How To Have Multiple Orgasms | Psalm Isadora

April 29, 2021 by No Comments

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Sexuality and intimacy expert, Psalm Isadora, explains 8 tips women can use to become more in tune with their bodies, elevate their sexual experience — and achieve multiple orgasms. That’s right. Did you know that ⅓ of women have never had an orgasm? This is especially shocking when you understand that every woman really CAN have an orgasm.

In this video, sex expert, the late Psalm Isadora, teaches you to not only have one orgasm, but MULTIPLE orgasms. Psalm expresses that she is able to have about 10 or 20 orgasms (in one sexual experience, wow). In this video, she guides you on how you can, too. Hmm, she sounds like someone to listen to, right?

From taking you to the “vagina gym” and teaching you how to train your vagina muscles, to enlightening you with thought processes and breathing techniques to adapt, to even explaining how to optimize your foreplay, Psalm helps you prepare for your sweet, sensual, multi-orgasmic love making.

00:00 How to have multiple orgasms
00:43​ Benefits of Orgasm
01:35​ Build up more sexual tension
02:02​ Pelvic Floor Exercises
03:15​ Arousal Fire Breath
04:15​ Sexy Darth Vader
04:58​ More Foreplay
05:44​ Razor’s Edge


Sex expert, the late Psalm Isadora, was the author of Mindvalley’s best-selling course, Tantra Touch, an educator and speaker, and TV star. Through her work, Psalm helped thousands of women and couples worldwide explore their sexuality, remove shame and taboos around sensuality, and experience a new level of intimacy in their relationships.

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