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Well hello there Little Girl.
Do you enjoy a dominant Daddy with a filthy mind, a talented tongue?
Then you have stumbled across the right gin joint…
I’m here to comfort you, to share my love and care with you, to make you feel relaxed and stress free through creative and soothing videos. Let me try and keep you company at hard times, let me calm you down and help you sleep on restless nights, let me be your friend and be a trigger for your tingles ( ASMR ) or simply help you find beauty and peace in places you might have never thought of looking. ♥ Here on my channel, you will find a huge variety of roleplays. Although I dominantly voice Vampire audios, which include my famous Vampire Kidnapping and Vampire Boyfriend, Vampire DDLG, etc., I will tend to do Werewolf audios, some story times and other (human) boyfriend or best friend roleplays. If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you click that red button and hit that bell icon so you’re always informed whenever I make
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