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Side Hustles are hot right now! This video will show you the best side hustles and how to make money online texting, chatting, flirting, using webcam and doing things you love. It will show you online jobs hiring right now who will pay you to text chat or flirt online.

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1. Dreamlover is an online chat site that pays you to chat and flirt. You are encouraged to submit photos but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. The more you chat and text the more money you make. Watch the video to find out how old you have to be and what countries this position is open to. See
2. Chat Recruit pays you to chat through a phone call, text, or a video chat. Make as much money as you like. Watch the video to find out how much you get paid per minute and where you can live for this position
3. Flirtbucks pays you money if you are a lady and like to chat with men. See the video to find out the four things you need to qualify for this position. Maybe you can start right away
4. With My Girl Fund you make money chatting, flirting, and texting men. The men sign up then look for a lady online who will make them feel wanted. Don’t worry, your privacy is protected as the site will not reveal your private information
5. With Text121 Chat you have three different online jobs that are hiring. Watch the video to find out the three positions that are open right now. And by the way, you should not be easily offended if you are considering this type of work.

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