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Don't give in to fraudulent return requests..eBay money back guarantee and managed returns abuse!

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Download The Make Money on eBay Training Course: http://PowerSellerResearch.com Subscribe to The Channel: http://goo.gl/LJqwYH With Managed Returns and eBay's Money Back Guarantee it has opened a big loop hole within the policy to allow for buyers to fraudulently open return requests without paying for return shipping. Sellers are lumbered with the return shipping along with a defect. Has eBay Gone too far? Make money on ebay How to make money on ebay How to start a eBay business How to sell on eBay How to sell shoes on eBay How to sell junk on eBay How to wholesale on eBay How to make a second income on eBay How to make $1000 a month selling on eBay How to make serious money on eBay How to make huge profits on eBay How to make money on eBay tips How to make money with arbitrage on eBay
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Download my eBay training guide: http://PowerSellerResearch.com
Seymour Kitty (5 days ago)
You don't have a few days. Once you get it back you have 2 days to refund.
Isaac mondragon (6 days ago)
As i have said in my previous comment i truly believe Ebay is the scam bot posing as buyers and getting refunded while keeping the product! They make the rules and enforce as its suits the need in each case to monitise on the back end! They can get away because the government is not investigating
Sammy (27 days ago)
Not all buyers are dishonest wanker as you are the seller ! For example electronics that are sold on Ebay, some turn out to be faulty and customers wants their money back in returning your faulty product back to you to see for yourself that it is legit in faultiness and you sellers ignore the buyers afterwards after you got their money ? Buyers just want to get what they paid for, not a faulty product from you and lost confident in your firm for unfairness and you a bad name in reviews ! Some of you Ebay sellers are dishonest too claiming products you sell are Australian Stock and brand new in which it's from China and refurbished ? Misleading !!!
pedro barnito (1 month ago)
people DO NOT buy enything from ebay, no one answer to you and you never get your money back , that is happend to me and I never buy a shit from ebay
Yazmin Linares (3 months ago)
Thank you watched your video going thru some issues with a buyer claiming that a Louis Vuitton Satchel has odor then 2nd msg now claims it's full of dust!!!! i felt she was trying to extort $100 from me claiming that this would cover the cost to clean this Pristine LV which was used 1 time then stored with other LV for 8 years!! So I did reply to her with all the above info regarding storage & asked her not to use the LV till the issue is resolve also offering that she can return it. As I said to her the LV didn't need $100 to cover cleaning (knowing she's trying to extort me)!! So now waiting for it but will inspect it & thanks to you will not issue a refund right away. Btw this is my very 1st time ever on eBay will not ever sell orbuy on there ( as I informed eBay). Again thank you so much as I really needed this info👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
oldproji (4 months ago)
I have a buyer like this now. He jumped into my auction with a bid and I accepted it. He got the item as described and left positive feedback stating the item was perfect and he was pleased with it. Then 2 days later I received a message saying there were faults the item that weren't there when I sent it to him. And now he was thinking of opening a "not as described" case. I asked him for photos of this damage but they were too dark to see much. I then asked him to take the item to a top rated sports store for their report. No returns claim has yet been made yet and I haven't heard from him for a couple of days, but this could mean he is waiting for a report. My advice is to wait it out til the last minute and not to succumb to this kind of treatment. As for eBay UK, I will be closing my account with them after this has been sorted. Not because of the dodgy claim but because eBay UK is biased towards the buyer and will never look at the evidence when you point it out to them. Ebay has become a place for thieves to make a killing nowadays. The other point I would like to make is this. Private sellers do not have to comply with the sales of goods act 2015. However, eBay ignore this law in their terms and conditions. This should looked into and changed immediately. If I am unfairly treated by eBay UK I will take them to the County Court and make sure I am represented there and that there attitude to private sellers is well documented by the media.
Phantom Warrior (4 months ago)
i love current ebay policies because they let me keep item and get refund. protect the buyers. sellers are dime a dozen.
PG 82 (2 months ago)
@Phantom Warrior another reason why you are a terrible buyer
Phantom Warrior (2 months ago)
@PG 82 well to each his own. the new paypal pay after delivery is nice because then you don't even have to pay for item.
PG 82 (4 months ago)
What a back-handed comment. It's buyers like you that make ebay such a miserable place. Without sellers, ebay would be nothing. I'll be sure to block you from bidding on my items.
kah chin goh (5 months ago)
hey I am ordering a macbook from ebay but the seller does not have return policy. so does that mean i cannot get any refund if i find that the laptop has some damage on it? But it has ebay guarantee though
Firheyst Lasght (6 months ago)
Why do I hate this man. Cant listen from when he starts talking.
Exclusive (7 months ago)
The seller that bought from me wants a return right after I shipped it and I have a no return policy
Tabitha Blakemore (7 months ago)
Wait are you bragging because you scammed the buyer back by not disclosing that the items were in fact returned? Do you not see the irony here? You are now the scammer. You’ve just lost all credibility in ever accusing anyone of scamming you. Blocking you from my eBay account on principle.
Divino 88 (7 months ago)
So tired of eBay buyers... 😡
Maicoh Lichter (8 months ago)
I hate how ebay protect buyers. I got a return, I sold a phone and buyer said was damaged that wasn’t true and of course he won the case and then I receveid a real damage phone (not even mine) so I did appeal and oh yes I won but only receveid the fee back. And now I have a damage phone that I can’t sell!
PG 82 (4 months ago)
That sucks that happened to you. I can relate. Some buyers have no conscience.
GRS (10 months ago)
i sold a jumper and they want a return and say it not real. and they had the iteam for 2 weekd and i lost all my money and they still dont know what i dont refund mean
Ruben Diaz (10 months ago)
I accidently bid on a item and i didnt know how to return it then i won and the owner won't give me a refund so right now i just paid the guy because i didnt want any problems and he said no returns but should i contact eBay right now or wait until the item returns
Gerald Ellis (9 months ago)
contact ebay or dispute it with the return options
M D (11 months ago)
WuPiDu (1 year ago)
Ok, how much did you charge for shipping on each item?
Drama Mine (1 year ago)
When you decide to sell on internet, you should obey to the consumer rights, of the country you're selling from: http://www.ridc.org.uk/content/consumer-rights It's not even about ebay or amazon, it's the law.
Retro Game Club (1 year ago)
This literally just happened to me. I hand design game consoles and I shipped a custom made unit out and a customer falsified a "defective" item return for it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pevuOX3mFjU
Flood Watch (1 year ago)
F ing hate buyers who
HomeShowTV (1 year ago)
Buyer fraud is horrible. But the fact is that keeping the dudes money just because the Ebay system awarded you the win due to incomplete information is fraudulent. Keeping the cash once you have received the items back in salable condition just because you can is no different than a buyer claiming no receipt of item when in fact they did receive it. Just because they happen to receive a decision in their favor from ebay it doesn't make it right. Likewise it doesn't make it right in this case either.
matt karl (1 year ago)
I just had a guy buy a 34 year old honda motorcycle gas tank and he wants a refund because the tank needs to be cleaned out... uhh bro, it's 34 years old, do an acid bath and get on with it. i sold the item half price because i didn't feel like cleaning it up, i sold it AS IS - NO RETURNS and he is insisting i refund him.. I sent him a video link on how simple it is to flush a tank and he is being a little baby about the whole thing... pissing me off
Javier Jaime (1 year ago)
matt karl do you really need to give returns if the item is described correctly
romakayak (1 year ago)
Can a buyer request a refund after 94 days from purchase as in my case. The buyer hasn't opened a dispute case yet, they just sent a eBay message saying that they had sent the item back to me but have not included a tracking number. Can PayPal just take money from my account and take sides with the buyer ignoring eBay's rules of dispute and returns policy now that I have refused to accept the return and give a refund?
Bob S (1 year ago)
I hope you upload again soon your videos are very helpful :)
oOdOdY 75Oo (1 year ago)
So you kept money and the merchandise and still not happy?
TV Tech (1 year ago)
i sold a guitar, on ebay a couple of days ago,buyer claimed strings snapped and volume knob was missing and item got smashed up in transit, then extorted me for partial refund, otherwise the buyer would file a SNAD chargeback in paypal, and then the buyer would keep my item and get refunded.i had holds on my funds in paypal so i was truly fucked.the only option i had was to give the buyer a £25 partial refund. otherwise i would loose all the money being held.during this time all i got from the buyer was abusive messages through ebay messaging system, blaming me for everything.
Sierra Hammond (1 year ago)
The first story you said they did in fact return the items to you. All 3 items, 2 unopened and 1 opened but in brand new condition so you should have refunded them. Just because they use the wrong label to ship it to you. You still got the merchandise back so that makes you the one committing fraud by as you said" Keeping your mouth shut" when you talked to them at Ebay. You should have said Yes I received the items back. That is so messed up. So you got the merchandise back and you kept their money. SMH. That is not a seller I would want to buy from.
Johan Phillips Vlogs (1 year ago)
If the seller doesn't respond, he doesn't have to give you a refund, even if you've returned your order WTF
Phantom Warrior (2 months ago)
yeah i once honestly refunded an item to a seller and they claimed they never received it. from then on i just buy item and if even small problem with quality or item is simply late, i claim refund.
fangdan fangdan (1 year ago)
Some ebay buyers act like thief. Sometime they just return empty boxes.
BIG Stick (1 year ago)
I put a drop of blue loctite on a couple major screws now and make sure the screws are clearly but incognito in a listing photo. So when the item comes back with missing loctite not working you may and I mean may have a favored case. As someone has salvaged parts and returned it. Or they may realize the scam is done. Lately Ebay just screwed me for a camera I sold that had nothing wrong with it. The buyers story changed every day he was a complete prick from the get go and i kept my end civil and was told it was in my favor. Just to Find out Ebay refunded him. I was not able to wait the full 18 days to refund him myself they just did it. I am calling them tomorrow and seriously it will just piss me off as they are going to give me the run around in broken English.. SOOOO SOORY TOOO HEER U R Note Heapy MEESTER So and So BUT WEE ave gnow Conetrole ouver THeese Case. Bull Shit!! Multi Billion dollar Opp and you can't do anything but burn me and let the scammer continue to scam.. They know the economy sucks and people survive like myself off ebay sales. They are worse then the SOB's that scam you.
eminen> batman
Retrac (2 years ago)
How long did it take for the money to come back?
Thailand Thomas (2 years ago)
I've noticed that, just sold a pair of new with the label on shoes and they want a refund saying they are worn out, ebey says I have to either refund their money or pay for return shipping, either way I'm out $20....this is 2017
Viego Alvarez (2 years ago)
Whats the big secret? Tell us what the item you ship is
TNGGamers (2 years ago)
For a joke I listed a phone box for $600 and I put box in the title and I put what it came with in the description, someone bought it then 2 weeks after they received it they are trying to return it for "not as described" but I spent all the money from it, wouldn't that be buyers remorse? it is as described and it's their fault for not reading it correctly if they thought it came with a phone.
oOdOdY 75Oo (1 year ago)
TNGGamers it's kind of misleading to sell a box for 600 bucks..... I can see why many people would fall for that
dave dec (2 years ago)
I SOLD 800 of hi end drone equipment sent it buyer buyer imm opened a missing item case BEFORE all items arrived. I sent it with insurance he sent it back NO INSURANCE I went to post to pick it up the boxes went out in four boxes came back in  ONE BOX and the box was destroyed had a six inch hole in it I called and told them about the damage and they said take it they will take care of it imm for me. well THEY FOUND IN BUYERS FAVOR told me to get independent proof items were damaged so I did it twice because they found every excuse not to find in my favour it cost me 60.00 they still denied my claim against the buyer. so now I'm out 860.00 and they have the nerve to tell me I owe them  800.00 WHAT THE HELL!!!
MrDICKHEAD28 (2 years ago)
I got a fraudulent return buyer was smart only gave two messages didn't give details only wanted refund and got it I received a broken phone which wasn't mine and that faggot kept my money and ebay kept the fees from me I got robbed by Ebay and buyer
Trump 2020 (2 years ago)
Haha you got owned bitch!
Next time record on video tape the serial number of the phone and then record the opening from the buyer when they send it back (if you get return), then tell ebay you have the video. Things are changing, they listen to sellers MUCH more now.
Josh Vapes (2 years ago)
I just got a buyer tell me my item wasn't new. Do I have to give him his money back if I dont accept returns?
BIG Stick (1 year ago)
Your never going to win if your a seller.. It has become a bad place for sellers.
Trump 2020 (2 years ago)
+MrDICKHEAD28 Haha you got owned bitch.
Joshua Vapes It's wrong to not accept returns, period. So in this case, I'd vote in his favor on that alone. Be smart, figure that into your cost and time with your little calculator...I have a 100% customer satisfaction rate on Amazon before it was ruined with artificially inflated pricing by everyone else. For something small, I'm not even bothering having a p*ssing contest. I'll just let them have it. If it's that big a deal to them to scam people for 10.00 (I don't deal with things that are under 10.00 profit to me), then they'll get theirs from the universe, anyhow. Remember "My name is Earl?" "You know the guy who does nothing but bad things, and then wonders why his life sucks?"
Make then return the item to you FIRST and then record the opening of the item. Usually they are trying to get their money back AND keep the item. When you ask for the item, it thwarts the scammers. A lot of legitimate buyers don't even like doing that. NEVER EVER refund w/out getting then item back!
ANTI -CORL SQUAD (2 years ago)
+MrDICKHEAD28 one time I tried to buy the hero beanie boo but the asshole sent me my money back I godamn hate ebay
JJIGGYDOC (2 years ago)
Screw ebay. I've been selling more and more on Amazon. Amazon is more seller friendly. Ebay is one tracked system, totally in favor of buyer's. I've been screwed over and over again by ebay. You can't fight cases on ebay without getting dinged account, most likely always in favor of buyer. Any case i've ever won on ebay was "item not received" where i was able to show tracking shows item delivered. Had a guy today, leaves me negative feedback and opens return. Says item is not as picture. Yet shows picture of exact item in my listing. Over a week later this guy claims he didn't receive what was listed. Literally nothing i can do but accept the return and bite the bullet. I fight it with ebay and will end up just more dings on account. I've never lost a case on Amazon. I've had all my negative feedback on amazon removed due to feedback abuse. Amazon is 100% more seller friendly than ebay.
JJIGGYDOC (2 years ago)
Use ssn
MrDICKHEAD28 (2 years ago)
@TheRagingGamer I would need Business Tax ID how would you get one?
JJIGGYDOC (2 years ago)
MrDICKHEAD28 no monthly fee to sell on amazon, unless you're opening a business account.
MrDICKHEAD28 (2 years ago)
$40 a month to sell on Amazon no thanks
eBay is full of scammers
Kevessi (3 months ago)
So true
dave dimartino (8 months ago)
Mail fraud is a federal crime ! sellers stop being so anal!!!!!!!!!!!! insure everything you ship!
goasfaras youcansee (11 months ago)
Liked. I have similar issue https://youtu.be/VtK8OEzfUe0
eBay is a nightmare
joe lewis (3 years ago)
i agree and what i find is strange i even sold a as is laptop and put as is 3 times in my add and ebay still favored the buyer and she taught the wifi card goes where the hard drive does thats why she returned it ebay is evening charged me extra to pay her shiping back so i lost 20 bucks
User (3 years ago)
We get 90% of defect closed in the seller favor. I can couch you for $350 USD per minute. The minimum calling package is 60 min. I can show you a screen shot of zero defect with the new and old system and give you remote login.
User Dont believe it
candymintz (3 years ago)
buyer wins no matter what..ebay is the biggest injustified business on the planet....
CodedToast (3 years ago)
Whats wrong with his speech!
1000moringaseeds Com (3 years ago)
1000moringaseeds ebay thanku for u video
Oratios Hadjigeorgiou (3 years ago)
check this out. now i can't print a shipping label because i escalated the case and i am stuck! http://community.ebay.com/t5/Member-To-Member-Support/Buyer-bending-the-rules-due-to-eBay-s-ignorance/qaq-p/25333098#feedback-success
Richard Kalin (3 years ago)
I listened to your whole story. We sellers are all in the same boat. I have been a top-rated seller many times. In the case of fighting eBay, I've found that the more you fight, the more trouble there is for the seller. Be careful sellers, eBay is deciding in the customer's favor almost all the time and not only does the buyer get a refund, but eBay is letting them keep the merchandise.
Phantom Warrior (2 months ago)
as it should be receiving an item late or defective is a huge hassle. so anything to make the customer feel good is great.
Ebay DOESN"T let anybody just KEEP something, YOU let them keep it! You told them not to send it back & refunded them. I would NEVER do that. Ask them to send it back & THEN you'll give the refund.....the scammers usually won't want to do that. They're just trying to keep the item AND get a refund.
+Richard Kalin At the time of recording this video I would have agreed. Ebay spring update really balances the favour towards the seller again. Look out for their new rules.
batmmannn (3 years ago)
You stole the buyer's money... You suck!
zan zy (4 months ago)
@Batmmannn you are a fking idiot.
+Batmmannn Hi. The rules have changed now, but at the time of recording the video I would have incurred 3 defects had I processed the refunded the buyer. Along with 3 defects I would have got 3 negative feedbacks on my account too. I wasn't in a position to put my eBay account in jeopardy for a fraudulent buyer. eBay have since relaxed their defect policy so I would handle it completely different today.
Batmmannn (3 years ago)
+How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) Thats not the issue. The issue is you got your item back and still kept his money you are no better than he is.
+batmmannn The buyer was trying to commit fraud. Do you think the buyer would have gave my money back had the fraud been successful? Did the buyer return the money back to all his other fraud victims?
Tech guy (3 years ago)
good for you I'm happy to see a seller actually win money and receive the item back that's probably one of the first times ever.
St. Apollonius (3 years ago)
Ok I'll try to keep it short, I'm from England and I sell mainly used trainers. and I'm only a very small seller maybe making £50 a week profit but all was well till three weeks back when I received two messages within a hour of each other different buyers both angry both lied about the condition of the trainers, both wanting full refunds and both wanting me to pay their return postage on top and both left negative feedback within a day of their first message to me. I know both was lying about the condition of the training shoes, one was a Nike Air Max 95 sold for £44 the other was a pair of white Converse trainers which sold for £13 both were clean, odour free and in very good condition for used trainers. the converse buyer accused me of sending her a filthy pair covered in pet hairs, they wasn't they was immaculate white and I have no pet but I knew if Ebay asked her for photos she could easily go outside and get them dirty and probably put hairs on them so reluctantly I agreed to refund her but the Nike buyer was more abusive and threatening she told me that the trainers are the wrong size and that they was rotten and smelly and that if I didn't offer a full refund straight away she would leave really bad feedback. Well I messaged her back saying nicely that I know the Nike I sent were size 9 as listed and I sent the trainers in good clean condition without any smells and so I won't be refunding any money, to this she replied with more threatening emails and a negative feedback claiming I was threatening and a thief. so she requested a refund through ebay and I refused it she opened a case against me which froze my PayPal completely I showed ebay my listing and the photos showing the condition and mentioned that the buyer was abusive and threatening and used the feedback as a weapon so I suggested they check the messages, I was quite confident I was going to win the case because of my listing, photos and the buyers behaviour but a few days later they came down on the buyers side and told me I had to refund the buyer and pay her return postage on top this has left me in debt because like I say I'm a very small operation and to top it off while I'm waiting for the trainers to be posted back she's still sending messages mocking me. I'm about ready to give up on Ebay.
@TheMutedVid They can try but it won't work. PayPal tracks your IP address and uses tracking cookies to verify your identification and location. Simply they will link your computer or device or geographical location to the purchase. And even if you attempt it from a friends house you wont be protected as its your responsibility as a  buyer to protect your password.
TheMutedVid (3 years ago)
@How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) What about a buyer? Can a buyer buy something from a guy then press chargeback on paypal claiming that the purchase was not made by you, What will happen?Ebay bans our account on ebay ??
@TheMutedVid No that won't work because a the buyer can still open a case up to 60 days after the estimated delivery date. Also PayPal protection would simply pull the money from your bank account. And if they are unable to do so they will receive it from the courts. Not worth the headache for little money. Is it worth ruining your credit and being backlisted by eBay and PayPal for baby-money?
TheMutedVid (3 years ago)
+How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) can't you like sell a bunch of items together worth 100 pounds, tell them it will take 30-40 days to arrive(you never send the items, you just tell the buyer) then withdraw all the money you earned and close down your paypal account. Viola 100$ made?
+St. Apollonius Hello sorry to hear that. It seems like your first and second scenario was likely the same person under a different ID and postal address. By law if you're a business seller you have to issue the refund for whatever reason. Blame UK consumer protection law (not ebay).  When eBay assess "item not as described" cases they don't assess pictures or your dialogue, all they are interested in is whether the vendor offering a refund on return in accordance to UK law. If you refuse the refund you are breaking the law so you will lose. I know its unfair but UK consumer law is very customer focused.  Threats of negative feedback is against eBay TOS so it can be removed. Call up eBay and speak to them and say "buyer threatened negative feedback and you want it removed in accordance to your policy". If the person doesn't remove it call again and you will speak to somebody that will. I would avoid selling shoes or clothes online its one of the worse categories for fraud and policy abuse. People will literally wear your clothing for a party and return it 44days later for a refund. Change your product!
St. Apollonius (3 years ago)
My story never went as well.
+St. Apollonius sorry to hear that. Tell me about your story
King of Thrift (3 years ago)
wow good story. thank you for your great advice.
@Jason Johnson Sounds like you're buying from random hobbie people on eBay rather than companies that are using eBay as a platform as a serious business. 
Jason Johnson (3 years ago)
+How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) and us buyers as well. 70% of the things i buy on ebay i'm scammed on by sellers. I've sold stuff on ebay as well and only had 1 case out of a lot that came close to scamming me. Seems to me theres more scamming from the seller than buyer. The difference is in volume, if you sale a lot vs buying a lot you'll naturally see more scammers in buyers vs sellers etc.
@Steve Steele  Not a problem. On eBay these stories are every day for us sellers lol
g quinn (3 years ago)
There's scamming on both sides. Just purchased a pair of used running shoes and the cushioning is to far gone to run in them ... when I inspected the shoes closely it was obvious that these shoes should of been thrown in the trash NOT SOLD ON eBay!
linross246 (1 year ago)
Did you look at pictures? I would think you'd be able to tell if they're worn out. And a buyer can send something back, even an empty box & get their money back and are out nothing. While the seller loses their item and has to eat $20-40 worth of shipping.
g quinn (3 years ago)
+How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) Thanks.
@Ben quinn Yes, in the last couple of years eBay has become like amazon in the way returns are handled. Its all automated. You are given a free shipping label etc. and everything is paid from the Sellers side. Google "Ebay Managed Returns Process"
g quinn (3 years ago)
+How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) I have never heard that before.
g quinn (3 years ago)
+oneblood100 What are u ... some kind of fucking loser?
John Baker (4 years ago)
Report your bad buyers on eBuyersReviewed.com - A website, where sellers can screen and review their buyers.
@John Baker Recommended it to my business contacts too.
John Baker (4 years ago)
I am glad that you like it. I hope that it will really help you and it will support you in the process of improving your financial performance.
@John Baker Thanks that looks like a very useful site, we need more ways to verify buyers because of the growing fraud on eBay.
Jennym4life (4 years ago)
hi, how to handle a return item, to check first and then do a refund if Ebay sends to the seller this message: Once tracking shows the item has been delivered to you, the buyer will be issued a full refund.
@TheMutedVid Thanks I try :) 
TheMutedVid (3 years ago)
+How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) hahahahahaha this made my day.
@Jennym4life With managed returns buyers can send you an empty box or a rock and eBay will still refund them as long as their tracking shows delivered. And guess what you'll be paying for that return shipping and eating the DSR defect and negative feedback too.
pimpmask (4 years ago)
Hello. I purchased your ebook, and some good info thank you. The only thing missing is info regarding import duties (to UK) when source stock from China. This of course needs to be factored in when identifying a suitable product and potential profit margin. Do you have info covering this you can send me please?
@flash012234 I believe it was a USB Biro with a built in Camera
flash012234 (3 years ago)
@How to Make Money on eBay (Power Seller Research) What products did the customer purchase?
pimpmask (4 years ago)
@Power Seller Research Hello. Thank you for your quick reply, and really no need for refund. I've sent you an email. BTW, thanks for this video. Really hadn't thought about the return implications when buyers purchase separate items at the same time. Hardly any ever use the basket option, which of course means a separate charge for each item they return. You got lucky here in that this customer decided to return via post office, so no charge to you. Might have been because customer didn't have a printer, which will often be the case. Yet another ill thought out process by ebay. It's like they've gone completely bonkers! 
Hello, Yes thank you for your purchase. It's still incomplete. This is why we priced it as £0.99p.  Give me a quick email on the address you used to make the purchase and I will refund you the purchase. Yes the final copy will talk about import tax, courier service charge etc. 

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