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Amazon & EBay seller Buyer returns item after 4 months...What would you do?

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Hi. I had a return from an overseas buyer 4 months after purchase date :o... I would be really interested to hear what you would do? Please let me know... Thanks for watching Donna x
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GAIL Edwards (3 months ago)
Lovely to see a uk reseller x
ZAIN 1972 (5 months ago)
We work our asses off for a pound and dollar and some people just take the piss this is a crime hardly any honestly left in the world I would not even pick up £1 from the ground because it's not my money
ZAIN 1972 (5 months ago)
liberty takers 4 months some people have no shame
Rachel Barrow (11 months ago)
Hi Donna, just wondered if you could advise me as i recently started a bit of reselling. A lady asked for a return on a cheap item, through the paypal return request, i agreed to a partial refund on receiving the item. Ebay gave her the money out of my account straight away without me having the item returned and now i can;t get a reply from the buyer so probably not returning item!!! Is this the way it works with a return request, i am shocked that money is given to buyer before thet have returned the item...luckily it was a cheap item but some of my items are a lot more expensive and now i don;t know what to do if someone wants to return as i want the item before issuing a return. Have you had this happen?? Is it normal on ebay??? Would appreciate any help atall with this as thinking of not selling any more. thanks, Rachelx
Donna The Brummie (11 months ago)
Rachel Barrow Hiya. I've never had anyone ask for a return via PayPal, May be best to contact eBay and ask them why the buyer has received a refund. Really hope you get it sorted, Please don't let one bad experience put you off reselling. 99% of the time all is well, But like any bussiness there will be a couple of bumps in the road. Please let me know how you get on with eBay. x
Discombobulated Mum (11 months ago)
I wouldn’t refund - they are clearly at it! Sending it back broken 4 months later is just ridiculous!
Karensellsclothes (11 months ago)
Just found your channel. I would never have sent that necklace back. The necklaces are not fit to resell so would not refund. If had come back to me and was as sent I would refund minus any costs to myself. Had that with a blouse never collected. Ebay i have auto decline as numpty offers get to me
Donna The Brummie (11 months ago)
Karensellsclothes I'm going to have to go through all my ebay listing and update them with the auto decline (that will be fun 😆)....You can't blame people for trying it on to get stuff cheep, but sometimes the take the P big times. Thanks your your comment karen I have been watching your videos and I'm inpressed in how you manage to get so many listing done. X
Maximus Profit (11 months ago)
Generally... You can only accept as Amazon will side with the buyer up to about 2 years. I have know as longs as 3 years too. The joy of Amazon. The C/S will auto authorise usually
Donna The Brummie (11 months ago)
Maximus Profit 3 years!!!! wow :o...I guess I will just wait for Amazon to refund them. ..Thanks for your input :)
Hope springs (11 months ago)
For a small amount I always think they must need the money more than I do and refund. Not sure what ld do for a larger amount though. Looks like you've got the 100 subs- congrats 😁
Donna The Brummie (11 months ago)
Sarah Lambeire Hi. Thank you...100 subs 😍
Rachel Barrow (11 months ago)
I would not refund after that amount of time its ridiculous. I would do nothing and see if they get in touch which i doubt they will. some people are right weird xx
Donna The Brummie (11 months ago)
Rachel Barrow Hi..thank you for your comment. it's always good to here it from other people's view x

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