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CrossFit - Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans

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"So we're here in the Chan household, and we're at prep day," says Cherie Chan of CrossFit Verve, located in Denver, Colo. "We try to do this once a week when we have time to prep a bunch of meals or a bunch of food that will make it super easy for us to stick to what we do every day: Zone-Paleo foods." Join Cherie and husband Matt for an inside scoop on their nutrition. Today they shop and begin preparation for their meals. Cherie adds a great tip for fruit and vegetables: prep them right after you buy them. "If I put these in the fridge the way that they are after buying them from the grocery store, what notoriously happens is I will waste about half of them because I wouldn't have had the time to chop them and prepare a meal," she says. Matt and Cherie Chan show how a little planning, organization and preparation can help you keep on track with your nutrition. http://journal.crossfit.com/2011/01/chanscook1.tpl
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Text Comments (59)
Wow $134 on food, were do you live Alaska.
5639bobo (1 year ago)
Seth R (1 year ago)
Like three times that amount $ for organic. But worth it.
Mike H (2 years ago)
steaming fresh veggie takes the same amount of time to steam frozen one, so why bother with frozen when you can get fresh.
OfficialHankIII (3 years ago)
Have you two read the china study? And if so whats your take on it with meats causing some harm etc..
Mayela Angel (1 year ago)
Frеe ооnlinе video shоws thаt еаt rеаl fооd аnd still gain real wееight lоss! Click herе tо wаtсhit now. https://twitter.com/a8dc6e772d1146f0d/status/788632172043366400 CrоооssFit Nutrition Рrер Day with thе Chаns
CathyGo (2 years ago)
There's some "creative" interpretation of data going on with that study.
AmarNathan (4 years ago)
This is stupid to show as a diet for normal people. This is not a diet of normal people, get real man. 
Nuno Borges (1 year ago)
damn stupid is you! look at the title! cross fit prep day? knock knock! this is not your section. You belong to the laisy daisy ordinary don't want to go anywhere and do nothing, right? And aspired2be don't waist your time with people that have never moved A finger besides switch channels in front of the TV.
AmarNathan (3 years ago)
+aspired2be thanks man, right now im just eating chicken breasts, veggies and verity of Fish all day. Im seeing good results but I need to start counting my macros.
aspired2be (3 years ago)
+AmarNathan Modify it and make it your own. I recommend IFFYM (if it fits your macros) - search IFFYM calc and then you can select zone for calorie distribution. The typical zone calc leaves most people dangerously underfed but this way you can see a more realistic macro intake for your body/fitness level. Also, you could theoretically fill your macros with garbage like lots of processed carbs... and still lose weight. However, the idea of zone is regulating/controlling the release of insulin and this is best achieved through a whole food diet. Also, many processed foods cause inflammation within our bodies. Give the zone principles a shot and see how you feel after a month.
Eric B (4 years ago)
So why insult your self saying this diet isn't for normal people.. like you then
Eric B (4 years ago)
It's on a freakin crossfit channel... This isn't for someone who sits on the couch all day
Ruben Gawan (4 years ago)
I just really hope I can wife up a woman who will support healthy habits like this. I refuse to get fat. 
Zeren Joy (4 years ago)
yeah but frozen veggis? :/
Nuno Borges (1 year ago)
ya, frozen veggies are alot more healthy, because the ice kills the pesticides. Try to buy fresh veggies nowadays and you will be packed of pesticides. The same works with the fish. I believe is comum sense no?
Johan Johansson (3 years ago)
+Zeren Gürsoy Frozen veggies contain more nutrients and less pesticides
Ashleigh Cross (3 years ago)
there isn't anything wrong with frozen veggies...this has been confirmed.
Bob johnson (4 years ago)
where is Chan, I didn't see any asians in the video, I was hoping for a good chinese food recipe  :o(
Alyssa woodworth (1 year ago)
Kaitlyn Kilpatrick yup its called dark humor
shanny Allen (3 years ago)
+Bob johnson hilarious
Kaitlyn Kilpatrick (3 years ago)
Wow, racist much?
Tom Walshe (5 years ago)
well firstly people who do crossfit aren't athletes. Secondly, the concept of "blocks" is completely redundant as it achieves nothing that traditional measurements don't, it just an attempt by crossfit to make it seem revolutionary and advanced. And it depends completely on the type of athlete: a football player's dietary requirements are completely different to those of a marathon runner
Das Blur (5 years ago)
how should atheletes eat?
Das Blur (5 years ago)
you right its been around for over ten years... lets rise up against it on youtube
EnzoTheBaker (5 years ago)
lol Your Chris Hanson icon saying that makes it sound funnier for some reason
TheChiconspiracy (5 years ago)
But modal domains! No one has ever combined strength training and cardio before Glassman and his holy plain.
uday khanna (5 years ago)
You are correct. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. btw!but ye My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. have a look here bit.ly/19kINoW?=uixpc
Tom Walshe (5 years ago)
no, this block concept is a way that the supposed "athletes" who do crossfit are trying to further claim that they're revolutionising the fitness industry. The sole concept of "blocks" is completely redundant; it does achieves nothing that the traditional measurements of ounces and percentages can not. Crossfit is not revolutionary or pioneering as it's participants claim, it's simply a collection of established practises that have been commercialised and advertised as "the next big thing".
exiliox (5 years ago)
Well this is true with anything really. Heavy objects and metals have been around for years. It's how we interact with the elements and with what frequency that sets one training program from another. I don't see how the block concept is "nonsense"--it's a unit of measurement that people can use to better organize their food intake.
Eric Yang (5 years ago)
Agree!! People in bodybuilding were doing HIT workouts back in the 70s. Its all about advertising! If you haven't noticed, they like to put fit girls in tight cloth in their videos. Its a business like everything else, they just present it differently. whatever makes people happy.
Tom Walshe (5 years ago)
all this block nonsense is ridiculous, it's overcomplicating things that are really simple in an attempt to be revolutionary and pioneering. Crossfit isn't revolutionary it's concept has been around forever, just different aspects of fitness, but all of a sudden when it's thrown all together it's this amazing new concept.
Axel Salas (5 years ago)
I guess i missed the point where i talked about how i liked chan's wife. I'll say it again: Saying a girl who's strong look's like a girl is sexist. Then, a man who's skinny or weak would look like a girl? That's the logic people use to say that kind of stuff. I dont like transexual people or gay people, i actually think they look bad for me, but is as easy as staying away, if you dont like them avoid them but dont bother people who doesn't bother anybody.
YesItsCod (5 years ago)
You are a fucking idiot learn some english you dumb bitch
Abegail Doria (5 years ago)
It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when other people accomplish it so easily with Lean Body Blaster (search for it on google).
SHMELLbeats (5 years ago)
that would make a lot more sense if I wasn't a girl...''brother''
Tarra Pasquier (5 years ago)
That's false. The vegetables are flash frozen.
Axel Salas (5 years ago)
Most of the men who say crossfit girls look like "man", actually are pretty weak or lazy. Then it would make sense, you dont like a girl who's actually stronger, and has more vitality than you. But of course like everybody you'll come saying "you dont know me, i'm so fucking strong and bulky, blablabla" Stop being sexist, if you dont like them, dont watch them. You can keep your verbal shit for yourself. Do something for your life, brother.
Axel Salas (5 years ago)
It is healthier of course, but still not enough. In the end is your body and you decide, but the truth is that, "not so bad" keep's being "bad" for your health .
gregwthedreads (5 years ago)
But i assume eating a plate of steambag frozen veggies has to be better than eating a frozen pizza? Because I am almost addicted to eating Digorono pizza's. They're inexpensive, don't take long to make and are convenient. I want to find a healthier meal to eat on a friday/saturday night that's not pizza.
Axel Salas (5 years ago)
You are right. Everything packed it's bad for your health, have so many conservatives and the way they make thos vegetables grow it's toxic, fertilizers, etc.... Most of the stuff we eat nowadays are bad: Milk, cheese, alot of red meat it's contaminated, packed chicken it's painted and has conservatives. And the plastic packages contains hormones, as well as milk (59 hormones, to be precise, that's what i read). I could keep on going. So, the fresher and organic, the better.
gregwthedreads (5 years ago)
Are steam bags healthy? Because I heard fresh produce is always best and that when you freeze veggies they loose their vitamins.
RayNew3 (5 years ago)
Ur an idiot
SHMELLbeats (5 years ago)
no...it's just not looking like a man ;)
Alex Henry (5 years ago)
Well, is you're idea of feminine relatively soft and weak? That's yur problem right thur.
Kleber O (5 years ago)
FUCK and i'm eating white chocolate and some orange juice because i'm bussy with University stuff.... and this is my four day w/o training :'( . I feel heavy, fat and tired :'/...
Alex Henry (5 years ago)
rich people food
SHMELLbeats (5 years ago)
why do all crossfit chicks look so masculine?
Chris Jeffers (5 years ago)
963anders, look up the "zone diet"
Lissette Rodriguez (5 years ago)
ya but who wants to eat something that was made a week ago?
Pradeep Thapa (5 years ago)
Hi, have you seen Zippy Fat Loss? (look it up on google) You will find out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Zippy Fat Loss, you will discover how to lose fat quickly.
963anders (5 years ago)
whats a block mean?
44Wadeable (6 years ago)
My favorite part about this is Matt Chan's apron. He's awesome.
Peter Siri (6 years ago)
I thought they were gonna be asian.i got my hopes up.
aligboyakasha (6 years ago)
I want this remixed by epic meal time
whyme (6 years ago)
Matt you are one lucky guy to have a wife like cherie
Kiddowesth (6 years ago)
Hmm. Does the bicycle not count as crossfit?

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