (4 months ago)
Yeah, they have been pushing it hard. I am one of the few sellers doing it for used clothing. When I asked anchor support why my items aren't getting good visibility on the first couple pages they always suggest it. When i tell them i am basically the only 1 doing it and it still isn't helping there location in search they act confused. I am pretty sure free returns in no way helps with visibility as ebay suggests it does.
James Pace (4 months ago)
So eBay selling that bullshit about doing free returns that you can do it is a absolutely a lie and it’s to trick sellers to do this.
Maxine Hood (4 months ago)
Wow just had someone try to scam me for the first time! I sold a 50 part book set for $525 plus shipping. It was media mail and through the international shipping program so it took almost a month to get there. Before it even showed delivered on my end he claims he did not receive the package. Then he said that it was delivered to incorrect location. Each time I politely responded back with shipping codes and screenshots showing it still said out for delivery so I’m not sure how he got a notification of delivery. Then he said he went to that location and got it but is missing book #27. I respond back explaining that I triple checked and had someone else check too that all the books were in the boxes. I then asked him to send pictures of the box and books and a weight because they weight the boxes at every checkpoint. I want to check the weights because of a book went missing and the weights don’t match need to file a federal postal fraud report . He hasn’t responded since! I notice that when you mention postal fraud the scammers tend to go quiet 😂
fireseid1 (4 months ago)
Had a buyer try to blackmail me using feedback, wanted partial refund, gave me neutral feedback, after 2 calls to ebay, and asking buyer for pics, ebay removed my neutral feedback. Not worth the hour spent on phone and doing emails but worth it to get these scumbags off ebay.
_ Gorno (4 months ago)
You actually think they removed them from ebay? I doubt that.
Jimmy Gallop (4 months ago)
the larger the amount the more insurance you should buy if it's a 500.00 item you should have pictures serial numbers identity marks appraisal .your still going to have to take it back and even risk not getting it back,but you will need all the info you can get to lower your risk. not saying this buyer ain't scamming but there can be a lot more wrong with the watch than seller knows and buyer may be truthful spend a little money getting a jeweler to check them out and give you a clean bill of health. the authentication process on ebay can save you on higher products that they will authenticate I agree
Pam Clark (4 months ago)
Looking forward to the video today for newbies! Thanks so much for giving us your time! I really appreciate having your videos for my go to advise!
The Auction Professor (4 months ago)
The return case is a separate case from the buyer challenging a partial refund. The buyer can challenge the amount of a refund by opening a new case, but not through the same case. They are two different cases as per eBay, and not handled as one. They also can NOT leave bad feedback at all once a return is opened even if they don't send the item back after the return was opened. An opened return case voids all bad feedback. This was in the last update for those who missed it. We have a BOP so any issue like this are covered by that so we are never out a dime on a return either way.
The Auction Professor (4 months ago)
BOP is a Business owners Policy. Every seller who is doing this full time needs that form of insurance. It's a global standard for businesses. The insurance covers any loss like this for us. eBay returns though have been greatly improved for the seller, and now protect a seller from bad feedback as well on a return.
_ Gorno (4 months ago)
what is a BOP, and are you saying you think the seller is never out money due to a return. I think i misread your last sentence.
Rams, but dont care since Bears are out
TaniaDCanadianEbayer (4 months ago)
Nice informational video. I'm from Canada so I know some things are difference but there are some things that similar so I definitely watch.
Robert Fortier (4 months ago)
Go Pats!!
Vickie Clark (4 months ago)
That's the main reason I prefer to sell low priced items on Ebay. For one, the chances on fraud is lower because they like the higher priced items and 2nd if I do get a lying buyer, I'm out $8-$15 bucks. Usually if the buyer is lying, it's not fraud, they just don't want to pay shipping back so they file a INAD. So I still get the item that I sold them, I'm just out the shipping. But you also have to think if the return is enough to waste time on. Sometimes it's more costly spending too many hours fighting it. But as you said it is the cost of doing business. Every seller or big business deals with it. We just kind of have to suck it up and move on.
flip*this (4 months ago)
You pretty much have to be God to be a top rated seller now on eBay.
larry cros (4 months ago)
Just don"t care for either team.
Rusty Nail (4 months ago)
if YOURE SELLING CLOTHS FRAUDS ARE RARE YES SELL IPHONES OR ANYTHING OVER 100 DOLLARS A ITEM YOU GET A FALSE CLAIM EVERY OTHER ORDER LOL. Really does depend on what you are selling. I can prove this sold 8 phones last week have 4 open claims 2 are the one buyer ripping me off another is a guy that got one listed without a screen, pic showing no screen and hes complaining there is no screen and wants a return when its listed as is with no returns. Another is a buyer complaining about scratches on it when I uploaded 4 different photos showing every side and angle. Ebay buyers are worse than a Walmart return center straight up lol I have to list my items with no returns in hopes that the dumbasses out there don't cost me to much money when they fail to read or look at thingas before they buy them.
_ Gorno (4 months ago)
I actually just started listing the items I sell that are flawed or damaged as SOLD AS IS NO RETURNS because a very small percentage of ebay shoppers read the description or view all the photos and they were getting returned with my free return shipping at a crazy rate. I actually think this is in large part to when someone shops from mobile all it says at bottom of tiny automated description. "Read more" I don't think a lot of ebayers that arent savvy know "read more" means EVERYTHING you need to know before buying. I am not even sure how ebay handles items sold as is NO RETURNS. I literally set like 7 items to NO RETURNS and already got a return on 1. literally the first item I sold like that. lol I explained the situation to the buyer and they were quite upset. I ended up taking a return as long as they paid return shipping but I wasn't thrilled about it since I had SOLD AS IS NO RETURNS in 4 separate spots on the listing. Goodluck with your phones.
Rusty Nail (4 months ago)
I know you probably dont want to be bothered but im writing you because I was recently robbed by a buyer on ebay and ebay not only protected the buyer for 2 cellphones he purchased off me that I sent with proof, reciepts and insurance. They refunded his money for the phones because he claimed he never got them when I have proof they were sent. The problem is they were sent without tracking as small packet air and the only way to get the scan codes for ebay as requested is to call the service ticket number with canada post i opened and the supervisor at canada post said they are willing to give ONLY ebay the scan information for the items. They cant give me the information because I didnt pay for it evewn though I just offered to pay double for it. Im new to ebay so was unaware of the selling tracking policies but have found a solution. The problem is noone on ebay is willing to call canada post to get the scan information because its against procedure and out of the norm. Canada post knows im being robbed so they are willing to help me. I talked to a supervisor on ebay who flat out told me they are not willing to help me and that they dont care im being robbed 425 dollars and two cellphones. I sell on ebay i have nothing but positive feedback. I sold multiple phones the other week and the only person to claim he never got his was a guy that ordered two on two different occasions sent two different days with two different post office scan in reciepts and ebay still sided with him and his bogus story. We all know the post office rarely loses packages. The chances they lost two sent on different days is beyond impossible. Yet ebay sided with him and his BS story. Iv called canada post and ebay reps, emailed people everything noone is willing to help me. A buyer is taking advantage of my mistake that I have found a way to fix with my service ticket and the note on it to release the scan info to ebay.(they refuse to call for me even though I worked this out for them) hes using ebays money back guarantee to rob me 400 dollars and 2 iphones.I just got a ISF charge on my bank because they tried to take more paypal money than I had available because I wasn't planning this and my rents due so I was basically just robbed 50 more dollars for being broke after being robbed.... I need help with this matter. Unfortunatley I have to goto the police and a lawyer to get it. I know I wont be letting ebay take advantage of me they keep referring me to my seller protection policy that is supposed to protect me in 3 different ways in this matter. But they keep saying I didn't send with tracking so im not covered. NOWHERE in their policy does it state buyers have to pay for tracking. We can ship small packet air with insurance as long as we keep the scan in receipts and show the item was processed in our ads processing time. That's all the seller protection policy states we have to prove and iv done that with receipts. EBAY is a joke and they are about to realize they cant play god with peoples money when there is a contract between us that clearly is supposed to protect me here. They refer to a part of a policy that doesn't exsist and if you ask any of them to show you where it says it they cant because I have it printed infront of me and its not on there. They already refunded the buyer so now they have to dig out of their own pocket to pay me back. That's what this is. im right and I am legally entitled to that money but im dealing with people on the phone that are required to pay up. That's why im getting nowhere with this with ebay customer support. That's fine with me ill got he hard way. And if that faILS ILL DEAL WITH IT MY WAY.
Dmilli (4 months ago)
I stopped at i didnt upload tracking, That is #1 way to get scammed.
mindy murata (4 months ago)
I only watch super bowl’s commercials 👍
TheTwoTravelers (4 months ago)
Thanks for the boost, had a customer today that filed a return on a brand new remote saying it did not work. Well pissed me off, but did the return. 2nd this year and it's getting old, but sold 47 items so I guess I will get over it.
Jonathan Alfaro (4 months ago)
And risking top rated seller status too
Wait a minute I just went through this eBay automatically refunds the buyer immediately as soon as the item shows delivered to you. Then you have to open a case against the buyer for a fraudulent return. If item is not as described eBay immediately issues a label to the buyer especially if you offer free returns. Now with this new way there is so protections for you as the seller. If item was not damaged as they say or whatever you don’t have to offer any money back at all. It’s crazy now the hoops you have to go through.
Becky Gregg (4 months ago)
Soooo, don't sell watches, check. Went on my first sourcing trip, came back with a lot of trashies from The Trash Pack, star wars shirt from fifth son and an Aerosto....shirt.
I had someone a couple of years ago tell me something I sold them was damaged. I offered to pay for a tailor to fix it. The customer followed up with pictures. And, the flaw was my fault. I got the item super cheap. I immediately refunded the customer. If I paid up for it, I would have insisted a tailor or seamstress (or expert) look at it It's always better to have a happy customer. Even if they are a stain.
Serg Lupescu (4 months ago)
Those robbers are the worst...
Walter T. (4 months ago)
Go Rams!
I have to be polite? Man, you take the fun out of everything. 🤣
Curtis Whitten (4 months ago)

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