Half-naked Spanish woman falls into well during sex, boyfriend flees

June 3, 2021 by No Comments

A half-naked woman had to be rescued in Ciudad Real, Spain on Friday night after falling down a well while having sex with her boyfriend.

Edelia Aponte, 21, and her lover met earlier that day and had the brilliant idea of getting it on, atop of a boarded water wheel well.

The incident happened near a water park popular among local youth as the perfect spot for romantic trysts and outdoor drinking parties.

The pair were apparently too focused on their activities to notice the boarded cover dislodged and Aponte soon fell 10 meters down into the water below.

Her lover, ever the gentleman, fled the scene without looking back. Police later received an anonymous call, presumably from the heartless boyfriend, to report that a woman had fallen into a well.

Aponte waited 30 minutes in the water before firefighters rescued her at midnight. They pulled her up, soaking wet and naked below the waist. She was taken to a hospital and treated for shock and hypothermia and was discharged the next morning.

Authorities said the incident could have ended in tragedy, had Aponte not been able to swim or if she were knocked unconscious as she fell.

Police are now looking for the girl’s cruel companion, who could be charged with deliberately failing to provide assistance to a person in danger.

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