Girlfriend/Wife Won't Have Sex With You (Why?) – She's Testing You

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Every man who’s ever interacted with a woman has, at some point in time, been tested. Most men, however, go through life unaware that women test men on a daily basis. It’s for this reason that so many men fail when it comes to seduction. Before we explore the different ways that women test men, it’s important to understand why women test in the first place. At its core, a test is an easy way for a woman to determine whether a man is weak or strong.

Testing is not something that women consciously do, but something they’ve been programmed to do since birth.

In the same way that babies are imprinted with a fear of snakes, women are imprinted with a need to test. This stems from evolution and a woman’s biological need to reproduce with the strongest DNA possible. A test is nature’s way of helping a woman find the best genes for her future offspring. If you pass a woman’s tests, she’s more likely to believe you can father strong, healthy children. The reason why women test comes down to simple biology, but as you’re about to discover, the way women test is anything but simple.

When a woman withdraws from the relationship, it’s crucial to see her behavior for what it is—a test. The moment you sense a woman pull away (either by appearing disinterested or refusing to answer your messages or return your phone calls) you should assume that she’s testing you. When this happens, you mustn’t let insecurity and panic get the better of you; instead, you must display strength and indifference in response to her behavior.

All it takes is a willingness to step outside your comfort zone and embrace uncertainty. A woman might not get in touch with you for a couple of days, she might not get in touch for a week, regardless how long it takes her to get back to you, you must have the strength of character to walk away until she contacts you.

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