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The Secret to Finding Chests in Sea of Thieves!

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Main Channel: www.youtube.com/user/mrmuselk Stream: www.twitch.tv/muselk Friends in this video: Bazza Gazza - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwyqAtZfXgsdMDnatgCTHrQ Crayator - https://www.youtube.com/user/Crayator/ Tyrodin - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNV9ehrWzPaRCQ1Vl-Fi2Gw
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Text Comments (820)
anime watcher (4 days ago)
I like how the random is crying for help and they're just ignoring him
Novaculata Piscis (9 days ago)
He gets struck by lighting i know no one cares cause its old but yeah 13:49
Wolf Wolf leader (1 month ago)
Youre poor
STALIUS Gaming (2 months ago)
We have the booty
Braddy Wakler (2 months ago)
Didn’t even know he had a second channel
Braddy Wakler (2 months ago)
Didn’t even know he had a second channel
LePotatoJuice (2 months ago)
oh man ur team is such a handicap lol, btw i was like hey they all have nice jackets now, I wonder what's the story behind that one? hmmm
LePotatoJuice (2 months ago)
"oh we have a random" LMAO
LePotatoJuice (2 months ago)
"Theyre gonna take ur bucket" POG
james bebbington (3 months ago)
These are your best videos
chilpzsz 443443 (4 months ago)
17:17 chest
All Shots Missed (5 months ago)
Muselk when your on your opponents boat you know you can climb into their cannon and launch yourself
f f (5 months ago)
I have sold a chest that was 909 dollars in sea of theives it made me drunk when i was holding it
Spencer Lee (5 months ago)
they missed a chest at 17:17 can't believe they didn't see it
Katie Terwey (5 months ago)
17:17 did he really not see THAT chest?! 😂
alexthelion801! (6 months ago)
It is the black Pearl "we have are heading"
Tremendous Darkshadow (6 months ago)
The containers are for the water to be put in so you do not need run to the top and put out the water so the job is easyer
Efigy LP (7 months ago)
my god there was a digged chest in front of a giant rock
Efigy LP (7 months ago)
Robert Pickel (7 months ago)
there was another chest that e looked at and didntnotice
John Town (7 months ago)
Awesome vid
Nick Stevens (7 months ago)
This episode is a little confusing, what's the best way to get treasure. Searching and actually playing the game or killing people? It feels like just playing the game
Jason (8 months ago)
Please do more of these videos.This game seems really interesting and I love the team of trio in these videos.
cros mos 09 (8 months ago)
Gust like on the Pirates of the Caribbean
Hazarudin Yassin (8 months ago)
Is your crew still together ☺☺☺☺
Jacob Peterson (8 months ago)
Myself you should lock someone in the brig than sink the ship and see what happens.
Captain Misery (8 months ago)
cray makes me laugh so much 😂
Ronnie Varela (8 months ago)
The blunderbuss is for pvp not pve
Heather Krulisky (8 months ago)
Your titles are such clickbait haha but idc because I love your videos hahahah
It’s ya boy (8 months ago)
Tom Boston (8 months ago)
500k gang
TeamN40 xx (8 months ago)
There was another chest on the island
Kevin Yang (9 months ago)
Dribble City (9 months ago)
You need to make more of these
beau mccallum (9 months ago)
does anyone relies how many times muselk says literally
Le Sweeper (9 months ago)
17:17 Is that a chest?
Owen Collins (9 months ago)
there is a chest at 17:19
Goldfish Lit (9 months ago)
17:17 he missed a chest
Derek Hill (9 months ago)
the stuff in the thumbnail is trash lol
sillyninja65 (9 months ago)
maybe put episode in the title. im expecting a 5 min tutorial. im going now with my money
Captain J.P (9 months ago)
Scoop and scoop and scoop
Chiffer178 (9 months ago)
13:55 i think you just got hit by lighting
The random (9 months ago)
More sea of thieves
The Boi (9 months ago)
17:17 there’s a chest just sitting there by the rock
Danny Walker (10 months ago)
how do you download this game
MuseIk (10 months ago)
At 17:18 does anyone else notice the chest just sitting there
James gilbert (10 months ago)
How has myself cray and Baez got such a big ship compared to everyone else
Jane Allen (10 months ago)
#muselk is amazing at fortnite
Jacob DeAndrea (10 months ago)
Cray there gonna come steal your bucket he immediately concentrates
That One Youtuber (10 months ago)
"STOP STUTTERING!" -Bazza Gazza 2018
Dean Kennelly (10 months ago)
there was a chest on the rock to your right at 6:37
floggymogs fri (10 months ago)
wingardium leviosaaaa 3:52
POOTIS BIRB (10 months ago)
Do you think i should get this game, even if i don't have people to play with or voicechat? No joke. It looks intresting.
matthew ripberger (10 months ago)
17:16 does anyone notice the random chest just sitting there
Harrison Price (10 months ago)
17:20 did anyone else see that chest
AsassiasanGaming (10 months ago)
Is it just me or does cray sound drunk
cameron swan (10 months ago)
Do more sea of thieves
Julien Cyr (10 months ago)
do more ( . Y . )
Lance Mattingly (10 months ago)
Cray is way better than this dude
Classic Ink (10 months ago)
Muselk I've seen every single video new and old and I gotta say don't stop with the memes
Michael Parker (10 months ago)
Absolute genius chaps never laughed so much love cray
Family Dozeman (10 months ago)
How did they get that black ship?
Lauri Hendrikson (10 months ago)
muselk how did u miss the chest on 17:12 right hand corner
rosemae quimque (10 months ago)
i freakin glove cray!! ahahaha "scoop, Scoop,Scoop,Scoop."
Fat Doge (10 months ago)
11:14 what's a jesus?
Fat Doge (10 months ago)
wait i think it's 11:07
Frederico (10 months ago)
Back stroke Jack (11 months ago)
Overwatch where is it
Brilliant Brodie (11 months ago)
Notice me muzzzlackkskskskskdododo
ThePROgamerKID (11 months ago)
you missed a chest muselk
Lucrio Zora (11 months ago)
Cray's laugh when he announced he had found treasure was so anime-esque. The Japanese he spoke was even better.
dennisvergel36 (11 months ago)
11:37 does cray really speak fluent japanese?
Yeet Warlord (11 months ago)
Myself with them white plain skeletons u found on 17:40 use ur sword it kills them quicker
Yeet Warlord (11 months ago)
Muselk* 😂
Throhud (11 months ago)
did anyone else notice they left a chest behind?
Ayem Osum (11 months ago)
How can you play this game and not want to say "SHIP INCOMING ON OUR STERN!" Also starboard is right, port is left and prow is front. YW this game just got much more fun for you trust me
Christopher Lozana (11 months ago)
How did he pull out 3 guns while on the enemy sloop?
Ace 2x (11 months ago)
please do more sea of thieves
Aizer Revia (11 months ago)
Bazz really sounds like Jack Sparrow
Greyson Sturgill (11 months ago)
am i the only one who noticed the random chest on the ground
Bilbo Baggins (11 months ago)
The best chanel ever
Henrry Vasquez (11 months ago)
How do you dash in the water on Xbox
Wickedfirestarter (11 months ago)
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Jeidyn beaulieu (11 months ago)
Anyone see the chest 17:18
Trevor Kerkes (11 months ago)
That was nothing
Turin Turambar (11 months ago)
@17:16 was that not a chest to the right that they could have taken?
/ ConnorR444 \ (11 months ago)
Baka means idiot
Salty Azian (11 months ago)
so his main channel is fortnite and this channel is sea of thieves jesus muselk have some variety
Jon S (11 months ago)
How do you have 3 people on a small ship? I cannot make a 3 man crew on a small ship
Davo O'Cass (11 months ago)
i wonder if you can get one of your crew to hold a chest and then vote him into the brig so he can drop the chests for safe keeping in the brig and vote him out again? and then when you go to the outpost to sell your chests just vote him back in as soon as he sells one to fast travel him back in to grab the next chest? worth a try.
Raoul Herskovits (11 months ago)
how do you chose what song to play?
Peter Jones (11 months ago)
Its we have are Heading
Skydragonace (11 months ago)
It's a good sign when my sides started hurting after that intro... LOL
1981. DRIBBLELORD (11 months ago)
Deathskill2025 (11 months ago)
17:17 is that a chest?
Clorox Gaming (11 months ago)
17:18 isn’t that a chest by the right rock or nah?
Tom Sargent (1 year ago)
NuIIly (1 year ago)
1:09 wtf
uuny guuny (1 year ago)
I miss tf2 muselk
Dakotaz Fortnite (1 year ago)
Scoop scoop scoop scoop 😂
I'm-a-Player2 Gaming (1 year ago)
CouncilOrb745 (1 year ago)
Cray speaks Japanese! *Mind-blowing*

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