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Hennessy Carolina Surprises Cardi B w/ A Brand New Gucci Bag! | I Did It | TRL

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Hennessy finally has the money to pay back her sister. Check out more from TRL here, http://trl.mtv.com/ #TRL #CardiB #InvasionOfPrivacy #MTV Subscribe to #TRL: https://goo.gl/GzVEu1 More from TRL: Like TRL: https://www.facebook.com/trl/ Follow TRL: https://twitter.com/TRL TRL Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trl/
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Text Comments (2393)
Jose Duran Jr (15 hours ago)
Cardi B is rich now and she knows who’s greedy. Those true colors show. Cardi B has her act together. A fool she is NOT
M'Kyiah Williams (20 hours ago)
Her sister is hype 😂 I love her
Mixtli Camarena (1 day ago)
Aww little cardi
TheMaithai97 (1 day ago)
Hennessey is cringy
Lizaette Mata (2 days ago)
It's so cringey watching cardi sister try to mirror her personality. Like..ew. Be yourself, broad.
katelyn’s world (3 days ago)
3:07 trying to hide that you’re annoyed like😂
Shanel Roque (3 days ago)
Hennessy its not funny at all... she wants to be like Cardi but she doesn’t look good acting like her sister
Avocado LifeXD (3 days ago)
Stu stu stu shudder
Angela. A (4 days ago)
Cardib Qeen sister looks like Nikki Monash wow
vicki alea (4 days ago)
Cardi is like *bish wahh*
Daejhun Wilson (5 days ago)
May Cartwright (5 days ago)
i love to see cardi and hennessy together
cutie pi (6 days ago)
I've never heard cardi so quiet
natalie Gomezz (6 days ago)
you to look so ilike
Martin TX (7 days ago)
2:42 my guy got a big ass head
Stellabella S (7 days ago)
Cardi is just like “kill me now”
Thomas Tyler (7 days ago)
Cool b.
Corins Life (7 days ago)
Hennessy looks dumb and is kinda annoying
Jennifer King (8 days ago)
cardi look like she didnt care what hennesy was saying at all
Coby and The Legends (8 days ago)
Cardi looked a bit annoyed at Hennessy
Fvckin Pvta (8 days ago)
I love henessy bro like I y'all dont know me but we are literally the same person😭❤
Melxissa XP (8 days ago)
Actually luv there laughs xx
Martin Shorty (10 days ago)
This girls need a BBC...so bad😁😁😁
Angel (11 days ago)
Cardi was like not having it😂😂😂
unitparts (12 days ago)
Damn I thought that cardi was crazy but whoa her sis is the the real crazy
isabella arroyo (12 days ago)
Is dis her or she trynna act like her sister
Adrianna Morrell (12 days ago)
Dab on dem haters
ALLEN SINGS (12 days ago)
Hennessy seem so fake to me. Like she tryna act ghetto. But for Cardi, it seem natural
Nani Kirindongo (12 days ago)
The One Thing that surprised me was that Cardi B was quite for over a minute 😀😅 how is that even possible???
GOKU 1 (13 days ago)
MAJESTIC (14 days ago)
Sister SHOOK
Mark L (14 days ago)
Her sister is so fucking annoying
Is that cardi b
Ashleigh Darbeau (15 days ago)
Cardi b is not satisfied
GachaGurl Star (16 days ago)
Hennesy is hype asf, and cardi is like calmmm
Brozyl Shaqual (16 days ago)
Hennessy ain’t got no breast 😂😂😘
Sarah Babe (16 days ago)
She looks annoyed bc of her sister🤣 cardi, you wanna choke her let me help you😉 she really looks serious, and exhausted😕
Its Vickyy (17 days ago)
Hennessey: AHAHAHAHA!! YAAAASSSS Cardi: *smiles painfully still plotting to kill her*
Jeymi Mendoza (18 days ago)
Cardi is so quiet in this video
Teodor Stanciu (18 days ago)
Damn her sister is crazier than her😂😂😂😂😂
Adrian Andales (18 days ago)
Cardi looks so done with her sister😂
Tee Taay (19 days ago)
Cardi b and Hennessy needa make a show it will be da best 😻❤️😂😱
Grace Nyce (19 days ago)
Hennessy make Cardi look so sane
Kristiana Stockton (20 days ago)
awww cardi is so calm and cute just listening to her sister shes so pretty!!!
magna blemur (20 days ago)
Dammm her face is so frozen. She gonna BEAT HER ASS. And omg she said "stolded"....
nelly murungi (20 days ago)
Gizelle Lopez (21 days ago)
3:15 SpongeBOb
Nikkie Jayy (21 days ago)
That was dope
decia Borges (21 days ago)
Ýeeeees cardi b my girlfriend
tink bold (22 days ago)
Find the first episode of love and hip hop u will see that Hennessy never acted like this smh ... and this was irritating to watch
Jessica Chimezie (22 days ago)
Henessy sounds like SpongeBob when she laughs…
Mixtli Camarena (22 days ago)
Bro cardi wanted to beat her sis ass 😂
Cardi B Is like “ Wait until we get home Hennessy”
Stacy Robinson (23 days ago)
Cardi trying to keep it classy for TV, she really wanted to punch her sister
Mike Jonas (11 days ago)
Stacy Robinson 😂😂😂😂
Maggie Moralez (23 days ago)
Hennesy is laughing like she gonna cry cardi is trying not to tell
Maggie Moralez (23 days ago)
I mean yell cardi is trying not to yell
Maggie Moralez (23 days ago)
Tell i mean yell
Kary Granados (23 days ago)
I don't know why I feel like Hennessy is trying so hard to be like Cardi
erika plays4 (23 days ago)
Cardi B look like she's about beat her ass
1234qwer (23 days ago)
Is it just me or do they dont look black at all, they look like brown latinas???
Tempestas (23 days ago)
they are brown latinas
Daiyana Rogers (24 days ago)
Hennessey kep laughing now I know why she got her name lol
Aesthedits (24 days ago)
Cardio look like she is about to beat her ass right after the show
Diana Tay (24 days ago)
Her sister probably wants to be just like cardi
Niyah Cash (24 days ago)
I thought cardi B was going to chase her around the stage
Tyrone Smith (25 days ago)
Cardi ugly as shit siiiiiiimmmmple
MayMay Zing (25 days ago)
That girl is loud...and her laugh is so funny xD
Margaret Headen (25 days ago)
I love these two girls
Boi Boi (26 days ago)
I feel bad,people from cardi b past say she always trys to blame them for shit,is it true?
Laura Grech_Bugeja (27 days ago)
What sister do you like better
fresnel Matieu (27 days ago)
That is cardi with out makeup i see her with out makeup before
Youknow itsDamian (28 days ago)
Cardi b got out crazy
Litqueen Moh (29 days ago)
I love cardi and Hennessy
Sailigamalo Woulf (29 days ago)
3:14 look guys i found spongebob
joe diaz (29 days ago)
Cardi b looking at her sister like stop acting so hyped up you don’t even act like that got me all exhausted an shit
Aly (29 days ago)
Sometimes cardi looks embarrassed of henessey
Chelsea Craven (1 month ago)
Aww both crazy as each other love them both ❤️
D. Moore (1 month ago)
Hennessey almost choked on that chocolate..lol
Anya Qader (1 month ago)
Cardi b looks embarrassed
WoWitsPrincess (1 month ago)
Sisterly love ❤❤❤
Vanessa Ayornu (1 month ago)
Cardi looked annoyed
Mary Alcantar (1 month ago)
Fontana (1 month ago)
Jesus that’s why America is a mess right now. Vulgar , trashy , ignorant , prostitutes on tv . Smh
Damisola Adedeji (1 month ago)
Cardi's probably like "girl, I have five more Gucci bags at home rn"
John Dlams (1 month ago)
Cardi, She's down to earth when she's with her sister
Brittany Farias (1 month ago)
shalana Hamilton (1 month ago)
" Somebody Stoled it, Somebody Stoled it",😂😂😂😂
Lajoncia Alexander (1 month ago)
Is her sister ok?? Is she on drugs?😭😂😂
lowkey Abby (1 month ago)
Cardi looking tired
Chad Hunter (1 month ago)
Hennessy is annoying
Jessica Seay (1 month ago)
Cardis just cheesing and being quit and her sis is just laughing like she's drunk... But I think cardi is gonna beat her up back stage
Adama Bayo (1 month ago)
I love Cardi b she is my idol and I want to be her someday
ana ruiz (1 month ago)
finally someone louder than her. Sweet.
JSIN LSB (1 month ago)
There so much alike 🤣🤣
Whatever Pics (1 month ago)
Cardi b is better 🙄
Rohlupuii Fanai (1 month ago)
cardi looks normal and chill...WHEN SHE'S WITH HER SISTER
Evan Sowa (1 month ago)
Cardio b is not having it today
Jayann Johnson (1 month ago)
Cardi b look like she want to beat her badly
M.CQueen12 (1 month ago)
Cardi look like she wanna beat her up
Anna line (1 month ago)
Why is cardi B's family so crazy
Fucked each other man behind each other back
Abd Rahim (1 month ago)
How come Cardi look normal and classy in this show. BTW her sister is tryna be hilarious but kinda annoying

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