How to stop shyness in bed?

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How to stop shyness in bed?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about How to stop shyness in bed
We cannot address how to stop your shyness in bed if we do not know the causes of shyness in bed. The main causes include Low self-esteem, naivety, and past experiences. Do you relate with any of these causes? I am sure you do. And it is okay. We all started from somewhere. Here are some things you can adapt to get over your shyness and make your sex life worthwhile:

1. Make her comfortable in her own skin
It is not easy being in this generation where we have to Keep up with the Kardashians and admire the WAGS. There seems to be a set standard of beauty that we have to conform to, and this affects our sex life. We are afraid that when he sees us, he will leave us. So we have to do it in the dark, and he can’t pull off our clothes. Being a girl, myself, I relate with this struggle and even up to now, I can look for a fault in my body, and it instantly creates that insecurity that comes with the shyness. As a man, you should know what makes your woman insecure about herself and love it even more. We cannot all have flat tummies so don’t shame you woman for it. Help her feel comfortable in her own skin and your bedroom life will surely change for the best.

2. Know her strengths
Even if we beat ourselves up for not being perfect, we know that we have strengths. Once you start empowering your woman on her strengths, it clouds her insecurities. Every woman is a sex beast inside, but the insecurities are what keeps that beast locked up. If you encourage her on her strengths and she overcomes her insecurities then look for a seat belt for you in for one hell of a ride. There are some things about ourselves that we can’t fix. So encourage her if she can’t fix it, flaunt it.

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