Sex Therapy by Phone

May 21, 2021 by No Comments

In this interview with Dr. Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., we discuss the impact that using technology has had with clients, the importance of being appropriately trained when providing treatment for sex addiction, and the way his specialty practice works in conjunction with other counselors who provide care for other conditions such as anxiety or depression.

Dr. Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author, instructor and world renowned expert on the treatment of and recovery from sex addiction. He founded the phrase “intimacy anorexia” to indicate phases in a relationship where physical, spiritual and emotional intimacy are withheld. Dr. Weiss is the Executive Director of in Colorado Springs, CO and he is the President of the .

Many counselors “check the box” that they provide services to treat sex addiction, but in reality, there are very few caregivers who are fully trained in providing sex addiction treatment. Finding a local clinician who specializes in this niche field is a challenge, so people from all over the world work with counselors at Heart to Heart using teletherapy (primarily by phone sessions), and follow up with “homework” as a part of the program.

Dr. Weiss states that trained experts can identify sex addiction issues within in 30 minutes by asking the right questions and then know exactly how to proceed with treatment. Another clinician may take hours upon hours in session to arrive at similar conclusion, and often with inadvertent damage occurring in the process.

A teleconference session where the client is at home (or in a suitably comfortable location) means no commute, less lost time, and greater chance to reflect post-session about what one has just learned. A study showed that people who receive phone therapy stay in treatment for longer periods of time than those who receive same-location therapy. Mohr, D. et al. (2005) Archives of General Psychiatry (2005;62:1007-1014)